Are you looking for best WordPress plugins to evaluate your articles?

It is important when running a website that offers products and services to collect reviews and ratings. It is as important for you as for your users who are above all potential customers.

In this article we will present a list of 10 best premium WordPress plugins that will effectively help you add and optimize a system for collecting reviews and ratings on your Blog posts.

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Then, back to why we are here.

1. Gravity Forms Rating FieldStar Rating Field

Easily add a star rating form (or thumbs up, hearts, smiley faces, etc.) with the WordPress Plugin premium Gravity Forms.

evaluate your articles - star rating field

Choose from 14 different rating styles and set configuration options for your rating field. So if you are already using the WordPress Plugin premium Gravity Forms, you should consider using the Gravity Forms Star Rating Field extension.

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Its features include: customization and display of the current note on mouseover, display of help on the tooltip and more.

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2. Was this Helpful

Was This Helpful is a premium WordPress plugin used to value comments from your readers. Note that if a positive comment motivates you to do better, a negative comment on the other hand helps you find the gaps, and improve your blog; making it more useful for other visitors.

best WordPress plugins - Was this helpful

This plugin is unique because it asks visitors to answer the question of why they don't find a post useful when they click on the "NO" option. Likewise, it asks visitors what they like the most when they click on the "YES" option.

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In addition, you can go to the page / article listing where you will see a Yes / No section, which allows you to quickly see the statistics, finally to have a complete overview on the quality of your articles and your pages.

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3. User Rating

User Rating is a premium WordPress star rating plugin specially designed for UserPro. Easily add your star ratings to your UserPro community with the User Rating plugin.WordPress plugins to rate your articles - User rating

Its main features include:

the possibility of evaluating two users using notes or using textual comments, the possibility ofjustify the restrictions of the evaluation according to the role of the user, the support of the shortcodes and multilingual and much more.

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4. Taqyeem

Taqyeem is a premium WordPress rating and review plugin. This plugin was designed to add adorable ratings and reviews to your posts, pages, and custom post types. Taqyeem wordpress review plugin

You can use its customization options to give it a look that will be close to your WordPress theme. So you can change the fonts, images, colors, style, and of course the criteria.

Other features of this WordPress plugin include: unlimited color customization, unlimited analysis criteria, psupport for articles, pages, and types of custom posts, several otypography. RTL support, 3 styles of analysis: stars, points and percentage, support for multilingual and more.

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5. Rating Form

If customization is your thing, then look no further for your premium WordPress star rating plugin. You just have to select or create a scoring form, choose the type of forms you want to use and everything will be done.

Rating form wordpress plugins collect user reviews

So turn your rating notice five stars, something that fits your website perfectly. It's a plugin that natively offers everything you need to showcase your reviews.

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Its main features are: uploading your images, advanced customization, and much more

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6. Five-Star Ratings & Reviews

From blog comments to e-Commerce sites, the premium Five-Star Ratings & Reviews WordPress plugin allows users to rate and rate any type of content.

Five star ratings reviews wordpress plugins collect user reviews

This WordPress plugin offers as features: user voting based on IP address, perfect integration with the websites of e-Commerce, post custom type support, and more.

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7. Reviewer

The premium WordPress Reviewer plugin allows you to insert analyzes and comparison tables inside your WordPress posts quickly and easily. Reviewer wordpress plugin

If you need to create a summary space of all your analyzes or just need a powerful and easy to use evaluation system, this is the plugin for you. You will have no limit.

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Just create an analysis template and insert your personal review inside your posts or pages. This WordPress plugin features 9 gorgeous responsive themes that you can fully customize. 

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8. Modal Survey

“Modal Survey” is a premium WordPress plugin that offers the opportunity to hear the voice of your visitors through specific surveys. Unlimited polls, questions and answers help to get information and then display it through an awesome progress bar, beautiful graph or simple text format.

Modal survey wordpress poll survey quiz plugin

Features include an option for integrate a survey for your content and display it as a popup. The success of a website is highly dependent on visitors, so customer satisfaction is key to improving content.

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"Modal Survey" gives you the power to easily create any satisfaction survey or comment customers on your pages with its visual survey designer.

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9. Ultimate Form Builder

Ultimate Form Builder is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create unlimited responsive forms. It has a drag'n'drop form builder that can create any type of form (contact, survey, offer, information, etc.).

Ultimate form builder

This plugin is easy to use. You can create, customize and design beautiful forms, apply existing templates for existing forms for design and use them on your website in no time.

You can also receive form data via e-mail and store them in the database; which can be exported in CSV format for use via the dashboard of your website.

All forms designed by this plugin are super secure thanks to an efficient Captcha system.

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10. Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field

Here is the premium WordPress star rating plugin, perfect for those of you who use the plugin. Contact Form 7. Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field brings 12 different rating styles to the Star Rating field for one of WordPress' most popular contact forms.Contact form 7 star rating field wordpress plugins collect user reviews

Like other fields in the 7 Star Rating Field Contact Form, you will have the opportunity to configure your evaluation system by stars to be required or not.

You can also use shortcodes to include the total result of the note in an e-mail, and many more.

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