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Need to find the best WordPress plugins to improve the comments section?

On a website, the comments area is the interface for interaction between administrators and users, as well as users between them. The comment section is therefore a very important section of any website and must of course be maintained and improved.

To help you customize your section and manage it effectively, we will offer you in this article the 10 best premium WordPress plugins; designed to help you improve your WordPress website's commenting system.

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But back to why we are here.

1. WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

It's about a comment evaluation system. It allows you to let users rate different comments. They will just have to click on the preview button and scroll down to the comments section to see the plugin in action.How WordPress Plugin Rating

In its functionalities we find mainly: ease of use, support for ccustom icon tools, ranking comments according to the notes, the personalization of the tgo icons, custom CSS support, the cIP encryption (for European users), the possibility to translate this plugin and more.

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2. Ulti Forms Form Builder

Ulti Forms is a premium WordPress plugin that provides you with features that allow you to customize your contact forms as you wish, comments, registration and any other type of form.

Ulti forms form builder - create any forms optin form contact form feedback form etc wordpress plugin

Its features are among others: the possibility of ca large number of forms, customization forms, inserting forms everywhere with a shortcode, confirmation by emailEtc. ...

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3. CommentPress

CommentPress is a plugin WordPress premium powerful and compact which allows you to insert, modify and delete comments quickly and easily. CommentPress uses Ajax, jQuery and PHP to give visitors the possibility to insert comments without having to reload the page.

Commentpress ajax comments insert edit and delete comments for wp plugin wordpress

This plugin has many customization options, to give it the look and look you want. It has a captcha to block spam and brings more security to your comment section.

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Its main features are: the easy insertion of comments, the possibility for users to reply to specific comments, the pagination of comments, complete management of the administration of the comments section, buttons for easy insertion of images, videos and links, a fully responsive layout, a Captcha to secure the form and avoid spam, and much more.

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4. VBulletin Latest Threads

VBulletin Latest Threads is a excellent extension and very practical for WordPress users as well as for vBulletin4 and vBulletin5 users. It uses the database of vBulletin to display the discussions and comments of the latter in a WordPress widget.VBulletin Latest Threads

Its main features are: the iperfect integration of WordPress with vBulletin, support for custom avatars, the ppersonalization of the title and the limit of discussions and comments, a Latest discussions and answers widget for VB4 and VB5 users

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5. How Slider for Facebook

How Slider for Facebook is a premium WordPress plugin that offers visitors the opportunity to leave comments on your website. With this modern and non-intrusive comment box, this WordPress plugin provides Like Box and Fan Page Wall functionality that will extend the integration of your website with the Facebook social network.How to slider for facebook wordpress social plugin wordpress

The plugin also provides various functionalities to extend the capacities of your website: It has for example a Like section (“Like Box”) or a page dedicated to fans (“Fan Page Wall).

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You don't need to embed "Like" and "Share" buttons on posts or pages, because Facebook Comment Slider already has them and they can appear on any post or page. Visitors will find the "Like" button, the "Share" button and the Facebook slider comments box. They will obviously use their Facebook accounts.

Besides, you can turn on, off and set the time of the shake effect.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

6. WP Advanced Comment

WP Advanced Comment is a premium WordPress plugin from powerful and easy-to-use comment management, because it has a custom field builder which perfectly supports the Drag and Drop functionality. But to use it you must first install the WordPress WP Advanced Comment plugin, because this plugin is part of its extensions.

Wp advanced comment wordpress plugin

Its main features are among others: the possibility of creating a form by drag and drop, the use of the jQuery Validation plugin for front-end validation, support for custom fields (Text, Text box, Option button, Check box, Chooser, Multiselector, URL, Email, Skip sequence, HTML codes, Date, etc.), and much more.

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7. How More

Comment Plus is another premium WordPress plugin that will manage your comment section perfectly, while encouraging your potential subscribers to leave their comments. In short, it was designed to activate more engagement with your visitors and it is a great conversion tool that you will have to try.How more

Its main functions are: display of welcome messages on the first comment, send it notifications for new comments or responses to readers, support for images attached to comments (png, jpg et gif supported), full control of each feature, support for shortcodes, affixing watermarks on images for protection purposes of these and many others.

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8. WP How Designer

WP Comment Designer is a premium WordPress plugin that will help you change the layout of the look of your comments section and that of your submission form of these. You can add text or numeric fields, radio buttons, checkbox, selector, and file uploader. The fields, default and custom, are re-organizable.

Wp comment designer customize and design wordpress comments and comment form wordpress plugin

This fully responsive WordPress plugin compatible with RTL also allows users to modify their comments. This plugin will therefore make your comments section more efficient.

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Overall, it's an easy-to-use plugin that works perfectly with the latest version of WordPress.

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9. Captcha More

It is a powerful WordPress extension premium which uses a mathematical equation for the Captcha in order to block spam robots.

Captcha plus - best WordPress plugins to improve comments section

Its main features are: many types of forms supported: login, registration, comments, contact, etc., hasImproved Captcha protection with letters, numbers and images, configuration ofa deadline for submitting Captcha, the possibility of refresh the Captcha, to change Captcha's title and notifications, compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, Multilingual support (39 languages) and RTL and many more.

Download | DemoWeb hosting

10. How Tools with Sentiment Analysis

How Tools with Sentiment Analysis add an arsenal of handy tools to the comments section of your WordPress blog. It adds proactive tools to block spam which are aimed only at getting a link, discourages low quality, layman comments that add no value to your blog with advanced tools such as sentiment analysis.

Comment tools with mailing list opt ​​in sentiment analysis plugin wordpress

He is also able to automatically delete or manage links in comments, define a minimum time interval or the required length of comments, warns a user when his comment is approved or sent, offers the possibility of exporting everyone's email addresses commentators in CSV - to use in your marketing campaign -

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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Here ! That's it for this list of the best premium WordPress plugins dedicated to managing the comments section of your blog or website.

And you ? Have you discovered, recently or not, plugins for managing comments that are not on this list. 

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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