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How to customize WordPress to increase conversions?

Studies show that more 68% of buyers start researching products online. When they type in your business name or the product they are looking for in Google and land on your website, it is extremely important that you provide them with the relevant information they are looking for.

It takes less than a second for users to make a decision about your website that determines whether they stay or leave. 

customize WordPress to increase conversions

If your potential customers find their way to your website just to bounce back, not even a second later, you are losing out on sales.

A great way to fight against this bounce rate extremely fast is to provide your potential customers with relevant personal information and content.

The truth behind personalization

Customize your WordPress website Not only will your bounce rate decrease, but it will ultimately increase your conversions.

With thousands of options to choose from and thousands of companies to spend money on marketing digital, website generic underperforming will not translate into conversions and sales.

When potential customers find exactly the information they're looking for, they're more likely to stay, interact, and ultimately buy.

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Studies show that consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a personalized user experience and that personalized content can increase the efficiency of your marketing from 10 to 30 percent.

With numbers like these, you can't afford not to personalize your website.

The content you need to personalize

You spend a lot of time building and perfecting your WordPress website, so it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which pieces of content to customize.

The photos on your website are extremely powerful and can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. Whether your imagery adds a human element to your brand, shows details, or guides the consumer to where you want them to look, personalizing this piece of your website allows your visitors to relate to your business. a deeper level.

Contact Informations - While imagery allows you to make emotional connections with your visitors, providing the correct contact details is an easy way to personalize your website. Whether you have one-stop sales representatives for various locations or a specific overnight help line, showing your website visitors the correct contact details immediately allows them to contact you and make shopping easier. 

Customer reviews and testimonials - customers read reviews before making a purchase. For this reason, it is increasingly important to have comments on your website. Personalizing these comments can make them even more impactful. You can do this by showing reviews of relevant products to someone who has purchased before, or showing reviews from someone in a certain region of the country to someone else in that region.

Product Information - If you are selling a product or service that is not available in certain regions or for certain age groups, personalizing product descriptions can be the perfect way to be upfront about this information. This technique allows you to deliver relevant information to relevant customers without cluttering up the web page for people who don't need it.

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Calls to action - Depending on the device that the website visitor is using, where they are located and what interests them, a call to action button is not always relevant or enticing. Customizing the call to action text, and the link it sends your customer to, can make it more effective than a one-size-fits-all option.

Articles on the front page blog and other content - In this crazy world of WordPress SEO, the blog posts you write and other content you create on your website should be relevant and engaging to users. Showing content to website visitors and blog posts that are interesting and relevant to them not only provide value to your visitors, but increase levels of engagement on your blog posts.

To gain popularity with your website, engaging audiences who are already interested in what you are writing can be very important and is a more practical use of your time.

How to personalize your website

Depending on your product or service, there are many ways to customize your WordPress website to increase conversions. Here are some ideas for getting your creativity flowing as you customize your website:


Customizing content based on the location of visitors is a great way to personalize your website. You can change the imagery to reflect the images relevant to the visitor, change phone numbers and sales information to show the correct contact details based on where they are shopping and much more.

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One size does not fit all when it comes to your website and the information that your website visitors from different places are looking for.

customize WordPress to increase conversions

In this image, you can see how the University of Montana could use geotargeting to personalize their website based on the location of the interested student who is visiting the website. Instead of a generic message " Learn more about why UM is right for you", Visitors to Boston would see the message" Montana visits Boston And would have the opportunity to make an appointment to meet with the campus representative when they are in the region. The click-through rate for personalized content is almost double compared to generic post.


GeoFli is a great WordPress tool for geotargeting and geo-personalization. Their WordPress Plugin allows you to easily personalize your website based on the visitor's location. With GeoFli, you can choose the location you target by zip code, state, country or even draw your own geo-fence.

Geofli free wp plugin

It also allows you to geo-redirect visitors from certain places to different URLs. To use GeoFli, you just need to select the content to edit, select the area to target and edit the copy or content to provide value to the targeted audience.

Device type customization

Showing relevant content to users based on the device they are using to search the web is a great way to decrease bounce rate, increase conversions, and give your website visitors the information. that they need.

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Understanding the habits of your customers can help you with this form of personalization. For example, consumers are more likely to shop on desktop than on smartphones. Knowing this could encourage you to display product purchase information on the computer while highlighting your business values ​​and the benefits of products on mobile devices.

Logic Hop

Logic hop wp plugin free

Logic Hop allows you to personalize website content based on how the visitor arrived at the website and what content they viewed. Their WordPress plugin is a powerful way to deliver personalized content to your website visitors.

To use Logic Hop, all you need to do is create conditional logic on certain sections of your website and your website will display these sections when the conditions are met.

Time customization

Showing unique calls to actions and content based on the time of day, week or year the visitor is on your website can allow you to use user models to increase conversions.

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If you know that a certain product or service is selling better at a certain point in time, you can customize your website to feature it during that time.

Advanced Personalization by FlowCraft

Advanced Personalization by FlowCraft allows you to customize website content based on time, number of visits, and more. Their WordPress Plugin allows you to easily combine sections and customize it for even more specific groups of people.

Adv personalization wp free plugin

Similar to If-So, to use Flow Craft's advanced customization, you just need to create a condition and specify what will be displayed if the condition is met or not.

Personalization of website interaction

The way a consumer interacts with your website is also a great opportunity to show them personalized content. If they are connected and have made previous purchases, you can suggest similar items, if they are first-time visitors, you can show them the most popular items, and if they found your website because of a specific ad, you can display them display information that is relevant to this ad.


If-So allows you to personalize website content based on your visitor's profile or interaction with the website. This WordPress plugin allows you to display unique content based on date, user profile and more.

Ifso wp free plugin

To use If-So, all you need to do is select the condition you want to target and then define the content you want to display whether or not the condition is met.

When potential customers come to your website, you only have a fraction of a second to grab their attention and keep them interested. Customizing the content on your WordPress website is therefore a great way to provide visitors with the information they are looking for and ultimately increase conversions.

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Whether it's customizing contact information based on visitor locations or customizing images for the time of year, valuable content is the key to converting high quality customers.

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