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70 tips to create a profitable blog and succeed in life

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Creating a professional, popular and profitable blog is not easy. It is almost impossible to succeed in this area without a solid foundation. Because there are millions of tips on how to build a successful blog, because I also know how easy it is to forget about them, so I decided to bring together 70 practical tips that will help you become a successful blog. best blogger.

Let's start with blogging if you want it.


  1. simplify the design of your blog and facilitate navigation to readers
  2. keep in mind that it's not the design that guarantees the success of a blog, it's its content
  3. publish at least 1 article per day if you want to earn 10's years of blogging revenue in one
  4. Publish every day and not once a month or a week as others claim
  5. publish articles of at least 10 words if you want to reference them on Google
  6. Make sure to always post detailed articles and Google will send you lots of visitors
  7. always publish at the same time, with us it is 5H morning
  8. Concentrate only on creating quality content and in 12 months you will have at least 700 visitors a day on your blog
  9. Do not waste your time trying to promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, forums and article directories ...
  10. Always link your articles to each other
  11. Send more than one article to your readers in your newsletter, the article of the day and another published some time ago
  12. Do not ever underestimate the blogging, it requires much more work than you might think
  13. Never be afraid to invest in professional plugins if your budget allows you, this is the only way you will get ahead of other bloggers
  14. Try to always offer the best content to your bloggers, only then will you become an authority in your niche
  15. Never seek to earn money first, seek first to be useful to others
  16. Never give the creating your blog to webmasters lambda, preferably give this work to professional bloggers
  17. Add advertising to your articles if you want more clicks ... and sales
  18. Add a form or advertisement at the bottom of each of your articles
  19. Display the least possible information about your blog
  20. Read BlogPasCher regularly and you'll have something to build a successful blog

But since no success is possible without successful personal development, then here are 50 gold tips.

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Personal development

  1. You are stronger than you think
  2. If you know how to learn from your mistakes, then each of them will turn into a step toward your goal
  3. Outside of you, nothing and no one else can stop you from achieving success on the internet
  4. No matter what progress you make, there will always be people who will try to discourage you by telling you that it is simply impossible. Do not listen to them!
  5. Your only limit is your own imagination. Let her escape
  6. Only what you perceive is real to you
  7. From time to time trust your instincts, and you will be surprised by the following
  8. There is only one question to ask yourself: "How can I be useful to others? "
  9. It is often very difficult to say how close you are to reality
  10. The only mistake that can really hurt you is choosing to do nothing simply because you're just afraid of making a mistake
  11. Never let success get into your head, and never let failure distract you from your goals
  12. Keep in mind that happiness is often built in the worst moments of our life
  13. Life is made of 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you perceive it and react thereafter
  14. Do what you love, not what you think you are supposed to do
  15. Laughter is the best cure for stress. Laugh mostly about yourself
  16. You will only become aware of your wealth when you will be able to count all those things that you have that money can not buy
  17. Forgiving yourself is much more important than receiving forgiveness from others
  18. If you wake up every morning thinking that something wonderful is going to happen to you, it will eventually happen (very regularly). Stay positive
  19. Be flexible with yourself
  20. Very often, the most important is your truth and not that of others
  21. Nothing you learn is futile. There are always useful lessons, it's up to you to find them
  22. Make a person smile can change the world
  23. Never forget that you only have one life. Live your passions no matter what others think
  24. Happiness happens very often alone, while misfortune is always accompanied by his fellowmen
  25. You will only be aware of your strength once in the heat of the moment
  26. You can not change what you refuse to face
  27. Crying does not mean that you are weak. However, this does not solve the problems
  28. Regardless of your mistakes and how they slow you down, keep in mind that you will always be one step ahead of those who are not looking
  29. You will never learn from your mistakes as long as you deny them
  30. Stop worrying about what others think of you. Do you really think they care what you think of them?
  31. Whoever stops making the wrong choices in his life is likely to be overtaken by luck.
  32. You must accept the fact that some things will never belong to you, and above all, learn to appreciate the ones you already have
  33. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Happiness has a price
  34. Abandoning does not always mean that you are weak. Sometimes it just means you're strong enough and smart enough to drop
  35. You will rarely be sure at 100% that everything will work. but you can also be certain to 100% that if you do nothing, then nothing will work
  36. Do not dwell too much on the past and do not worry about the future long enough. The most important thing is the present. So live it!
  37. No matter how cautiously you use your words, there will always be at least one person who will interpret it very badly. Say what you have to say
  38. Not getting every time what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck
  39. If you continue doing what you do, you will continue to get the results that you have
  40. Everything around us is less important than what we have in us
  41. Do not pray when it rains if you do not pray when the sun is shining ...
  42. Luck is not a coincidence ... it provokes itself
  43. If everything were easy, then everyone would be able to do
  44. Sometimes accept being vulnerable
  45. A problem is a chance for you to learn
  46. Regardless of the situation, life goes on
  47. Listen to others, but do not forget who you are and what you want
  48. Nothing is impossible, it is you who have the wrong approach.
  49. always be convinced of your success and the reality will exceed your expectations
  50. Never regret your choice, just regret the harm they have done to others, then advance

Here, I prefer to stop there.

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