If you are looking for the best WordPress plugins from dynamic pricing for your WooCommerce online store, You are in the right place.

The following reasons may have prompted you to search for a dynamic pricing plugin:

  1. In order to simply to increase the sales by giving a percentage reduction on the quantity purchased product .
  2. To show gratitude to your loyal customers by giving a fixed discount on specific user roles .
  3. In order to offer your customers gifts or samples of promotional products as well as their purchase when your store celebrates a milestone.
  4. To use a popular product to stimulate the sale of another unsold product by group discount offers on combinatorial rules.

Now let's make your task easier by presenting the best premium WordPress plugins dynamic pricing.

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Then, back to why we are here.

1. WooCommerce Role-O-Matic

the plugin WooCommerce Role-O-Matic is a powerful tool which allows the administration of the online store to create "attribution rules" which dynamically assign roles to customers according to the amounts spent during the configured periods or according to the products purchased. 

dynamic pricing - Woocommerce role o matic

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This WordPress plugin premium can be very useful, as it can be used simultaneously with the WooCommerce pricing system to assign dynamic prices or discounts based on assigned roles.

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2. WooCommerce Prices By User Role

WooCommerce Prices By User Role is a premium WordPress extension which is used to add as a default functionality pricing based on the type of customer. WooCommerce Prices By User Role provides consumers with dynamic pricing, so the product is offered at different prices according to the defined consumer group.

WordPress dynamic pricing plugins - Prices by user role for woocommerce

For example, if you want to pay wholesalers differently from customers who buy in detail or apply discounts depending on the group of consumers, the Prices By User Role extension is perfect for your needs.

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3. SUMO Discounts & Advanced Pricing

SUMO Discounts & Advanced Pricing is a complete premium WooCommerce plugin, an advanced pricing and price reduction.

best WordPress plugins - Sumo WooCommerce dynamic pricing discounts

This WordPress plugin can be used to provide margins for discounts, special discount promotions, baskets of reductions, reductions according to user roles, reductions linked to registrations and others.

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You will needoin install the WordPress SUMO plugin to use this extension.

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4. WooCommerce Ultimate Discount Plugin

The reductions are a powerful marketing weapon allow you to guarantee customer loyalty as well as their income. The WordPress plugin premium WooCommerce Ultimate Discount vYou can manage online store discounts like a pro.

Woocommerce ultimate discount plugin

This WordPress plugin is a revolution that allows you to manage details or wholesale prices, consumer roles or offers based on customer groups, theorder history, the entire basket, categories, labels, social networks, payment gateways and even subscribers to the newsletter.

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5. WooCommerce Pricing and Discount

Le WordPress plugin premium WooCommerce Pricing and Discount is useful when you need to give a discount on a product based on the quantity or what the customer bought.

Woocommerce dynamic pricing and discount

Optionally, you can apply this plugin to customers to whom you have given the title of "VIP Customers" or "Gold Members". So provide to your e-commerce website more successful with price offers and incredible sales promotions.

You will be able to: Examples:

  • Give a 10% discount to “Product X” when customers purchase 5 or more “Product X”.
  • Give a 20 euro discount to gold members when they buy between 2 to 5 "Y Products" and give them a 25 euro discount if they buy more.
  • Offer a laptop plus the carrying case with a discount of 10% if customers purchase 1 or more items in the Laptops category.

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