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Some examples Amazing WordPress Multisite

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What is a multisite?

The WordPress multisite is a feature that debuted on WordPress 3.0. It was introduced in 2010 and replaced WordPress MU, a feature that allowed individuals to set up large blogging networks. The Multisite offers this functionality, but also offers a lot more, such as the possibility of hosting different sites on a single WordPress installation in order to make the user experience of visitors more transparent.

Take the example of a site with an online store. Except that this shop is not the main part of the site. This is only an accessory to it. The owner would therefore have his main site and a second ecommerce site designed with WordPress. The multisite would then allow the user to browse the store site without having to leave the main site.

Some Examples of WordPress Multisites

Without further ado, here is a collection of sites that use the multisite service very effectively.



Automattic set up a multisite platform from its inception in 2005, hosting thousands of sites and blogs under one roof, and even giving them a domain of Automattic released the new version of in November, with a lot of changes. One of them was the addition of multisite support at the individual user dashboard level.

This change gives you a main dashboard where you can make basic edits to specific sites, and view stats for all of your sites on one page. You can even create new posts and pages from this main dashboard, without having to go to each site's individual dashboard.

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2. Edublogs


Edublogs is a blogging service designed by Incsub, the same team that leads WPMU DEV, and uses WordPress to offer multi-site services to schools and universities around the world. Teachers can use the basic version of Edublogs to host their own blogs and add students as contributors. Edublogs CampusPress, Is however what makes this service so popular.

With our CampusPress, universities can create hundreds of blogs and university networks. Students and staff members could each have a blog. The service Edublogs Has thus welcomed more than 3,3 million blogs since 2005.

3. BBC America


BBC America is a cable and satellite channel that broadcasts some of the most popular shows on television. Its website has a WordPress multisite service and each of its shows has its own site. Each mini site uses a child theme, which is administered by one, main.

4. OpenView Venture Partners

openview venture-partners

OpenView Venture Partners is a venture capital firm designed to " help technology companies turn their vision into reality. »The company technically has three sites (A corporate website, corporate blog, and multi-author blog called Labs). By using a multisite service, this site is able to run all of its sites under one roof using the “” and “” subdomains. Each site is designed with a central theme that works seamlessly with the entire service.

5. Courvoisier


Courvoisier is a brand of cognac found all over the world. Because it is global, it offers various regional websites to improve its services to customers. These regional sites operate under one roof, and are administered by a source using a multisite service. Each regional site offers unique information, and the main site offers news, home pages, and dynamic menus, all powered by WordPress.

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As you can see, the WordPress multisite service allows various sites, like those of schools or businesses, to share their ideas and collaborate using blogs and internal networks. It also opened the door to a new world of web development.

We hope this list has given you some ideas on how to incorporate multisite functionality into your projects. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know in the dedicated section.

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  1. I discover your article, and in particular this possibility which seems to me interesting.
    I realized that if I did a restore of my backup, it would restore the entire database and therefore all my subfolders containing my sites. I currently have a blog site and other existing sites to deal with a specific subject such as tutorials for software. I am in the step of creating subdomains Following the cited problem do I need a database for each of my sites at the risk of overwriting information in case of restoration I use the paid plugin UpdraftPlus - Backup / Restore which gives me satisfaction and which allows me to save via FTP on another server.
    Would it be possible for you to give me a link which would guide me in this installation to manage multisites, because I have another project in progress.

    Thank you for your answer

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