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7 WordPress plugins to create a social network

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What type of website do you have? an online store? a cooking blog? a business website?

In fact, the content of your website is not always determinant. Sometimes very few people will subscribe to your blog or website if it does not offer a friendly space, and this regardless of the quality of your content. The content is good, but the community is even more so. When we talk about community, we mainly refer to forums and social networks.

On WordPress, there are a multitude of plugins that allow you to create communities on the internet, and in this article we will offer you the best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you accomplish this task.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Bpchat

Bpchat is a premium WordPress extension of BuddyPress that allows you to create a chat system on your WordPress blog or website.

Wordpress buddypress users chat plugin

Once this plugin is installed on any blog, forum, community, directory, e-commerce website or social network website, all connected users will be able to chat instantly.

This plugin also sets up an easy way to chat online, which looks a little like what Facebook Messenger offers. Its main functions are: invitation to chat by popup, support for more than 80 smileys, search for connected friends, customization of the color scheme, multisite support, a completely responsive layout, and many others.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

2. WooCommerce Order On WhatsApp for Multi Vendor

Most customers ask preliminary questions before any purchase of products. They would like to have more details on the latter, in order to be fully convinced of the effectiveness of the product. Sometimes they would like to buy many products, ask for a quote, and ask for discounts. They should therefore be informed as soon as possible.

Woocommerce order on whatsapp for multi vendor

It is this gap that the WordPress plugin WooCommerce Order On WhatsApp for Multi Vendor comes to fill, by allowing customers and sellers to chat with each other via Whatsapp, directly from their WordPress or WooCommerce product pages.

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Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. Social Wall Addon for UserPro

UserPro can be a lot more fun with a social wall. This is what its Social Wall extension brings. With the Social Wall plugin, you can create a wall on your website and provide your members with a refreshing way to interact with the community.

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Social wall addon for userpro

The WordPress Social Wall plugin allows your users to: share messages with each other, share images, comment on other people's publications, users can like or dislike a post, they can choose to display the wall only for logged in users or for all users, administrators can delete user posts or comments, etc.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. Private Messages for UserPro

The Private Messages for UserPro plugin is another extension of the UserPro plugin, which allows you to make your website a community with the addition of private messaging. It allows members to initiate conversations and interact with each other with ease.

Private messages for userpro

The private messaging extension comes with features like emoticon support, ajax notifications for new messages, smooth conversations and a feature for quickly inserting replies.

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In addition, the layout of this plugin is fully responsive and compatible with all devices and all screen sizes.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

5. DW Question & Answer Pro

The DW Question & Answer Pro premium WordPress plugin is a question-and-answer plugin for any WordPress blog or website. Your site will have a complete section dedicated to questions and answers, as seen with S, Quora ou Yahoo Answers.

Dw question answer pro wordpress plugin

The designers of DW Question & Answer Pro are making many new features available, as well as a special priority of support for their customers.

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It's the perfect WordPress plugin for building community and letting your users have their say.

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6. Click to WhatsApp Chat

The premium WordPress Click to WhatsApp Chat plugin allows WordPress customers to easily connect with website owner or customer support using a WhatsApp account. Just one click on the WhatsApp account and it will be taken directly to the mobile WhatsApp account with a default message. And if the customer is on desktop or laptop, they will be redirected to WhatsApp Web.

Click to whatsapp chat for wordpress

This plugin requires the WhatsApp number and time and day, which the website owner or support team will use to discuss. The chat button can be added to the WooCommerce product detail page, which is directly linked to that product.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

7. Sabai Discuss plugin for WordPress

Sabai Discuss is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a question and answer system on your blog or website. In particular, it allows users to ask and answer questions between themselves; as do Stack Overflow Or YAhoo Answers.

Sabai discuss plugin for wordpress

Sabai Discuss is the ideal tool not only for design a Q & A website for a communityBut also for create a discussion forum, a knowledge base or even a support portal on WordPress.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

8. Feedback Rating Pro

Feedback Rating Pro is a premium WordPress rating plugin that counts all positive, neutral and negative comments from users to each other and displays them in different styles, in user directory, user profile page, BuddyPress activity feed, the BuddyPress Membership Directory, or wherever you need it.

Feedback rating pro

Unique algorithm to automatically block / unblock users saves you time. It is a handy tool for all types of community.

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Users can easily assess each other after a conversation.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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Here is ! That's all for this list of 8 best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you create a social network, community website or forum. We hope they help you build a powerful WordPress community. Do not hesitate to send us your appreciations and suggestions in the section dedicated to comments.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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This article features 6 comments

  1. Hello,
    I would like to find a plug-in capable of creating a private member area where we can follow online, thanks to our account, the progress of the products deposited in after-sales service in our physical store. With a private chat box and a timer.

    You have any ideas ?

  2. hello, thanks for the article
    I have a question. I have tried 2 of these plagiarisms but not found the wealth of functionalities that I can have on my forums created at Forumotion (free forums service). So I gave up the idea of ​​using a WP plugin but the question arises: is there a clean way to integrate a forumactif forum into a WordPress site? Or do I have to keep my forums as they are and just associate them with the sites via a link?
    Thank you for your answers

    1. Good evening Mathieu,

      Sorry for the late reply, we are very busy these days creating a mega-platform that will do good for internet users.

      To come back to your question, sorry but our answer is only limited to the subject of the article. I am therefore unable to tell you how to integrate this type of forums.


    2. Hello,
      This is the first time I have heard of forumacitf. So I never considered integrating it with WordPress. I cannot comment on the question because I do not know if there is a plugin or tool that facilitates the integration of forumactif on WordPress.

    3. Hello,
      Forumactif and bbPress are not in my opinion for the consistent time. You need to consider associating with a link as you say.

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