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10 WordPress plugins to boost sales of your website

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When managing an online store, the first concern concerns income, and therefore sales. This is all the more true when using the WordPress platform, because it is the CMS the most used in the world. There are thousands of websites there.

How to stand out and make a profit?

Today we are going to introduce you 10 best premium WordPress plugins which will allow you to significantly increase or boost the sales of your online store.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Woocommerce SMS / WhatsApp Notifications

WooCommerce SMS / WhatsApp Notifications is an extension of WooCommerce that allows the administrator, the seller and the buyer to receive a notification via SMS or WhatsApp regarding an order. This SMS sending service is based on another service offered by Twilio.

It is the best way to give customers information about their order. This type of functionality pleasantly increases user confidence.

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Because you show them that you are close to them.

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2. WooCommerce Brands

It is a complete plugin, dedicated to the enhancement of brands on your e-Commerce website. You will have the opportunity add brands on all your products in order to make them more attractive.

It also has an Ajax filter which improves the efficiency and usability of your website.

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It is also compatible with Visual Composer for further customization.

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3. WooCommerce Customers Manager

WooCommerce Customers Manager extends your WooCommerce installation by adding additional functionality under the "Client" menu that allows you to easily retrieve all customer personal data, orders, date of registration, last date of orders, etc.

Its main features include: the ability to export client lists, massive email sending, the ability to block a client, support for multiple WordPress plugins, a role manager, detailed documentation and Much more.

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4. WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Plugin

The WooCommerce Hide Prices plugin allows merchants to create several rules to hide prices or hide the "add to cart" button unconnected customers or users who have certain access rights to your e-commerce website.

You can hide the price and the "add to cart" button on certain products or in specific categories. You can replace them with personalized text or with a button that will take them to the contact form. You can create as many rules that will automatically hide the price and the button « Add to panier " depending on what you want.

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5. WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode

The WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode WordPress plugin has the function of removing prices, removing the button Add to cart or replace it with an application form only if you want it because it has more settings than you would expect.

If you want sell a product / category, just put it in the exclusion list. Its functionalities are among others: the possibility of activating / deactivating the catalog mode, the deletion of the button "Add to basket" and of the price, the exclusion of certain categories of products, the replacement of the button Add to cart on the category / archive pages redirection and much more.

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6. WooCommerce Deposit Down Payments

WooCommerce Deposit Down Payments is an excellent WordPress plugin, which allows users to log products through a partial payment. The administrator can define a fixed or percentage deposit type.

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Its functionalities are: the possibility of depositing a partial payment for a product, the possibility of paying with a deposit and make full payment later, the payment of a deposit for one or more products, the configuration of a fixed or percentage amount for the deposit, the possibility of activating or deactivating the option of full payment later.

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7. Wildcard WooCommerce Coupons

areyou tired of entering hundreds of coupons into your WooCommerce online store?

If yes, please note that with the Wildcard Coupons plugin, you will no longer need to add new coupons by entering all codes. You will save your time by creating a specific template that identifies a coupon only by part of the code.

For example, you can indicate that you want to accept each coupon value that starts with what you want. The only thing to do is to grab the value of the coupon code and choose its type. The value can be placed in each part of the code - at the beginning, at the end or in the middle.

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You can also use regular expressions.

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8. Woozone

With this plugin, you have the ability to create product listings while browsing any Amazon website. You can then export the data as a CSV file and import these products to your website in seconds.

It has no limits on the number of products you can import. It is very fast and has an excellent interface.

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9. Extra Product Options

With this superb plugin, you could create price variations on products, create forms, styles, and validation features.

It has check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes and much more.

You can also hide or show prices and add conditional logic to your forms.

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10. WooCommerce Support Ticket System

WooCommerce Support Ticket System integrates perfectly into your WooCommerce installation the addition of a system for managing users and orders.

In this way, the administrator of the online store can easily track and provide solutions to user problems.

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Its features are numerous, you can discover them more fully by trying its demo.

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That's all for this article dedicated to the 10 best WooCommerce WordPress plugins that will help you boost the sales of your online store. Do not forget to tell us about your Comments, proposals and suggestions on this article.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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