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Are you ready to become a full-time blogger?

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A large part of professional bloggers dream of being their own bosses. No more office work, competitions, colleagues, or even nothing to prove to someone who benefits from your hard work. You want to set your own rules and live your life your way.

Yet, if you have never had to be accountable to yourself on a large scale, on a long-term project, you might find yourself overwhelmed if you choose blogging as your profession. Achieving Financial Freedom From Your Blog Isn't That Easy… And here are some reasons:

1. Unrealistic expectations If you don't know your own limits, you might find yourself planning to invest too little time or spending far more than budgeted. You could also work to the limit.

2. To get lost. Being a full time blogger exposes you to absolute distraction if you don't have a good organization. you will procrastiner and waste your time doing things that don't keep you going.

3. The missing tools and skills. There is a lot of skills to develop and tools to master not only in the field of blogging, but also in business management, time management, marketing, and subscriber list creation.

But before you start, take the time to take a look at How to install a WordPress themeHow many plugins to install on WordPress.

Then let's get to work.

Do you have skills?

Fortunately, the tools and skills to be successful at being a full-time blogger can be learned. You need to incorporate the learning process into your business plan, and don't despair if you find that you are taking a long time on one step or another. Instead, savor your learning, and when you disagree with yourself, don't forget to take a break. Learning is the opportunity to know, and knowing is the opportunity to get rich.

Do you want to self-employ?

Few jobs would get you interviewed, but with blogging you could say that you are interviewing yourself. We must clearly define the workload before knowing if we have the right stuff. But for a beginner, I admit that it is almost impossible to know what he needs, how and where to find it, how much he will spend and above all, after how long his blog will be profitable. If you really want to find out then I highly recommend you to join coaching program de Thierry Bertrand.

Read influential blogs directly or indirectly related to your niche, as well as blogs specializing in strategic blogging such as BlogPasCher. Also read serious web sites about working from home and internet marketing. Once you have a vision of what your daily and annual life might look like, answer the questions below:

Go at least follow a good course

Betting on training is valuable to gain a deeper understanding of what you are embarking on, as well as to speed up the process of success. Choosing the right blogging training can help you achieve success in a very short time. It could be about writing, marketing, running the business, etc.

You can choose to learn all or some of these aspects. You can learn them one by one or learn them all at the same time. Contrary to what people are trying to make you believe, learning and practicing is your only chance of getting through. It's not an insult, but "idiots don't make money on the internet".

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Don't limit yourself to learning, practice a lot as well. Give yourself a time to learn, a time to practice, a time to analyze the results and a time to improve yourself.

Do you have the budget?

To earn a lot of money and achieve the financial freedom you dream of, you will have to invest a certain amount of what you really need.

Do you need a mentor?

At times, it is recommended to use a mentor like Thierry Bertrand, even if you have already taken some training on blogging. 1 hour of time spent with him on the phone or on skype is a gold mine of information. It has a different approach to anything on the internet which is definitely why it is so effective. With a mentor, you can ask all kinds of questions and find the answers that will help you move forward.

It is better to engage him for your blog, for a specific situation. You can choose to keep this mentor as an employee, and sometimes even one or more appointments may be sufficient. Then you can follow your merry way and sign up for a new session when you feel the need.

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Another option is to join a community of bloggers or recognized professionals. This can be really helpful.

You too can create a profitable blog, but you really have to be willing and willing to accept whatever sacrifices your goals will impose. Do you have any other advice? Questions, do not hesitate to ask them lower.

Discover also some premium WordPress plugins  

You can use other WordPress plugins to give a modern look and optimize the grip of your blog or website.

We offer you here some premium WordPress plugins that will help you do that.

1. Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to hide any URL in order to create and shorten internal or external links. Not all ads are for banner ads. If affiliate links are your thing, you need to check out the WordPress Affiliate Links plugin.

Affiliate links wordpress plugin hide affiliate link

You won't need a robust WordPress ad management plugin, if all you need is to manage affiliate links. So take control of your affiliate links with widgets, shortcodes, and more.

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2. Advanced Restaurant Menu Manager

Advanced Restaurant Menu Manager is one of the most advanced, super flexible, and easily configurable premium WordPress restaurant menu plugins on CodeCanyon. You can easily use this plugin for a fast food restaurant, a restaurant, as well as all types of food point.advanced-restaurant-manager-menu-plugin-wordpress-for-restaurant

It has a ton of features and millions of possibilities. You can use its menu as a catalog of your dishes at any time just by a simple click. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce as well as its various payment gateways.

Complete this article by consulting also these 10 WordPress themes to create a restaurant and cafe website

It also supports The plugin WPML.

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3. Smart-Currency-Detector

Smart-Currency-Detector is a WordPress plugin WooCommerce, which shows your products in real time in the currency of customer.

Smart currency detector woocommerce plugins detect currencies

Its main features are: automatic replacement of original prices, taking charge of all modern browsers, converting and displayings prices in multiple currencies at the same time, the exchange rate updated after a set time, automatic detection of the visitor's currency and more.

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Recommended Resources

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Easily create your Online Store

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Here ! That's it for this tutorial, I hope it will allow you to become a full-time blogger. Do not hesitate to share with your friends on your favorite social networks

However, you can also consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on WordPress blog creation.

If you have suggestions or remarks, leave them in our section Comments.


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