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Need to start a successful blog?

Content, content, and even the content!

We're always praising the content, and listening to the importance of the content, are not we?

But that's good because content is King! Beyond everything, it is after a search for content that readers come across your blog!

create a successful blog - 7 aspects

Nevertheless, the fund is not everything. The shape is also very important. It's not for you to produce a space full of content into an unsightly mass, just telling you that people will read because they are in need.

Imagine yourself in a restaurant. If you order a salad dish, you will not only eat because you may be hungry, but the presentation of the dish will also make you want to eat! This is the case for your blog. The look of it will also make your readers want to dwell on this one.

1. An aspect that catches the attention

If you walk into any store, it's important that you feel comfortable there, and it's the ambiance of the place that will allow that to happen. The colors, the brightness, the ambient scent, the music in the background, etc ...

When you enter any place, when you come across a blog the first time, the impression that you will make the first page will hold or repel the visitor, as it will be pleasant or not; regardless of the content.

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Add flavor to your blog! Give energy to the latter by selecting themes that will also ignite the imagination of your readers by accompanying them pleasantly in their reading. Feel free to indulge in what you love, or even hire a professional designer who will capture the spirit of your blog and transform your vision into colors, shapes and images.

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2. A nice appearance for a pleasant reading

7 aspects of creating a successful blog 4

What you need to know is that the look of your blog accompanies the visitor everywhere. Choose themes that go with the spirit of your blog, but avoid too bright colors for reading areas, so readers can go from page to page by reducing the speed at which their eyesight gets tired.

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The layout of design elements can also serve as benchmarks for readers. In fact, they can even soak up their memory, even beyond the name of your blog!

3. An aspect that allows you to remember

The visual has very strong effects on the memory. Do not we say that a picture is worth a thousand words? It's not just about the images you'll embed in your articles (which is something good), but from the overall imagery of your website. We will remember the blue lagoon combined with the fluorescent green of your website, small details (shapes, colors) embedded in your menu; we will remember the background color of your titles, etc ...

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So if there is a reason why we will come back to your website, it will not only be because of the high-flying content you are offering, but also because of the overall aspect of it.

4. One aspect that makes you want to return to the blog

The eye loves what is beautiful. Man was done so. Naturally, everything that is beautiful and pleasant makes you want to come back. You will have much more desire to go regularly in a flowery garden than in a muddy and unsightly ground!

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Even if the content you offer is not the best, if your design is beautiful, we can easily stop there, only to admire it. If we stop easily on a person of some beauty in the street, we can do the same for a blog! You are on the right track to inspire a lot.

5. An aspect that improves the results

By giving your blog a nice look, you increase your chances of getting better results. If you can take care of it so wellappearance of your blog, we can consider that you do the same for the rest: your articles are likely to be good, the products that you put on sale, and even those of other bloggers that you can promote, will get the benefit of the doubt.

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When your fellow bloggers see your results, they will be eager to do the same!

6. An aspect that makes you want to continue working

7 aspects to create successful blog

When you go on your blog in the morning, what is the first thought that runs through you? (We can ask ourselves the question, can not we?)

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If what you have in front of you, you'll want to come back ... necessarily! When your blog gives you joy from the start, it will be as much your visitors, as much as the team that works with you. 

Give it a beautiful appearance. This one will even inspire you! You will be motivated and want to do more.

7. One aspect that makes you want to do the same

If the aspect of your blog can influence all of the activities of the latter, it will also encourage other bloggers to make an effort in this direction. Your results will speak not only to you, but also to others.

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You can quickly become a reference, not necessarily as the blog with the best design in the world, but as a blog that has inspired others. If you get to the point where you inspire other people, you are very well on your way to success in all aspects of your blogging.

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You can also use these WordPress plugins to give a modern appearance and to optimize the handling of your blog or website.

We offer here some premium WordPress plugins that will help you do that.

1. RnB - WooCommerce Rental & Booking System

RnB - WooCommerce Rental & Booking is a WordPress and WooCommerce plugin dedicated to booking and renting on your website. This plugin allows you to list date or time reservations, and create a new type of product on your website.

Woocommerce rental booking system

It is perfect for those who want to set up a rental, reservation or real estate agency or service. Among its features we will find among others: discounts on the tariff plan according to rental days and months, support for three types of publication, e-mail notification for the order, cancellation or refund process, support for different payment gateways, a billing system, Multilingual support and more

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1. Hero Maps Premium

The Hero Maps Premium plugin allows you to quickly and easily associate Google Maps with your WordPress site. It has a lot of configuration options, like the ability to collect all your markers on a map via Marker Geo Mashup. It also provides a simple "drag and drop" interface.

Hero maps premium responsive google maps plugin

Its features include: a dashboard that will allow you to switch between a wide shot or a fixed size, depending on your design preferences, support for multiple markers and colors to choose from, responsive layout, ease of use, support for over 700 Google fonts and more.

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3. DW Question & Answer Pro

The WordPress DW Question & Answer Pro plugin is a question and answer plugin for any WordPress blog. Your site will have a full section dedicated to questions and answers, as seen with S, Quora ou Yahoo Answers.

Dw question answer pro wordpress plugin

The designers of DW Question & Answer Pro provide you with many new features as well as a special priority of assistance for their customers. It is the ideal WordPress plugin to allow a community to express themselves on your blog or website.

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Recommended Resources

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Here ! That's it for these 7 aspects that will allow you to create a successful blog. Do you know of any resources that may not have been mentioned? Other practices that improve the interface and user experience? How to involve them in the projects? Share them with us in the section of Comments.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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