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Bloggers: The simple guide to re-tweet suitably and improve the image of your brand

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Many bloggers use Twitter as a platform to promote their own blog. It's a pretty straightforward concept. We will not go into depth on this. Failing that, let's focus on something that is underused by most bloggers: promoting content from other blogs through "re-tweets"

When we talk about re-tweeting, it's actually about take the message that someone else has published and repost it to your followers. When you do, you should credit the original author. While re-tweets are a good omen for the original author, they can really benefit you if not more.

How to properly re-tweet

Let's first try to understand how to re-tweet appropriately.

The common syntax starts with the use of a label. It could for example be " RT : "," ReTweet " or even " bed " (or " is reading ").

Then comes the credit. You can credit the original author by simply using " @ ". For example : " @auteurOriginal ».

Finally, you should add the link followed by a quick note about it, and why it is relevant.

Here is an example :

RT: @auteurOriginal The art of re-tweeting http: //gp.vd/23f - fantastic tip

Now that you understand how to re-tweet, let's look at some basic concepts.

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Do not re-tweet only the content that you find really interesting and relevant

The natural instinct of many of us is that if you re-tweet a person's content, it will have a strong tendency to do the same for you later. Although this is true, you should not re-tweet the contents of all, just because you want to gain.

You should be selective when you re-tweet, since the sole purpose of this practice is toto be useful to your followers.

Re-tweeter offers value to your followers

There's a reason people follow you: value.

If you can offer value to your followers, you will not make it just happy, but you will be very lucky to attract more followers. Producing quality content is always a good way to deliver value to your followers.

The first thing that comes to mind is to write a great blog article, and make the link in a Tweet. Although this is an approach, it is not the only one. Another way to deliver quality content to your readers is to make links to other relevant and interesting content.

Re-tweeting will be beneficial for your personal brand

Re-tweeter will build your personal brand, as much as the loyalty of your followers.

If you point to an outside source that is really relevant and useful to a reader, the level of trust the reader will have in you will increase. The next time you post a link, either to your blog or to another source, chances are that individual will click it with less hesitation than before.

Re-tweeting will help you build relationships with the original author

As I said above, the possibility of being re-tweeted increases as you do it yourself. Re-tweeting someone's content is an act of kindness, and for most bloggers, returning the elevator is second nature.

It does not mean that you should expect someone to re-tweet your content just because you did it for them. Remember that the purpose of such an action is tooffer value to your followers, and an individual will not re-tweet your content if it is not of high quality!

Problem: Doesn't re-tweeting my followers away from me?

Actually ? No.

In my opinion, re-tweeting will never make you lose a follower or reader (unless you do some sort of spamming or rickroll) Why would someone stop following you on Twitter because you sent them to another site?

Keep an open mind when it comes to your readers. They are often smart and kind people (aren't they? 🙂)

They will thank you because you have browsed the web for them and you have provided them with quality content.


Re-tweeting is a great way to add quality and value to your Twitter. If you do not use it properly, re-tweeting can really hurt your personal brand and future traffic. If you do it right, it can help you educate your followers, build your personal brand, increase your future traffic, and connect to other bloggers or content creators in your niche.

And if you are mettiez on?

Do you have a habit of re-tweeting content from other bloggers?

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What apprehensions do you have about this?

See you soon in the comments!

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