Whether we like them or not, popups are tools that get people to subscribe to your email list, and it's a digital marketing technique that's here to stay. So if you want to dive into the world of popups, and create popups for your website, you will need a WordPress popup maker plugin that will meet your needs.

In this list, we have collected the 10 best WordPress plugins premium who should help you to easily accomplish this task. Without further ado, we invite you to discover our list and especially do not forget to leave us your comments and remarks in the section reserved for this purpose.

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1. ConvertPlug  

ConvertPlug is a WordPress plugin that contains a huge library of over 100 beautiful ready-to-use templates, specially designed to convert your website visitors into subscribers, and customers, through the use of a wide variety of windows Customizable pop-ups triggered by various user actions.Convertplus plugins wordpress create popup pop up opt in

So, if you want to increase your conversion rate, ConvertPlug should be one of your plugins to try.

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Its main features include: pread from ten popup display positions, 12 different triggers and visitor behavior filters, the possibility to re-engage inactive visitors with interactive windows, thepossibility of adapting your offers differently to new, old and connected visitors.t more.

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2. Ultimate Modal Windows

The WordPress Ultimate Modal Windows plugin is recent, but it really evolves at its own pace. This plugin allows you to create a wide variety of customizable popups and place them anywhere on your website.Ultimate modal windows wordpress plugins create popup pop up opt in

Plus, it offers six options for triggering user behavior so you can choose how and when you want popups to appear. The Ultimate Modal Windows plugin is exactly what you need, if you want to give your website flexibility in the type and placement of popups you use on your website.

Among its features we will find among others: un powerful easy to use popup editor, theintegration with MailChimp and GetResponse, thehas the ability to create any content including feedback forms or social sharing buttons, uwide range of styling options, et more

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3. Popups Generator

Popups Generator only entered the field last year. It offers similar functionality to Ultimate Modal Windows, but with the difference that it allows you to customize and refine contextual offers based on user activity on your website using cookies.Popup modal windows generator plugins wordpress create popup pop up opt in

Popups Generator will attract users interested in a more targeted approach to opt-ins.

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Its features are among others: the iInsert any content via the visual editor, the ccreation of any type of popup, the ppossibility to place the popup anywhere, et much more

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4. Layered Popups

The specialty of Layered Popups is the ability to create your own animated, layered popups. If diving into the intricacies of this design isn't your style, you can enjoy over 150 beautifully designed ready-to-use pop-up templates.Layered popups wordpress plugins create popup pop up opt in

With its wide range of features, Layered Popups will add a little spice to your opt-ins and popups.

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As features we will find: compatibility with 65 e-mail marketing providers, a visual popup editor, the campagnes and statistics A / B, et more.

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5. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is a WordPress pop-up plugin and the best-selling Code Canyon plugin, and it's no wonder, as it offers a dazzling array of features and integrates with a slew of pop-up specialists. Marketing by email.Ninja popups wordpress plugins create popup pop up opt in

 Despite the plethora of features, the visual drag and drop editor of this plugin makes it very user-friendly. So if you are looking for a plugin with a bunch of features, Ninja Popups is for you.

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Its main features are: several popup templates, 8 option panels available, theSupport for several animation effects, the iNegotiation with 42 email marketing providers, et more.

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6. ChimpMate Pro

ChimpMate Pro is a WordPress opt-in plugin designed specifically for MailChimp users, and to help convert readers to subscribers. Like its OptinPoint plugin, which we'll take a look at later, this plugin is highly customizable and allows full control over when and where pop-ups appear.Chimpmate pro wordpress plugins create popup pop up opt in

ChimpMate Pro will be the plugin of choice for MailChimp users, but if you're not using MailChimp, don't worry - the OptinPoint plugin from our list might be for you.

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Its features include: WooCommerce integration, thevisual editor of pop-ups with real-time preview, templatesfully customizable haems, 9 behaviors and trigger options, eand many others.

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7. OptinPoint

The WordPress OptinPoint plugin was released a few months ago to extend the functionality of the ChimpMate Pro plugin to support users of other services. Marketing by email.Optinpoint plugins wordpress create popup pop up opt in

Like ChimpMate Pro, it focuses on building newsletter subscription lists by providing well-designed and customizable forms that are integrated with a number of email marketing services. With so many features, OptinPoint will be your choice if you are looking for a simple and easy to use plugin to help you build your email list.

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Its functionalities are among others: aform editor with real-time preview, 9 trigger options on user behavior, thighly customizable hems, sstatistics on user behavior eand many others.

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8. Super Forms - Popups

This WordPress Super Forms plugin extension doesn't have the same sheen as the other popup plugins on this list, but it's still a good choice for users looking to convert visitors to subscribers quickly.Super forms plugins wordpress create popup pop up opt in

Super Forms – Popups is a great choice if you're looking for a simple solution for building your email list.

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Its main features: 7 pop-up templates that can easily help you get started quickly, look and feelcompletely customizable, 12 different triggers and filters of visitor behavior,are popups that can be sticky et more.

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9. Modal Popup Box   

THEWordPress extension Modal Popup Box can be purchased as a standalone or bundled with Visual Composer's Ultimate Addons. The plugin lets you add popups for a wide variety of purposes: opt-ins for subscription by email, shortcodes, images, videos, contact forms, or social media widgets.Modal popup box wordpress plugins create popup pop up opt in

This is the easiest opt-in solution on this list, which users of Visual Composer or to users looking for a simple popup.

Its features include: MailChimp plugin support, support for shortcodes, the ppossibility to add images or videos eand many others.

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10. Opt-In Panda

Another plugin that takes a different approach to opt-ins is the WordPress Panda Opt-In plugin. This plugin allows you to lock down valuable part of the content on a web page, hiding it or blurring it, while asking the visitor to enter their email address (opt-in) to unblock the hidden content.Opt in panda wordpress plugins create popup pop up opt in

This plugin will appeal to users who want to create or hide premium content that they want to offer only to subscribers.

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Its main features are: 4 locking modes, integration with all major email services and plugins, the avisitors via Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedInuivi integrated statistics with analyzes, et more

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