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MailChimp tutorial in English: the complete guide to creating a newsletter

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Communication and marketing are the basis of any success on the internet. And credibility is not always built from the first contact. Having a newsletter just consolidates these 2 pillars of any financial success on the Web.

To do this, you can use a professional autoresponder. The autoresponder is not only for the promotion of services and products, it also allows you to promote your content and documents.

There are many professional tools on the internet and all (or almost) have the same drawback: they are in English. This is the case with the two most used autoresponders in the world: MailChimp et AWeber. This encourages many beginner and francophone Web entrepreneurs to choose solutions such as SG Autorépondeur which is totally in French.

So the language is an obstacle to the choice of one of the 2 autoresponders mentioned above is not it? Do not worry anymore because we decided to create tutorials for each of these tools.

If you use AWeber for your newsletter, then feel free to read our complete tutorial in french on AWeber.

Otherwise, here is a complete guide in French on MailChimp.

In this tutorial, you will discover:

  • How to create a MailChimp account
  • How to create an email capture form
  • How to integrate a capture form on WordPress
  • How to manage lists on
  • How to create an Email campaign on MailChimp
  • How to track your campaign statistics

So, let's start if you want.

How to create a MailChimp account

To have a newsletter system, we suggest you use MailChimp , for reasons that we explain in the article: Why create a newsletter with Aweber or MailChimp and not WordPress.

The first thing to do is to access the platform MailChimp and create an account by clicking on button « Sign Up Free »All in one marketing platform mailchimp

You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your email address (Email), Your username (Username) And your password (Password).

Mailchimp account creationOnce registration is complete, activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your mailbox.

Mailchimp account activationClicking on " Activate account "(activate my account), you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter information about yourself where the company you represent. You can also add an avatar.

Mailchimp homeOnce you have correctly filled in the requested information, you click on " Save And Get Started". Clicking on it will take you to your MailChimp dashboard.

To begin, we will create a list.

Discover to go further How to use Contact Form to develop your subscriber list

How to create an email capture form

It is in this list that we will record the different contacts (email addresses). To do this, you must click on « Create« like the picture below:

Create a mailchimp listOnce you click on « Create« , a window will appear where you can make a choice on the action to take.

To access the capture form creation page, click on the button at the top right of the page « Signup Form« as shown in the following image:

Mailchimp subscription form

You will then have to configure the form. The first step is to configure the form by choosing the type of form you want to use.

Choose a mailchimp form type

By default, you will have an available list. You can select it and click on "Begin". The interface that will follow will allow you to customize the form.

Mailchimp form creation

We will configure some options on the form, including the email address used for all emails sent to subscribers in the list. For this, you must click on " GDPR Fields ":

Form configuration

You can now create your list, including defining:

  • a name (list Name)
  • the email address of the sender (Default "from" email)
  • the name of the sender (Default "from" name) who can be your name or that of your company
  • A registration reminder (Remind people how they got on your list)
  • The name of your organization (Company / Organization)
  • your address (Address), Your city (City)
  • Your postal code or Zip (Zip / Postal Code)
  • your country (country) and your phone number (phone).

List name gdpr mailchimp configuration

For other information, they are optional. However, it will be interesting to configure how you want to be notified about new subscriptions.

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Mailchimp subscription notificationYou can choose all the options, but expect to see your inbox filled with messages. When done, you can click on " Save List And campaign Default".

If no error occurs, your list will be available and you will be taken to a page where you will be able to see your different subscribers. For now, you do not have one yet. Because to have a subscriber, you have to create a subscription form (or add / import email addresses).

Since the form has already been configured above, I will show you how to customize the fields of the subscription form. You should know that by default some fields are available. In the customization interface of the form, you can choose to display only the required fields and customize which fields are required:

Configure the fields of a mailchimp form 1

This will take you to the customization interface of the form, it is a kind of form builder.

Mailchimp form creationThe default fields available are sufficient to create a subscription form. To add new fields, you can select a field in the right column (framed in blue), by clicking on a field, you will be able to access the advanced options of the field (Field Settings).

But for now, we do not need to add new fields, the various fields available are sufficient. We will therefore translate these fields (since they are in English). The first translation will be done on each title of the fields, then on the different messages displayed when a user sends data via the form.

To edit each field title, click each one. The options in these fields will be available on the right.

Mailchimp form field configuration

You can make this change with the other fields.

Click on " Translate it To change the default language used on this form. Then select the language of the form from the drop-down menu (We chose "French" in this tutorial).

Translation of mailchimp fields

Now that our form is available, we will integrate it on our WordPress blog.

We will not use the option " Embedded Forms To integrate this form with WordPress for the simple reason that the plugin responsible for integrating this form does not work properly. We will use another plugin.

How to integrate a capture form on WordPress

To integrate a subscription form on WordPress, we will install the MailChimp plugin for WP.

Mailchimp for wordpress

Install and activate MailChimp For WP

MailChimp for WP is a free plugin on, download it and install it on your blog. It is with this plugin that the connection between your WordPress blog and MailChimp will be established. Once you have installed it, you will notice a new menu available at the bottom left: MailChimp for WP. For further, discover our step-by-step guide on installing a plugin

How to add the MailChimp API key

By accessing the plugin configuration page (MailChimp MailChimp for WP >> Settings), you will be asked to enter the secret key for the MailChimp API. As long as you have not entered the key (secret), your blog will not be connected to

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Mailchimp API Key

After entering your secret key, you may be able to access the various forms created on MailChimp . As long as the secret key is not valid, the text " Not Wellness Easy Will always be visible, to say (Waist logged).

To recover your secret key, click on the link " Get Your API Keys Here ». You will be redirected to the login page if you are not logged in or directly to the API key page MailChimp .

Access api keys mailchimp

You can now create your API key.

Mailchimp API key creation

On the section Your API Keys You will be able to create your new key by clicking on the button " Create Key ». This will generate a new key that you can copy. Copy the text from the "API" column Key »

Creation of mailchimp api key 1
And return to the window of your dashboard WordPress, then paste the key, on the field mentioned above on your dashboard and save your changes.

Once this is done, you will see that your blog is now connected to MailChimp (if the key is correct), but also you will be able to see the different lists created on MailChimp .

Remark : if you add a new list on MailChimp.comit will not be automatically added to your dashboard. You will then have to click on " Renew MailChimp Lists To refresh the list.

Mailchimp for wordpress API key activation

How to add the form to a page or widget

When you're already logged in MailChimp you have the option to retrieve the different lists that have been created. Le Plugin « MailChimp for WP Will make them accessible through a shortcode. To do this, access the menu « here » (sub-menu link MailChimp For WP On your dashboard).

On the section required here Settings Check the list or lists you want to use. In our case, being given that we have created a single list, we will use it.

Mailchimp subscription form

This list is called " Subscribe to the tutorials on BlogPasCher ».

Below you will see a box meta « Add to new Field Which will allow you to add the different fields of the form from your list to the visual editor on the left. In principle, this visual editor already offers fields available by default. Please delete the publisher's content as we will create a new custom form.

After deleting the content, we will start by creating a new custom field by selecting one on the first option (drop down menu) of meta-boxing "Add a new Field ».

Add a mailchimp form field

The great option MailChimp go Fields »Collects the different fields of the forms of our lists (in this tuto, from the list Subscribe to tutorials on BlogPasCher "). All fields with one (*) at the end are mandatory, that is to say that the user will necessarily fill them.

When you select a field, news options are shown below, including:

  • label : visible text by the user
  • placeholder : text displayed on the default field that serves as an example or indication
  • Initial value : default value of the field (different from placeholder »)
  • Wrap in Paragraph (<P>) tags: to wrap each field in the "p" tag. (only HTML developers can know what it's all about)
  • Add to FormWho adds the field on the form
  • And finally the field containing the generated code

Remark : For the labelsyou can translate them yourself, since they are in English.

After selecting a field (and made your changes on the "label" and the " placeholder " mostly), copy the code from the field Generated HTML And paste it on the visual editor on the left, or click on the button « add to here ».

You will be able to perform this task for each champ that you want to add from the option to select available fields on « Add to new Field ». Do not forget to add the field « Submit button » always on the same option at the end of the edition, because it is the submit button of the form.

Submit button

When you're done, your form will be ready. Copy le shortcode available just before the save changes button. It's usually " [mc4wp_form] And save your changes.

Other options

Before you test your new form, I will tell you about some options, which can help.

In the section " MailChimp Settings Just after the section " required Form Settings You can decide to ask users to confirm their email addresses (Double optional). This will save you from having fake email addresses in your newsletter. The default value is " Yes ".

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Mailchimp form parameter

The next section (Behavior of the form) allows you to :

  • Hide the form once it has been submitted.
  • to enter a redirect URL after submitting the form.

When you're done, save your changes.

Mailchimp form behavior

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To edit the messages displayed after user actions, you must click the message tab. This tab will allow you to:

  • The message of success (Success Message)
  • The error message (General Error Message)
  • When an email address is not valid (Invalid Email Address Message)
  • When an address has already been added to the list (already Subscribed Message)

Configure mailchimp messages

How to display the form on a page

It could not be easier. Copy the shortcode of the form (see above) Then, create a new page and addle. Publish the page and consultthe !

The email capture form should normally be displayed.

You can also display this form on a widget. Indeed, the Plugin MailChimp for WP has a widget that you can add to different side columns (Sidebars) your blog.

Mailchimp widget subscription form

At this level, the essential is done. You can now start administering your list and creating campaigns.

Remark : If you have also created a form on your blog by following this tutorial, you can simulate a subscription by entering an email address to which you have access to see if the process is working properly.

How to manage lists on

Once again, log in to MailChimp . Then, on the left side menu, click on the link "Lists". You can see all the lists you have created as well as the various information on the number ofsubscribers you already have.

Managing mailchimp lists

The 3 grouped arrows point to the number ofsubscribers a list, the percentage of subscribers in this list who have opened one of your campaigns, and the percentage of subscribers in this list who clicked on one or more links.

By clicking on the name of a list, you will go to the administration page of the list. You probably know this page since we were there already.

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Add mailchimp subscribersNow we will manually add subscribers by clicking on the menu « Add Subscribers » located higher. To do this, click on " Add Subscriber ». You will arrive on a page where you can add:

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  • The email address (Email Address)
  • The name of the subscriber (First Name)
  • His/her first name (Last Name)

Then check the box: "I have received permission from this person to add it to my newsletter".

When done, click on " Subscribe ».

Add mailchimp form subscribersWhen you have subscribers, The page will display as:

Mailchimp contact listHow to create an Email campaign on MailChimp

Now that we have a list ofsubscriberswe only need to create campaigns.

Mailchimp campaignsThis is where you can create campaigns that you will automatically send to your subscribers at the hours you have determined or directly after the publication of new content on your blog (website). For this, on your left menu, click on the menu « Campaigns ».

You may find that you do not have any campaigns at this time. Click on « Create a campaign » to create one.

Go further with our 5 things to know to create interesting newsletters

Create a mailchimp campaignSeveral options are available to you. We will create an email, so click Email.

Create a mailchimp email campaign

Then you will be prompted to choose the type of email you want to create, we will choose the first (regular ol'Campaign) for this tutorial and provide a name.

Create a mailchimp email

1. How to configure the list that will receive the campaign

Assign to a mailchimp listYou will be asked on this new page to choose the list to use to send your campaign. Click on a list and you will be asked to send the campaign to:

  • the whole list (Send to entire list)
  • a saved segment (Send to saved segment)
  • a new segment (Send to a new segment)

Add addresses to create a segment (paste emails to build a segment)

We will of course choose the first option (to the whole list). Click on « Next »

See also How to add a query monitor to WordPress

Configure user segment

2. How to configure the details of a campaign

Once on the new page, you must provide the following information:

  • The name (Name your campaign)
  • The subject of thee-mail sent (Email Subject)
  • The author of the mail (from Name)
  • The email address of the author (from e-mail Address). For the latter, you will need to confirm your email address.

The other options on the right will not be useful, so leave the default configuration.

Email campaign settingsThe " tracking » (Order Tracking):

This option lets you know how many people have opened your campaign, how many clicks have been generated (Track Clicks), and you can even activate the option Google Analytics link tracking. PFor that, you will need Google Analytics on your website, so I do not recommend checking this box. For other options, I recommend that you leave the default configurations (N'T touch!).

Social networks :

You can sign in to your Twitter and F accountacebook and automatically post to these networks each time a new campaign is sent. Nothing requires you to do it.

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More options:

You do not need to change these options, but I'll tell you what they are.

  • Auto-convert video : This feature will scan your mails for any video content that it will convert, so that it can be displayed correctly.
  • Authenticate Campaign: allows you to make your campaign legal, this will prevent your campaigns from arriving in spam. By default, this option is enabled.

Once done, click on " Next To choose a template.

3. How to choose a Template email For your campaign

MailChimp offers dozens of Templates email. Click on one of these to have an overview or to make A simulation on SmartPhone.

Design a mailchimp emailRemark : you have the possibility

  • to choose a specific theme (the themes are more beautiful) on the horizontal menu, choosing " Thème », Just after« basic »
  • to use a template that you have modified and saved (saved templates)
  • to use templates or themes that you recently sent (recently sent)
  • to create your own template (Create your own).

Learn also by consulting our tutorial How to view or block IP addresses on WordPress

Choose a mailchimp email template4. How to customize a template

After choosing your template (the one I asked you to choose)you will be redirected to a personalization page. You have certainly noticed, the template is completely in English.

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So I'll show you how to add images, add and edit elements. The personalization interface of templates is divided into two parts.

The first on the left, is a preview of your template at its current state, on the right you will find the different elements (images, text, line of separation, grouped images, etc..) that you can add to your template.

Mailchimp email design

Scroll over the preview and you will notice that a kind of dark window surrounds each element.

Mailchimp buttons designThe left arrow points to the feature that moves an item to your template.

Move a mailchimp section

The 3 other grouped arrows allow successively (From left to right) to modify, duplicate or delete the element (you must confirm your action by clicking on Delete).

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Edit an item

We will choose the second element and modify it. By clicking the edit button, you will notice that the area of ​​the different items available will show the options of the item we have decided to change.

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You will also notice that there is a visual editor, so you can make a nice layout. After editing your items, do not forget to save the changes by clicking on Saved & Close " lower.

Mailchimp image and configurationAs for the images, you can directly upload the images (slip & Deposit) on the appropriate areas, or send one by clicking on " Browse »

Move mailchimp imagesBy depositing the image, it will be sent and once the sending is completed, it will be automatically displayed. To add a new item on your template, make sure you have finished editing an item by backing it up (Save & Close), then select an item from the list of available items.

Learn as well How to compress and resize images on WordPress

Mailchimp design blockYou can drag and drop these items onto your template, and make a change as I explained above.

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After finishing your campaign, click on « next », at the bottom right to continue.

5. Validate and send the campaign

Before sending your campaign, a list of objectives will be displayed, it will verify that all aspects of your campaign have been completed. The list of objectives tells you (from top to bottom) :

  • The selected list will receive the campaign
  • The subject of your campaign
  • The email address (email) who sends the campaign (email address that must be validated).
  • Tracking and scanning services (when you have enabled tracking features)
  • The version simplified campaign (for address providers mails that do not take into consideration emails Custom)
  • The header (always in the modification of the template)
  • And the affiliate link (Always active)

When a dot is preceded by a red circle with a cross on it (erreur)this means that an important point has not been resolved. To solve the problem, you can click on " solves On the same line. Points with an error will prevent you from sending your campaign. They are therefore to correct.

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Email error

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When your campaign has no errors, you can send it directly to your list (Send), or schedule the sending (Schedule).

Option for mailchimp campaignsClicking on " Schedule You can program the shipping date of the campaign.

How to track your campaign statistics

This is the last point of this tutorial (You held fast).

Now that we have created, programmed or sent directly our campaigns, It is time to consult their statistics (that's what the tracking functionality is for), To find out how many people have opened and / or clicked on a link.

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Mailchimp statistics

To access the statistics, you must go back to the reception of your campaigns, click on « View Report Located on the same line of the campaign for which you want to see the statistics.

View the mailchimp reportOn this new page, you will see a lot of information, I will only explain what will interest you.

Mailchimp campaign statisticsAt the very top you will see the number of people who have actually received your campaign. On the same image, we have highlighted below, the number of people who have (from left to right) : open, click on a link, bounced (Open without clicking), and those who have unsubscribed.

Mailchimp clicked linksYou can see below, which links have been clicked in your campaign, and which subscribers have opened your message. Further down, you will see the geographic location of the people who opened your campaign.

Need to go further?

BlogPasCher recommends the email templates below to improve the design of your messages.

Before we leave

There are features that you will not be able to use on a free account, you will need to switch to a premium account.

That's all for this tutorial in French dedicated to MailChimp We hope it will help you to create your newsletter. if like hundreds of thousands of users around the world you want to create your account for free, click here.

Reminder: The complete French tutorial on AWeber is already available, you can consult here.

Feel free to share it or leave a comment.


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    Thanks in advance !

    1. Hello,

      Sorry, but we unfortunately can not provide technical assistance to MailChimp, our aid here is limited to the tutorial.

  23. Hello,

    When I realized that my mailchimp newsletters were coming in "promotion" for people using Gmail, I tried to manipulate the email, and answer yes to the question so that the next mail arrives in "main" .

    However, mailchimp's newsletters are not sent directly with the email address as sender. The question is: "Apply this change to future messages from". This sequence varies with each sending and prevents registration of the sender (since it is not always the same)

    Do you have a solution for me? I did not find any possibility for my email address to be the actual sender of the newsletter ... ie my subscribers can move, and answer yes to the question "apply this change to future messages from ... @ »

    Thank you beforehand !

    1. Hello Florian,

      Sorry for the late response. Regarding your request, we can not unfortunately support MailChimp. We can give small tricks.


  24. Hello,
    Your tutorial helped me a lot to take in hand MailChimp.
    However after sending my last campaign, I realized that the name appearing in the mailbox of my recipients was "Administrator" and not the name of my company. I do not find how to change that.
    Could you help me ?

  25. Hello,
    Thank you for your tutorial!

    However, I have a little problem.
    I added one of my email addresses to test subscriptions, and in the subscription message is included my address, as a signature I feel.
    An idea ?

    Thank you and good luck!

  26. Hello,

    Thank you for this article which helped me in my newsletter creation. However I have a problem I can not solve: when I send my newsletter to do a test, the images are not displayed in my gmail.

    How to solve the problem, please?

    thank you in advance


  27. Hello everybody,
    I wonder if it was possible to use a single account to several different mailchimp wordpress sites. It is obliged to create an account for each mailchimp wordpress site.
    Thank you for your answers

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the late response, we had lectures.

      We you do not have to create a mailchimp account for each site. A website is more than enough. By cons, it will create different lists.

  28. Hello,

    Have you ever tested SendinBlue? The platform is available in French and created a plugin for WordPress, which can create duplicate registration opt-in forms:
    And of course you have the possibility to subscribe to a free offer, without limitation of imported contacts, unlike MailChimp

    1. Good evening Alexandra,

      I will validate the link this time, but because of the fact that many people of this company use our site to try to make the pub, unfortunately I could not accept links from this site after validation.

      And for others, I recommend an excellent plugin named: MyMail Newsletter sold on Codecanyon. This is the one we use for.

  29. Hello, how can you add a customization with the name.
    to add, for example, "Monsieur" or "Madame" Machin that I have on my imported list?
    Thank you

  30. Hello,

    Thank you for your tutorial!
    I'm on wordpress. I installed and configured mailchimp mailchimp for WP, installed the widget (for me: an image that refers to the form in a new tab). By cons, when I do the test with email addresses which I have access, I never receive the confirmation email ... (I checked yet double Optim). What I could forget?
    Thank you in advance…!

    1. Hi,

      I hope you will allow Hervé (in reply) to see a little clearer because I myself have tried without receiving email confirmation. It was he who finally resolved the concern.

      However, I ask you: Have you checked the double-optin is configured on your MailChimp account?

    2. Hello,
      I admit MailChimp is not obvious enough to learn, but once you know how to use, you will not have problems.

      In your case, I will give you a list of things to check because, the source of the problem can be multiple:

      - Make sure the reply-to email address is correct and verified
      - Have you actually set up MailChimp for WordPress (the "connected" indicator should appear in the settings)
      - Is the correct API key?

      Try to solve these different questions in turn. If the problem persists, you can contact the customer service, we will take care of you as soon as possible.

  31. Hello, your tutorial is very clear. Easy to follow.
    Personally, I find mailchimp rather complicated when you want to just send a monthly newsletter to a few hundred email addresses = sending a simple PDF (newsletter created either himself backward and not in MailChimp ...). The context is absolutely no marketing (not campaigns) but merely informative. There would be no easier for that? Thank you.

    1. Hello Anne,

      I recommend the MyMail Newsletter plugin. This is the one we use for our newsletter.


      1. Hello Thierry. Thank you for the quick response and for the tip. I will see that. I have since tried YMLP (Your Mailing List Provider) and I must say have been seduced by its simplicity and good functionality. In addition, it is all in French (which is rare). As it is for the comeback, I'll test that you speak and I will rule. See you soon.

  32. Hello,

    About the Final "Welcome" Email, we can edit From; Reply-to; Subject.

    But below the Subject, there is a text box indicating:

    Here is a copy of the information you submitted for your archives ...

    E-mail adress:
    First Name:
    If you no longer wish to receive our emails you can:

    Can I change the text box? I have not arrived.

    Otherwise, with a free account, can we send an automatic "welcome" email?

    Do you use Mandrill in addition to Mailchimp?

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the late response.

      First, we use MailChimp incidentally. Because our main autoresponder is a WordPress plugin that you can find on It's called "Mymail Newsletter". With it you can forget about all the other services like MailChimp, Aweber, SG autoresponder and others. In addition he is completely in French.

      Regarding MailChimp and the footer message, yes this section can be modified. However, we can not provide complete support because everything we could say unfortunately is limited to the tutorial.


      1. Hello,

        In autoresponder, I Rapidmailer (WordPress plugin) and Aweber.

        I try MailChimp, AWeber because of who does weird characters.

        MailChimp is not difficult but the approach is different, it makes it a little complicated.

    2. Hello,
      at the time of writing the tutorial, it does not permit me noticed such a change on this information, but I think this is feasible since it is possible to change the footer of emails.

      When you say a welcome message, are you referring to an email that is sent when a user subscribes? If so yes ..

      I use both MailChimp and Mandrill, Mandrill but is intended for users who wish to have much more flexibility in their newsletters.

      1. Hello,

        Welcome message is the term employed by MailChimp in the configuration of his list is the message that is sent automatically to alert people that they are on the list.

        I noticed that one can change a small portion of this message, there is an unchangeable part.

        Aweber'm used to (the Follows Up and Broadcats). MailChimp (with templates and campaigns) it's a different way of working, it disturbs some.

        Mandrill, I wanted to try, got to transfer a template to MailChimp Mandrill, but after I hurt.

        Will continue to try to find MailChimp.

        1. OK. I hope you find the solution to your concern. But sometimes you have to take the paid version to activate some features.

  33. Hello, I'd like to know how to set the image that will appear on the Facebook pages in his autopost on facebook ?? Thanks for this tutorial

        1. Hello,
          you have to add this tag on your page, with the link to the image you want to use replace the http property with the link to the image of your choice on your blog or elsewhere.

  34. Hello,

    I'm about to "schedule" my newsletter, but there is 1 red cross on the "header" part, and it says that I left the default header content unmodified. I do not know how to solve this problem, I can not send or schedule the sending. Thank you for answering my question, please; )

    1. Hello,

      I thought I answered that question, but I find that this is not the case. I said to contact MailChimp until we find a solution.

      Unfortunately, we can not support this autoresponder.

    2. Hello,
      It seems that you do not have any registered before designing the newsletter, when I say everything, it is elements such as a verified email or other details (elements forming part of the header).

  35. welcome back first of all thank you for your reply! I'm lost ! <When readers to register to the newsletter they do not receive my articles !! I have not made campaign that be the problem? I must confess that I too was not include what it does and what to put in it! Thank you for your for your help and I apologize for wasting your time

    1. I recommend you use the tool proposed by Jetpack. It is easy to use and your readers will automatically receive a reply in their email.

    2. Hello,
      it stands to reason that if there is no newsletter, so subscribers can receive nothing.
      If you do not have what use the newsletter, I recommend you read the tutorial carefully.


  36. Hello, first of all thank you for your very thorough job! J have a question can be bete but it is obliged to make a campaign for readers to receive the newsletter? And this is like blogger on all items arrive late in the day or you can set for each item and set lh? thank you for your patience

    1. Hello,
      yes, you need to do a newsletter to enable your users to receive your items. I have not used blogger, but yes it is configurable.

  37. Hello,

    Thank you for this tutorial, really very well done, congratulations.

    I followed the tutorial including the establishment of the Widget with the form.

    This works very well.

    On the other hand as every time I make a change I check the W3C validator, it tells me that the code has an error (2 in fact).
    I tried different ways and always the same mistakes.

    Line 190, 82 Column:
    Date, datetime, datetime-local, e-mail, file, month, number, password, radio, search, tel, text, time, url, or week.


    Line 190, Column 82: Attribute placeholder is only allowed when the input type is e-mail, number, password, search, tel, text, or url.


    I tried to find on google how to solve it I have not found anything conclusive, and then in English (which is not my forte).

    Have you ever had to solve this type of problem?

    1. Hello Olivier,

      You will not have to disturb yourself with all this. In most cases, none of your subscribers will look at your source code to find out whether or not it should continue to be one of your subscribers.

      In fact many website do not necessarily meet all the Facebook and Google standards first win very often the top prize in the field.

      Also you do not have control over the HTML code for the correct claim, even if you submit the problem to MailChimp, in reality no one will do it for the simple reason that it does not prevent the good service function.

      1. Hello Hervé.

        Thank you for your answer.

        This is my perfectionist side, I like to understand lol.

        But as you say, this can not be perfect and read the important is that it works.

        Thank you again and congratulations.

  38. Hello,
    It took time but MailChimp sent me the enrollment confirmations I expected. I had the next day. So it works! Thank you for your tutorial and your helpers.


  39. Hello,
    I followed your tutorial to install the plugin Maichimp for wp so that visitors to my blog can subscribe to the newsletter. I managed to display the form but by doing a test I can not register an email address. That is to say I do not receive a request for confirmation of the address from Mailchimp.
    According to you what is stopping enrollment?

    thank you for your reply

    1. Hello,
      To start, it's the lists that are added to campaigns, and you can not edit a campaign once it's launched. You can always copy the current campaign and add a list of your choice.

  40. Hello,
    Is it possible in MailChimp to customize fields in the body of the emailing according to the recipient.
    Example: changing a phone number according to the recipient


    1. Hello gandon,

      In principle YES. But you have to enter this field when creating the email capture form on MailChimp.


  41. Hello,

    Is that subscribers to a list, will automatically receive the latest articles published? or have I checked a parameter for authorized?


  42. Hi,
    I have a blogger blog and wanted to know if I can create an integrated newsletter at my blog, or with mailchimp or with Aweber. Currently, I use FeedBurner, but in recent days he tells me that I 0 subscriber ... and my newsletters are no longer sent. I do not know what to do.
    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hello Christine,

      Normally, yes you can integrate MailChimp to Blogger. However, I am unable to because you how right now, our jurisdiction is limited to WordPress that I highly recommend.

      AWeber also works perfectly.

    2. Hello,
      While it is true that our jurisdiction is exclusive to WordPress, it does not prevent us from addressing other topics equally interesting, and your concern is interesting.
      By January, I promise to do a fairly well explained tutorial on integrating MailChimp Blogger.

      Happy New Year to you.

  43. Hello and thank you for this very clear tutorial.
    QUESTION: Is it possible to use MailChimp to publish articles directly from WordPrres. I 1000 More subscribers and WordPress or my server, blocking my weekly mailings

    Thanks for all



    1. Hi,

      Could you be specific please? But I already confirmed you with a paid account you can automatically send your newsletter via MailChimp.

    2. Hello,
      If you want to publish articles on your blog from an email box, I invite you to read this tutorial
      In addition, as it was said by Thierry, you can send a newsletter with your articles using MailChimp, Aweber or Mandrill

      If none of these suits you, you must provide us with more information.

  44. Bonsoir
    I discovered your handy tutorial to who knows nothing about the use of this autoresponder. Thank you for it very complete for the installation of mailchimp.
    I followed to the letter which is very easy for me. I have only one small problem: after displaying the capture form on a widget, I can not eliminate the mention of shortcode entered before the record button changes.
    How can it disappears please?

    1. Good evening Lou,
      The problem does not arise at the level of the widget, since the latter is not customizable (MailChimp SignUp form), you must access again the interface "mailChimp For WP >> Forms", check if your subscription form does not contain any superfluous code.

      I am however delighted to see the blog on which you perform your tests, to bring you more assistance.

  45. Hello
    I do not use mailchimp but your tutorial is really well done. I await the one of aweber!
    Thank you for your always very informative articles.

    Sincerely yours

    1. Hello Marie,

      also thank you for your loyalty and above all, your contributions through the comments. Yes, the tutorial on AWeber is very soon (this month).

    2. Hello everyone
      I tested aweber and mailchimp, mailchimp is better to send in France but I also use blowpipe which is in french and mails arrive best when targeting french customers.

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