The creation of a directory or a directory of website has now become much easier on WordPress. You can easily turn any simple website into a directory website complete with the help of some specialized plugins.

But the question is – How to choose the best one since there are many  WordPress plugins of directory creation on the market. In this list we have listed for you the 10 best premium WordPress plugins which will easily accompany you in this task.

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But back to why we are here.

1. Directory ultimate PRO

Directory ultimate PRO is a WordPress Plugin premium which allows you to create any type of directory on the internet. It can be integrated into any theme and can be customized to your needs.Directory ultimate pro 1

It highlights its personalized search function which is one of the main characteristics of websites in this niche. Its search bar allows you to add personalized filters and choose the search style, finally that it adapts perfectly to your website.

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As features, it offers among others:do 100 layout% responsive, a bar of rcustomized research, 3 ways to display your directory, theoptimization for mobile navigation, excellent SEO, the cCompatibility with most modern browsers et more       

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2. Simple Business Directory

Simple Business Directory is a WordPress Plugin unique and versatile premium dedicated to integrating a directory into your website. It is unique and different from other classic directory plugins. The blocks that constitute its repertoire are presented in the form of lists. simple business directory

You will be able to create multiple lists and display them on one or more pages. It is most suitable for a small to medium sized directory with 50-500 ads.

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And cAs features, he proposes: the possibility offered to'' other users and companies to submit in your professional directory, thefull registration of users on the front-end, ppossibility of pricing or not referencing, thewhether or not the registration is approved, thethe submission of other users' submissions, thearting your directories on other websites, support for custom CSS, theupport of the RTL et more

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3. Photographer Directory

This premium WordPress plugin will also help you create a directory on any photographer website. It mainly targets this niche, and has a high number of features that will help you manage your directory in a professional and intuitive manner.Photographer directory

It installs everything you will need to do it. It is recent and fits perfectly in several premium and popular WordPress themes.

And as features we will find among others: support for multiple payment platforms, the mise page fully responsive, an excellent SEO, theintegration with MailChimp, support for multilingual, the support ofprice rilles, several email templates, the gestion of the profile section, an excellent dashboard et others.

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4. Progress Map

Progress Map is a premium WordPress plugin dedicated to creating directories or directories in any website. Its purpose is to help users with websites that display hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings and more, to display their locations on Google Map and navigate there easily.progress map wordpress

In other words, with Progress Map, your locations will be published on Google Map (as markers) and on a carousel. The carousel will be connected to the map, which means that the item selected in the carousel will automatically target its position on the map and vice versa.

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As features it offers among others:the card is 100% customizable, thejout coordinates of the various locations, the ppossibility to connect the plugin with any typed e post custom, the pcustomizable osition of the carousel, the possibility of changing the central point of the map, the mgrouped archers for a map with a large number of locations, the possibilities to customize the zoom controls (+/-).  to upload your custom markers, to upload your custom clusters, to control the elements of the user interface of Google Maps andt more

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5. Progress Map, Submit Locations

Progress Map, Submit Locations is a premium extension of the famous premium WordPress plugin Progress Map. Just that it will help you submit / add locations to the map from the front end of your website.Progress map submit locations

You will be able to create a form for each of your cards and display the form on the card or elsewhere on your website. The form can be expanded by adding new tabs, sections, custom fields and custom taxonomies.

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It has more features that we will let you discover by trying its demo. It should also be noted that to use this plugin, you must install " Progress Map WordPress v3 ″.

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6. Directories Pro

Directories Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create any type of directory, such as a local, community-run business directory, much like, Google+ Places, or Yahoo! Local.directories pro plugin

According to these designers, it's the richest and most versatile directory plugin you'll find on WordPress. But that claim seems to be backed up by feedback and reviews from its users who to date have rated it 5/5.

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As features it offers: a nunlimited directory shadow, an e appearancecompletely customizable, a search bar with filter options, the possibility to monetize your website, theads and others from the Frontend and the dashboard, the creative views, the psupport user reviews, an excellent SEO, compliance with the GDPR , WPML plugin support, miits up to date et more.

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7. 2.0 Directory Web

"Web 2.0 Directory" is a premium WordPress plugin that gives the ability to create any type of business directory site (classifieds, events directory, car, motorcycle, boat and other vehicle dealers site , pets, real estate portal, wedding site, yellow pages, local directories, ads on the map).Web 2.0 directory plugin

As features we find: the rrating of ads by level, support of PayPal and Stripe as papayment gateways, a tableau de bord for registered users, la gbilling, full integration with Visual Composer, the support of 12 directory shortcodes, support for widgets, several styles of personalized Google maps and efully compatible with the WPML plugin

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8. Sabai Directory

"Sabai Directory" is a premium professional directory plugin for WordPress. This plugin offers the possibility to create a community of local business directories like, Google+ Places, or Yahoo! Local.Sabai directory plugin

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As main features we find: the alisting of the listings, grid or map, a listesign fully responsive, the bar of rsearch with practical features such as auto-suggestion, the possibility of filter directories by custom fields, a ccompletely interactive arte, 16 custom Google card styles, 11 widgets, 12 shortcodes and more.

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9. Map List Pro

It is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use premium WordPress plugin specializing in listing locations and Google maps.Map list pro 1

“Map List Pro” allows you to quickly display locations in a paginated, classifiable, searchable and filterable list. It has over 35 styles and is completely customizable.

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This plugin is perfect for creating store locators, office addresses, and contact lists.

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10. User Profiles Made Easy

“User Profiles Made Easy” (UPME) is a comprehensive premium WordPress user profiles, login and registration plugin for WordPress. It's user-friendly, completely responsive, and works with any WordPress theme.User profiles made easy

"UPME" takes your profiles to another level, allowing you to create unlimited custom profile fields and completely customize the registration form. You can define which fields are required, which can be edited by users, which are private, and much more.

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You can also display your users in a beautiful searchable, classifiable and filterable member directory. In short, the possibilities are endless.

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