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The alert feature is a tool that is increasingly sought after by website owners. It can be very useful especially with regard to the engagement of your visitors. It can for example be used to draw the attention of visitors to publications, products or the like; in this wake we generally see alert boxes or alert popups that activate when a new article is published.

The alert function can also be used for security purposes, including alerting you when your website is attacked by malware. And that's not all !

There are several plugins on the WordPress platform that can help you integrate an alert on your website depending on what you need it for. Here we will offer you the 8 best premium WordPress plugins designed for this task.

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1. Contact Form 7 Popup Alert Message

Contact Form 7 Popup Alert Message was designed specifically for Contact Form 7 users, and to display Contact Form 7 pop-up alerts. It is an all-in-one solution that is powerful and easy to use. It is perfect for directory websites, eCommerce websites, news websites or blogs.Contact form 7 popup alert message wordpress plugin

The plugin is extremely easy to configure. You can configure the pop-up alert box background color, font color, button background color, button text color, etc.

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2. Alert and Notification For Elementor

Notification and Alerts for Elementor allows you to create alerts and notifications directly from the page builder Elementor.

Alert and notification for elementor wordpress plugin

Its features are among others: the psupport for fonts to add icons in notifications, p60 animations for notifications, 6 alert sounds, 3 theme templates for modal alerts, ppossibility to create your own combination of colors, etc ...

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3. Woo Stock Alert Plugin for WooCommerce Stores and Shops

Woo Stock Alert is a WooCommerce plugin that sends e-mail notifications to users during their visit, to inform them of the availability of products that were out of stock.

Woo stock alert plugin for woocommerce stores and shops

This plugin is very useful for WooCommerce platforms and online stores looking to keep their customers informed of the availability of certain products in stock.

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With Woo Stock Alert, you will be able to preset the email service, subject, email content, and personalized thank you message.

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4. Woo Price Notification

Any website that relies on WooCommerce requires an effective price notification tool to constantly inform customers of price changes in their products. From this perspective,Woo price notification alert plugin for woocommerce shops

This plugin is very useful for WooCommerce platforms and online stores looking to keep their customers informed of the availability of certain products in stock.

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You can do many things with this plugin. You can define a subscription form, types of emails, the number of notifications, the position of the forms, and many other things to improve the experience of each visitor on your website.

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5. Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert

Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert is one of the best WordPress plugins and WooCommerce which will keep your online store customers up to date with information and updates pertaining to their order. 

Nexmo woocommerce sms alert plugin by codespeedy

The choice to communicate by SMS with your users comes from the fact that the reading rate of SMS is much higher than that email notifications. Plus, texting improves trust in your online store. 

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Its other features are: send SMS after buyers order submission, send SMS after full payment, send SMS if order failed, and others, activation or disabling any type of SMS, easy customization of SMS text, and more.

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6. Crypto Price Alerts

This WordPress plugin gives your visitors and users the opportunity to register on the website finally to receive instant notifications by e-mail when there is variation on the value of their preferred cryptocurrency.Crypto price alerts wordpress plugin

The website visitor just sends the type of alert they want to receive (e.g. Bitcoin exceeds $ 2). Once the alert has been confirmed by the visitor by clicking on a secure link in the confirmation email, it becomes active.

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This plugin will regularly extract the value of cryptocurrencies and check if the alert conditions are met. If this is the case, the visitor will receive an email notification. It's a very handy WordPress plugin if you're dealing with cryptocurrencies, so don't hesitate to give it a try.

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7. ConvertPlug  

ConvertPlug is a WordPress plugin that contains a huge library of over 100 beautiful ready-to-use templates, specially designed to convert your website visitors into subscribers, and customers, through the use of a wide variety of windows Customizable pop-ups triggered by various user actions.Convertplus plugins wordpress create popup pop up opt in

So, if you want to increase your conversion rate, ConvertPlug should be one of your plugins to try.

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Its main features include: pread from ten popup display positions, 12 different triggers and visitor behavior filters, the possibility to re-engage inactive visitors with interactive windows, thepossibility of adapting your offers differently to new, old and connected visitors.t more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting 

8. Contact Form 7 Popup Alert Message

This WordPress plugin is a WordPress extension which displays an alert message in a pop-up alert box. It was designed to make the Contact Form 7 plugin more modern.

Contact form 7 popup alert message

It is extremely easy to configure. You will be able customize background color of the popup, the font color, the background color of the button, the color of the text of the button, etc… In addition, it is a very responsive WordPress plugin that offers great looks on all mobile devices. 

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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