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10 functional WordPress plugins on a multisite network

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One of the features that demonstrates even more that WordPress is not just a simple content management system, it is its ability to become multisite.

For the record, the multisite features of WordPress were not native for many years. Before, we had to go through the plugin " WPMU". This plugin was so well done and so essential to a whole section of WordPress users that it has been integrated into the heart of WordPress.

So, it has now become extremely simple to configure a multi-site platform with WordPress; to do this, simply edit the wp-config.php file, nothing simpler.

What is it concretely a multi-site network ? This is a network that will allow you to manage multiple websites on a single WordPress installation, and on the same database.

But once your WordPress transformed into a multisite platform, you will have to pay attention to the plugins you install; because not all will be adapted to your WordPress.

To make it easier for you if you are using a multi-site network, we have selected some premium WordPress plugins that we tested and which are fully compatible with the multisite functionality of WordPress.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite

White Label Branding is a WordPress plugin premium which controls the image of a main website and all the subtitles in a network of websites.
White label branding for wordpress multisite wordpress plugin

With this plugin, it is possible for you to create a branding template and the personalization menu that all sub-websites in the network will use. Or you can allow each sub-website in the network to have their own branding and customize their menus.

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You will also be able to have full control over all user roles and capabilities.

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2. WordPress Multisite Posts & Taxonomies Sync

This premium WordPress plugin specializes mainly in managing the synchronization of posts and taxonomy. It integrates fully with your multisite network to avoid repetitions in the creation of your publications. 

Wordpress multisite posts taxonomies sync wordpress plugin

Once the WordPress plugin has been downloaded, it can be activated on the network or on a specific website on the network. It will depend entirely on how you want to synchronize the data. As soon as this plugin is activated, its parameters will be available in the menu of the dashboard of the website administrator.

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Its functionalities are among others: the possibility of synchronizing publications and categories on several websites, support for custom type posts and personalized taxonomy, the conservation of the taxonomic hierarchy, comments and others.

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3. Bookly Multisite

This WordPress plugin premium is an extension of the Bookly plugin which allows the latter to become a multisite ready plugin. After its installation and activation, you will be able to use Bookly in your multisite environment.  Bookly multisite

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But the catch with this magnificent plugin you will have to buy an additional regular license for the Bookly plugin and all the addons installed for each additional domain name that you use.

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So although it is perfect for create a booking form on any WordPress website, you pay a little more if you want to use it on several domain names in your organization.

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4. WooCommerce Multisite Product Sync

The WooCommerce Multisite Product Sync plugin is the ideal solution for synchronizing products (single, bundled, virtual, downloadable, external / affiliate and variable) in your WordPress Multisite network.Woocommerce multisite product sync wordpress plugin

Its main functions are: synchronization of different types of products in your multisite network, the possibility of automatically synchronizing product data (inventory, expedition, related products, attributes, and others), automatic synchronization of product categories, tags and custom taxonomy, product supports such as (featured image, gallery, downloadable files, etc ... the ability to turn off synchronization when updating or creating a product, and more.

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In short, it is a perfect premium WordPress plugin for WooCommerce and for any online store owner who has a large number of points of sale.

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5. WooCommerce Multisite Duplicator

You have just opened your online store and you want to create another one whose configuration will be almost identical, at the same time you want to manage these two online stores in one place, then this WooCommerce plugin premium of WordPress will help you create a multi-site network that is easy to administer and manage.

Woocommerce multisite duplicator

You will have the opportunity to clone your old website and after that you will just have to create new products. The WordPress plugin WooCommerce Multisite Duplicate therefore helps you to duplicate your products in your multisite network.

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You can duplicate one or all websites. You can even specify what you want to copy or not.

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6. Content Distribution

Content Distribution is a WordPress plugin premium for multisite installation giving you the ability to publish articles and pages through the sites of your network. You can publish and edit articles and pages from any site in the network if you have user rights.Content Network Distribution

After activating the plugin, a new administrator box will appear with the list of all the sites in your multisite network.

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After the publication ou the update, the articles will be distributed on the selected websites of the network.

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7. Slate Pro

Slate Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin premium theme management that reinvents WordPress with a sleek and simplified design. Improve your WordPress installation with custom colors, a personalized login screen, a personalized brand image and much more.Slate Pro

Slate Pro is multisite network compatible and allows the network administrator to control the appearance of all subsites.

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8. Smart Cleanup Tools

Smart Cleanup Tools is a powerful, easy-to-use plugin for WordPress database cleanup. It has 39 wipe, reset and delete tools. With this plugin you can delete data that is no longer in use, or is unnecessary.Smart cleanup tools plugin for wordpress

In addition, the plugin can help you restore and speed up database processes. It is compatible with WordPress multisite and has tools specially designed for network management.

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9. Network Posts

Network Posts allows you to display a list of recent posts from one or more subsites on your main WordPress site. You can choose from widgets, shortcodes, and other alternatives to display posts, pages, or custom post types on your main site.Network posts plugin wordpress

Its other functionalities are: support for articles, pages and types of personalized publications, Cached network publications for fast and efficient content distribution, automatic caching of new articles, pages and types of personalized publications, always up-to-date documentation.

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10. WP Move Users

This WordPress extension premium allows you to quickly move users from one WordPress website to another. It is naturally multisite WordPress compatible and works across the network.WP Move Users

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Its features are:

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  • exporting users: You can export all users or choose specific users from their identifiers.
  • Importing Users: Once you have exported the users from a first website, you can now just paste the export code, which will import the users into the new website. In a multisite network, you have the option of adding users in a specific subsite, in the main site, or both.

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That's all for this list 10 best premium WordPress plugins that work perfectly on a multi-site network. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to offer them.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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