There are things we should know, and catch up at one time or another, and pretending not to know these things will not necessarily pull us off. Among these things, we retain intellectual property. 

Intellectual property laws protect much of the content you enjoy on the internet. Although you are not always asked to pay for this content, this does not mean that you will be able to use it for all types of usesIntellectual property laws blogger know blog wordpress 3

Although some intellectual property laws have not yet been specifically adapted to web content, you still need to have the basics to guide your decisions in the best possible way.

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Then back to why we are here.

First law: Photos and images are not free to use

Google's quick and easy searches for images make it seem like the web is flooded with free images and photographs. However, most of them are protected by copyright. If you are looking for images to publish on your blog, you should search for licensed images Creative Commons ». 

Intellectual property laws blogger know blog wordpress 1

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You can also pay to use some images. So do not just just images that offers search engines. Look for additional information on these, to respect the work of others on the web and at the same time, inspire the respect of connoisseurs.

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Second law: creative commons licenses come in different forms

These licenses give you access to various forms of intellectual property. There are several types of licenses " Creative Commons ". However, before using anything protected by this type of license, you must examine it patiently to decide how exactly you will use it.

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Some licenses allow commercial use while others do not allow it. Some allow you to alter an image, while others stipulate that the image must remain in its original form. You must therefore pay attention to the different versions of these licenses.

Third law: Most movies, music, and TV programs are protected

Although there are several websites where you can access movies, TV shows, and music for free, these downloads are typically illegal. Although the websites themselves do not violate any law, you, on the other hand, infringe some if you share or download copyrighted content. Intellectual property laws blogger know blog wordpress 4

You can legally watch some movies or programs online, but you can not download them. Even if you have a crazy desire, hold on!

The TV channels' websites have the habit of broadcasting recent episodes of popular shows, and still others give access to movies and TV shows under the constraint of a paid subscription.

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Fourth law: Plagiarism does not only concern school papers!

You have certainly been aware of the dangers of plagiarism in high school and university, but the importance of this law does not limit at the end of your essays and dissertations.

Whether you have a blog yourself or write for other people, you can not afford to reproduce someone else's intellectual property and claim that it belongs to you.

Intellectual property laws blogger know blog wordpress 5

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Quote your sources, use quotation marks as needed, and try to limit your work to your personal inspiration as much as possible. Reference another article and quote a book are very good things. Republishing an entire article or chapter of a publication, however, does not look good.

Come on, you may not be glued to plagiarism or have a zero, but still be honest!

Fifth law: Permission takes precedence over everything

When you have doubts about a certain job, ask permission to use it. Since the canvas really facilitates access to certain works, it also facilitates contact with the creators of these works! A lot of them will give you all the necessary permissions if you need them, with a lot of enthusiasm and joy.

Intellectual property laws blogger know blog wordpress 6

Imagine a young blogger asking for your permission to use some of your content. You will be moved at the same time by feelings of pride and joy, and you will feel that it gives you some importance, and a certain place is not it? (Everyone likes to be put on a pedestal).

So think about it the next time you want to use another author's work.

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The Internet is a gigantic forum for sharing everything from thoughts to ideas, to original photos, musical works, and even videos and movies. However, it is essential that you always think of those who have rights to the content in question, and act in ways that do not violate them. 

Even if you do not know a single article of law, know that it applies all the same to you. So, do not make an unintentional mistake! 

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Speaking of copyright, I guess there are other things to say about! If you have ideas, and additional information, do not hesitate to share them with us. The whole family of blogging can only be grateful!

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