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How to install and configure WooCommerce: the tutorial

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How to create a free online store? How to create a free online sales site? How to create an eCommerce website in order to sell its products and services?

These are all questions that many people ask themselves, because to make money on the internet, you have to know how to market your products and services on the Web.

If you are one of our loyal readers, then you have probably noticed that in our theme recommendations, we often mention le Plugin WooCommerce, who is the most used solution on WordPress to create an online store.

Just yesterday I was chatting with one of our subscribers, and this one was asking me if WooCommerce was so easy to handle. I confess that I was surprised by this question, which was not empty. After much research I have realized he was not the only one in this case.

Many bloggers, novice Web entrepreneurs wishing to get started in e-commerce do not know how to install, activate and configure this plugin.

Before going any further, know that you can find the best WooCommerce extensions on here at Codecanyon

So in this tutorial, I'll show you how to create your first online shop thanks to the plugin WooCommerce.

But before, if you have never installed WordPress discover How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog

Then back to why we are here.

Creating an online store is a prerequisite for making money on the internet by selling products or services. So it's a step you have to go through (because we did it too).

I'll start by showing you how to install, configure and use WooCommerce. However, if you do not understand a point, the comment form is available to you. And if this tutorial convinces you (and I'm sure he'll do it), don't forget to share it with your friends.

How to install the plugin WooCommerce

We have already shown you how to install WordPress using FileZilla. Although this is the least used technique, it has still been proven, so you can use this approach if you want to manually install this plugin.

WooCommerce Is available on WordPress.orgyou can download it as a file compress (Zip).

To install WooCommerce using FileZilla, after connecting to your FTP server, find the folder where your blog is installed (main file of your accommodation), usually this folder is named " public_html », But it varies according to the hosts.

Ask your host for more details. When you have found the main folder of your accommodation, find and open the folder « wp-content/plugins » and drop your unzipped zip file.

Go further with our guide on: How to install a plugin in WordPress: The guide

In addition, you can install WooCommerce directly from your dashboardit is the most used method.

To do this, navigate to this location on your dashboard: « Extension > Add ».

Once that is done, click "Search among extensions". Search the results list « WooCommerce - excelling And install it.

After installing The plugin, you will be asked to configure your online store. It's a basic setup that will get you started in no time. You can however decide not to configure your store.

You will then notice that there are two new menus available on the left sidebar of your dashboard. It is " WooCommerce » (which will be used to manage orders, purchases, promo codes, etc ...) and " Products » (for the management of the products of course).

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First configurations

Before starting anything, it is necessary that we perform our first configurations (so take your trouble, your shop will be ready soon).

To do this, go to the " WooCommerce >> Parameters ». Fortunately for us, the Plugin is available in French. So you can easily configure your e-commerce website. However, I would emphasize the essential points.

General tab:

General options

You are free to determine the location of your online store. However, some customers will want to know where you are to find out if they can possibly be trusted and delivered on time.

See also How to add a WooCommerce store on Facebook

You can also restrict the purchase of your products to a geographical area (Country). This option applies to those who wish to offer physical products that can be delivered.

Currency Options

This option will allow you to determine which currency will be used on your store. You have a wide range of choices between currencies. You can also determine the position of the currency relative to the price.

Products tab:

The section «Product lists»

Here you can define which page will be used as the main page of your online store. It is generally on this page that the products will be listed, according to a criterion that you can determine (Page Archive / Shop). We let the plugin choose a page for us. Otherwise you can choose another one.

You can also determine what to display on the shop (Display Page Shop). In this tutorial, we chose " Show Products ».

Sorting options will help you determine how products will be sorted. Leave the « Activate AJAX add to cart buttons on the Archives » enabled, This will make your blog much more dynamic.

Downloadable products

If you offer downloadable products such as ebooks, music or movies, it is important to hide the source of the download, otherwise several people will be able to access it using the download address.

The default option is " Force download But if your server supports the other options, you can also use them. Check with your host to find out if your server supports the " mod_xsendfile ».

You can also configure inventory management. This is important if you want to make the system autonomous. So, if a product is no longer available in the stock, then it will automatically stop being available in the store (when you expressly decide to hide an exhausted product).

Discover also: How to control the stock of your WooCommerce online store

You can therefore receive notifications on the current state of the stock, and also inform customers about its state (for example : 20 remaining copies). Many people often miss out on this stock management option, yet it is also important.

Command Tab

This tab is simply delicate for the simple reason that it allows you to offer security measures to your online store.

Indeed, an unprotected shop in SSL (by the protocol HTTPS), is not reliable and most customers will refuse to buy the products offered by this shop. So you will necessarily have to have a protected shop in SSL.

Also read our guide on How to use SSL and HTTPS with WordPress

Once done, you will need to configure payment gateways. 5 choice available to you (choice you can order). Click on " Parameters To configure each payment gateway.

I leave you to choose the gateway you want to use (PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc...). You are free to disable a gateway if it does not suit you.

Expedition tab

Regarding shipping, if you don't offer a delivery service in your store, then you can simply disable this feature. If not, you will be able to determine the countries in which delivery is available (hence the need to give customers your geographic location).

Read also : 10 WooCommerce plugins to create shipping scenarios

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You can also decide to automate the process of calculating the cost of delivery, directly in the cart or until a delivery address is sent. So you have a wide choice on delivery terms, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Account Tab

This is another essential point for your shop. It would be necessary that every customer has the possibility of modifying his order, his profile, his address, etc…. It's on this tab that everything will be played out.

First, you will have to choose the profile page. By default, the chosen page is « my account ». But it can vary depending on your configurations.

How to translate your WordPress blog into several languages? Find out by consulting this link

Also from this tab, you will be able to propose to your customers to register on a page which you will have created (and not to use the WordPress registration system), and to generate their identifiers and / or their passwords.

Tab E-mail

On this tab, you can determine the appearance of the different emails sent during the ordering process. In particular when the order is new, when it is in progress or when it is finished.

A must read: 5 WooCommerce plugins to create marketing emails

You can also change the invoice sent to the customer, the note sent to the customer, and the different mail resetting account and new account.

Remark : Il you will need to have bases in development to personalize the different mails sent (Amateur refrain).

How to manage products

Now that we have set up the parameters of our shop, it is now time to create our products and their different categories.

Read also our article on 10 WooCommerce plugins to recover abandoned baskets

This is a task that you should not take lightly, because it is the seriousness that you will put to work, that will depend on the success of your online store. So you have to think about your categories (on paper of course)but also think about the organization of your products. I leave it to you to do it.

Once it's done, we can create a product.

How to create / add a product on WooCommerce

Nothing more simple, access the interface « products >> Add products ». The product creation interface is quite similar to the creation of articles (with some differences).

To consult also: 5 WooCommerce plugins to create marketing emails

The major differences are in the boxes meta located lower. It is more specifically "Product data", "Product gallery" and "Small product description".

However, I have to add a little detail on the product data. You must fill in this information each time you want to add a product.

See also: How to generate PDF invoices for WooCommerce

It all depends on the nature of the product you want to market.

  • Is it physical or virtual?
  • What is its value?
  • How many copies do you have?
  • What are its attributes?
  • Is it part of an existing product category?
  • Should I activate my product reviews?

All these questions will be answered by the product data.

Before we leave

You would certainly like to know how to access statistics on sales, purchases, in short on your online store. WooCommerce offers a completely dedicated space, for this you need acede to this site " WooCommerce >> Reports ».

Read also: How to create WooCommerce product grids on WordPress

Maybe you too will come to have a shop running at full speed like my fake virtual shop (I realized it for this tutorial).

Easily create your Online Store

Download free WooCommerce, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress. [Recommended]

You should also know that you can extend the functionality of the Plugin WooCommerce by adding plugins.

Discover also our 50 WooCommerce plugins to improve your online shop

But do not forget, we have a list of Themes compatible with WooCommerce for you, do not hesitate to take a tour and download one that suits you.

Recommended WooCommerce Plugins

We strongly recommend the following WooCommerce plugins:


Here! That's all for this tutorial, do not hesitate to contact us if you do not understand certain points or have difficulties with WooCommerce. We hope you will make good use of it.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

If you have any concerns or suggestions in this area, let's find ourselves in the comments section to talk about it. Waiting, share this article on your different social networks.


This article features 97 comments
  1. Hello
    And thank you very much for this great tutorial! My question may sound a bit basic but I have not found a satisfactory answer. I wonder about the access to the page "my account" by the customers once the order passed.
    Apparently, the page "my account" Woocommerce is only accessible by the link that is in the email generated by the command. Otherwise, nothing is visible by going directly to the site (by default, I believe, Woocommerce does not offer to make visible the page "my account"). People may want to go directly to their account for example to recover their bill.
    So you have to generate menu access? Or to make a button to place somewhere on the site?
    Is it enough to put in the link to the my account page (and then Woocommerce does the follow up with automated access)?
    Thank you in advance for your response !

  2. Hello, thank you for this very comprehensive tutorial.
    Is it possible to make sure that the customer pays a deposit of the amount at the moment X. And in X time pay the following?

  3. Could you help me?
    I created the stand with the products and tamplate for the email and bought the plugin for the photo to go on the email of the customer's request, however when the customer's request arrives to me, nor the description of the request neither the photos of the products are provided. he chose, HELP!

  4. Hello,
    I'm starting to tame WooCommerce but I have a problem with my account feature. I had to delete the preinstalled page with the plugin and by recreating a blank nothing is displayed on it.
    Would you know how to recreate this feature?
    thank you,

  5. Hello,
    I just made an update of my avada theme on wordpress. I had a shop, when I selected a product, and I clicked add to cart, the product appeared in my cart but now the function is no longer. I looked everywhere on the forums but nothing works despite everything. Could you help me.
    I have the latest version of wordpress and the latest version of Avada 5.4.
    Thank you

  6. Hello,

    Do you know how to go from one order to another without ever returning to the main woocommerce page?

    thank you for your comeback

  7. Hello,

    I installed Woocommerce a few days ago, I made a first test payment, and everything works fine.
    However I would like to remove some information to fill out when making the payment so that it is as simple as possible.
    I sell digital products, so no delivery to make. I would like to remove the box "address", "city" etc, in order to keep only "email", "name", "first name".

    Do you have a solution ?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello,

      I recommend you look for I forgot the name of the plugin, but you will find what you are looking for in the plugin section.

  8. Hello,
    Thank you for all the info. A concern for my part, I want to incorporate for some articles a field (where buyers would write their first name) how to do? Thank you very much and good luck.

  9. Hello
    I have a wordpress site at the end of the preparation. I will sell glasses of different brands (to professionals so in large quantities). Is it possible to classify the order form? I mean, if my customer buys products in 3 different brands, is it possible that on the order form, the 3 brands are classified with each of the products ordered below? Without that, it's difficult to use the order form.
    thank you in advance.

  10. Hi,
    I wonder if it is possible to integrate WooCommerce registration (which is only available when you make a purchase) at the site to have a member area, because I do not want to have two areas of separate entry on my website.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, yes this is possible in WooCommerce options. You simply check the box that asks you to allow members to register via the My Account page.

  11. Hello, thank you for this tutorial me very full air!
    I have a question: if a client connects from London for example, automatically he sees his cart etc. in English?
    Thank you!

  12. Hi,

    I have a technical question: is it possible to combine the registration page (clients) of WooCommerce, with another plugin? Let me explain: I have a website that rolls with WooCommerce. I wish to add a free directory frontend (type Business Directory) in which those who wish to register go through WooCommerce registration page (to have only one database) .. Is it achievable ? Thank you for the boost!

  13. Hello, I sell books and I wonder if we can create WooCommerce on one sheet with the choice of ordering paper or eBook book. For now, having two separate products, one for paper and one for digital, opinions are divided between the two products as they relate to the same. I do not know if I'm clear. Thank you in advance.

        1. Rest assured, I was looking for a solution for your problem.
          So by default WooCommerce allows you to add variations, but I also did a search on the internet and I came across two premium plugins that can also help you fix the problem:


          But here is another tutorial in English that allows you to create variable products on WooCommerce.

  14. Hello,
    thank you for all that information that help us considerably. I search for my part how to change the presentation of products and buttons on the home page of my shop.
    In thanking you in advance.

  15. Hello,
    Thank you very much for your great work. One can discover a lot of things quite easily. However, when I am your instructions when adding a product, when I load the shop, I have a completely blank page. I use the resize theme that normally should not be a problem. I have a custom menu, I also created various pages cgv my account ... for inserting the shortcode there. This one takes care well?
    Do you have an idea ? I do not understand why my shop is empty?

    Thank you in advance

    1. I think you should see this with the developer of your ecommerce theme. Also make sure that everything is set up in the WooCommerce settings.


  16. Hello, thank you for this very clear tutorial. I would like to add one or more fields in the account area. At the moment my space only allows to indicate my Orders / Downloads / Addresses / Account details / Logout. I would like to add a space to propose new content (videos, images ...) visible only once the account created. Does the free version woocommerce allow me to push a little customer escape?

    Thank you in advance for your help

  17. Hello,
    I am creating my site locally with woocommerce.
    This site is a replica of, but in my region (31).
    Therefore I block on the setting of rates of delivery I make myself but a few cities in my area. My bareme will be:
    zone1: [cost] 20 € = [fee percent = "10"]

    zone2: [cost] 20 € = [fee percent = "10"] + 1 €

    Also I try to set the tariff directly without the customer have the choice, and so it's tariff that applies depending on the city.
    Thank you in advance, I hope I was clear enough.

  18. Hi Catherine,

    You must either select a consistent theme WooCommerce be a search plugin that allows you to add these options to your online store unless you have an expertise in this field.

  19. Hello,
    I created a site advice and I would be a couple shop selling products that I advocate.
    The question is :
    Can I put in the menu bar: shop and consequently access to the party selling or should create a new site with a link to access this site?


  20. Hello I want to sell put online magazines and brochures in Ebook format.
    j 'uses WooCommerce already configured on my WP.
    When installing the plugin woocomerce already created and configured automatically -panier -command-shop my account page and other pages
    I have three questions:
    1) how to create and configure parameters of the command page pay (pay)
    2) how to create and configure the parameters of the command page received (order-received)
    3) how to create and configure the parameters of the command page add payment method (add-payment-method)

    And finally how to configure the URL of the three pages

    Thank you for helping me and good luck to all for the year 2016

    thank you

      1. Hello Bertrand
        I am delighted with your correspondence however how much is worth buying
        And how much configuration. My problem is not only with the purchase and configuration I need a webmaster shop for its moderation; Manage the configuration of the products of my shop. In everything you have to start small to Grow. And I would like the offer to be according to the start. I contacted a lot of webmaster and their offer was unimaginably incomprehensible. I would like to make way with the one, which together evolve according to the gains and forever to say so work today and for the future. Thank you for sending me your offer and soon

        Jean Innocent

  21. Bonsoir
    J uses for my woocommerce site and the storefront theme.
    For my site I use variable products the problem no photography downloaded is visible on the site ... ..
    I have tried several times the configuration by following tutorials, update nothing done ...
    Do you have an idea of ​​the problem ??
    Thank you

    1. Goodnight David,

      Did you try to replace the topic that offered by default on WordPress? If this resolves the concern then is that we should see the side of your theme.

      Also try to disable all plugins.

          1. Hello
            J have changed theme but I always encounter the same problem, suddenly I have given my initial theme storefront. ....
            I checked the plugins none is active.
            For information I have succeeded in the initial creation of the site to view the uploaded pictures I wanted to change these photos from nothing appears.
            I am blocked…

          2. Bonsoir
            I do not know what the default theme for worpress woocommerce a priori
            we have access to several themes including storefront which corresponds to the creation of my site.
            I tried to change the subject but I did not have the ability to create variable products.
            So I returned to the same problem storefront still pictures which are not displayed.
            What annoys me pretty much is that I managed once to display the photos I wanted to start over to improve the presentation of products and since nothing is displayed ... ..
            I'm really stuck ...
            Thanks for your help

      1. Hello,

        I wonder why, when I try my shop, in the form "order" or "my account" my email address appears automatically? Is it because I created my shop on this computer? Will customers also have the "mail" box pre-filled with my address, if so, how to remove it?

        Thank you!

  22. Hello,

    I can not display the cart and checkout in the header.
    The Appearance> Customization> WooCommerce configuration does not work.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      It also depends on your theme. All WordPress Themes WooCommerce integration does not necessarily display this information on the header of the site.

  23. Hello,

    First bcp thank you for the tutorial, it made me save time!

    However I have a little problem that I drag for a few weeks ... The pages "basket" and "My account" does not work.

    The error message "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" is displayed on all HTTPS pages of my site, I tried a lot of solution, without results.

    If you have any ideas I am largely taker,

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hello,
      your problem has nothing to do with WordPress. The problem is rather vague in my perception. But I will say a priori that it is your machine has a problem. (Conclusions from several similar topic on forums

      Try to access your pages via another browser from another machine (or unit). If the problem persists, then this is the accommodation that is a concern.

      Contact your web host and let us know of evolution.


    1. Hello Rene,

      You simply download and add the .po and .mo files to the wp-content / languages ​​/ plugins folder via your ftp software. And you will get the translation for WooCommerce

  24. Hello, I'm to go up a wholesale site, knowing that I have to validate the entries on my site, I'd like a plugin to my custom fields to fill out during registration (eg. SIRET number, VAT etc. )
    Do you know a plugin to do this job?

    Or are there ways to add them ourselves (my theme is mystile)


  25. Hello,

    I found this tutorial very informative, but I have a problem adding a product image. After clicking on "Add images to the product gallery", the page goes up but nothing is displayed, how to solve this problem? I use the minamaze theme.



    1. Hello Fred,

      Sorry for the late response, the team was traveling for conferences that we give.

      Regarding your concern, trying to activate the default theme for WordPress to see if that fixes the problem, if yes, then change themes (minamaze) because it would be her fault in this case.


  26. Hello,

    How to display more 5 products per page in a category ?? I tested several plugins but nothing there ... Always 5 ...


  27. Hello, read your tutorial on WooCommerce convinced me, and I created my site with this plugin and theme wootique.
    I have a similar problem to that of Chloe, but a little above: I wish the shipping costs are of € 5 40 below € shopping, and free from € 40. In the settings, I therefore between € 5 fixed rate, then I parameter free delivery from € 40, and when I simulate an order, it does not work, I find myself with either a basket with € 5, either with a radio button to check for the customer to choose him even if he pays or not the postage. Thank you kindly help me if possible.

    1. Hello Michel,

      I think Herve will answer that question. But for those who have questions of this type in the future, the better will be to contact the sales team of blogpascher. Sorry, but if we solve all WooCommerce problems of this type, we will be forced out of business


  28. Hello, I have a concern and I can not nothing, maybe can you give me some advice. I must tell you that I reinstalled my theme and WooCommerce and there is no change in my 2 problems.
    Problems :
    1. I can not put anything in my shopping cart
    2. I can not go to the 2e a page of my products (shop).

    I find this in my state of the system
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / archive-product.php,
    Grandmoutique / woocommerce / cart / cart.php version 1.6.4 is deprecated. The core version is 2.1.0,
    Grandmoutique / woocommerce / cart / mini-cart.php version 1.6.4 is deprecated. The core version is 2.1.0,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / checkout / form-pay.php,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / content-product.php,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / content-product_cat.php,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / content-single-product.php,
    Grandmoutique / woocommerce / loop / add-to-cart.php version 1.6.4 is deprecated. The core version is 2.1.0,
    Grandmoutique / woocommerce / single-product / add-to-cart / simple.php version 1.6.4 is deprecated. The core version is 2.1.0,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / single-product / add-to-cart / variable.php 2.0.3 version is obsolete. The version of the core is 2.1.0,
    Grandmoutique / woocommerce / single-product / product-image.php version 2.0.3 is deprecated. The core version is 2.0.14,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / single-product / product-thumbnails.php,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / single-product / tabs / additional-information.php,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / single-product / tabs / description.php,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / single-product / tabs / tabs.php,
    grandboutique / WooCommerce / single-product.php

    Voila ... can you help me?

    1. Hello,

      Obviously, you have a desire to update. Only, I can not really diagnose the problem.

      Please kindly provide us the name of the theme WooCommerce (name and version) you use and the address of your blog.

      You can contact our customer service to provide these details (as well as your contact information), we will try to answer in the shortest possible time.


  29. Hello,

    I have an online store under WooCommerce recently but I have trouble understanding the promo code system.

    My shipping costs are offered from 50euros.
    When the customer orders for 52 euros the fees are offered.
    If I apply a promotional code to enter in the settlement of 20% for example, this same command falls below 50euros. port charges should therefore apply.

    Only woocommerce leaves free shipping based on the price before discount. Do you have a solution for me?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hello Chloe,
      Sorry for this little delay, I was full resolution of your concern and I think I found a solution.
      Access the coupon modification interface. In the "Coupon Code Data" section, check the "allow free delivery" and "apply before tax" boxes.
      My test server, I realized that when the purchase amount fell below 50, delivery was no longer free.

      I hope you resolve your problem soon on BlogPasCher.

  30. Hello, thank you for this article, he's very complete air but my problem is this:
    I like using a form (I have an item for sale actions) spotted the number of my actions and move directly to the payment thereof, without going through the stages shop, basket control etc ... until then my form was a contact form7 but I feel that he can do the trick ... do you have a solution to advise me? thank you in advance !

      1. Hello Thierry,
        I apologize for the bad explanation: I configured a stock form with multiple fields of identification (with contact form 7) in one client must say how much action it wants to buy and c ' is the time of acceptance that I wish he could pay directly.
        I installed the paybox WooCommerce payment module and the WooCommerce plugin (2 working together) I was testing version, and everything seems to work.
        I wish that the customer does not have to go through the article, cart, ordering, and billing address as it has already fulfilled the identity and quantity fields in the form ... I find it redundant and unnecessary for sale action.
        I think I may need another form of plugin suitable for WooCommerce but which one?
        Thank you for your reply ! I hope to have been clear !

        1. Good evening Fau,

          Sorry for the late response. Hervé answer within a few hours. He is the specialist in BlogPasCher plugins.

          1. Hi,
            Thank you to let me know ... I'm hanging on your site ... I tried with the gravity forms but I'm left without access to my paybox bridge ... so back to square one ... it's inextricable?

        2. Hello,
          From what I know of WooCommerce, I do not think that by default it is possible to disable the cart to move to the payment page. However, given that on WordPress there are no limitations, I will seek a plugin for your needs and I will sign.

          You can pass your contact to our customer service (to prevent the latter from being captured by spam.

  31. Hello!

    I have my shop with WooCommerce for about 8 months I love it! I am selling PDF documents. However, the application plugin address my clients and this is confusing because some people think I'm delivered the printed document to their address. Is it possible for disabled request this information because I did not book purchases?

    thank you,

    1. Hello Mathieu,

      In principle the fields to be completed by customers can be customizable. See the section on the orders form.

      If you do not find yourself, tell us.

      Remember, on the forum you can have a better assistance.

  32. Hi Thierry,

    I thank you for this tutorial on the shop building with WooCommerce because it's a moment I think I have to look into it, but ... you know ... the fear of the unknown ...!
    Indeed, this plugin is really sophisticated, so without your article I had to be able to release enough time to fully integrate all the ins and outs of WooCommerce.
    So you are saving me some time



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