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Would you like to learn how to protect your WordPress blog login page?

How to recognize a WordPress blog, well in most cases if I don't Does not consult the source code, I'm trying to log in, and by default the login page is " www.exemple.com/wp-login or even www.exemple.com/wp-admin ».

The concern here is that this is the default address known to hackers and hackers can easily run a bot at this address for a " brute force attack ».

protect your WordPress blog login page - blogpascher loginizer 1

In this tutorial, I will show you how to change the default login address on your blog (or WordPress website using the plugin " Loginizer  ».

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Then back to why we are here.

How to install and configure the WordPress Loginizer plugin

It's a plugin available on WordPress, so you can install it right from your dashboard. But you can also download the plugin as a ZIP file.

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protect page login blog wordpress blogpascher

After installing and activating the plugin, a new menu " Loginizer Security "Will be added to your dashboard".

protect page login blog wordpress loginizer blogpascher

If you click on it, the above page will be displayed. It basically shows you a state of your system. It should be noted that this configuration is quite satisfactory for any novice who encounters difficulties. But if you want to customize your protection, click on the " Brute Force" page (in French).

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At this level you can configure the operation of this WordPress plugin. This configuration has five sections.

1. Failed Login Attempts Logs 

This section displays a table in which all the brute force attempts that occurred during the last 24 hours. You will have the option to delete or keep them.

protect page login blog wordpress Failed Login blogpascher

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2. Brute Force Settings

This section forms the heart of this WordPress plugin. It offers you the possibility to configure the latter as well as protection against brute force attacks.

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The button Disable Brute Force Protection allows you to deactivate this module. But we should measure the consequences before doing so.

It should always be noted that the default configuration is quite satisfactory.

protect page login blog wordpress Brute Force Settings blogpascher

3. IP blacklist 

This section allows you to define a range of IP addresses that cannot connect to your dashboard.

protect page login blog wordpress Brute Force Settings blogpascher 1

4.IP Whitelist 

This section allows you to define a range of IP addresses that can connect to your website.

protect page login blog wordpress Brute Force Settings blogpascher 2

5.Error Messages

Here you will have the possibility to customize the error messages.

protect page login blog wordpress Brute Force Settings blogpascher 3

This WordPress plugin also offers other options that you will find in its premium version.

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protect page login blog wordpress loginizer blogpascher 2These include: two-factor authentication, reCAPTCHA, renaming of the login page, and more.

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Customers will be able to add the products they are interested in to their wishlists, and when they are ready, they will just have to click a button and their list will be sent to you with their names, their e-mails and an optional short message.

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Its features will include: easy product import, advanced product search, bulk product import, geographic targeting, responsive customer support, and more.

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3. WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin

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With the help of a booking calendarCustomers will be able to quickly select the days they wish to book. In short it is a plugin that gives you the opportunity to create services that can be reserved and assign them to products to optimize the income of your website.

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As features you will find among others: the configuration of prices for certain days, the specification of the period of validity for cancellation, support for dynamic pricing, 100% responsive layout, multiple location support, professional customer support and more

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