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You probably know slider Revolution, it is one of the most downloaded premium WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon. It is also the most recommended for people who want to add a slider (slideshow) on their website or WordPress blog.

It is a plugin available on CodeCanyon.com. Remember, we introduced you rather how download a plugin on this platform.

So the first thing is download, install and activate it.

If you have never installed the latter, find out How to Install Revolution Slider on WordPress.You can also discover this other detailed and quite complete tutorial.


How to configure slider Revolution

Slider Revolution offers basic settings. You must first access the home page of the plugin, through the menu " slider Revolution »Available on the left side menu of your dashboard, after installing and activating the plugin.

access revolution slider.jpg

This will redirect you to the Slider Revolution plugin dashboard. Then we will configure the plugin. You must then click on the link " General settings Located in the Slider Revolution submenu.

general parameters resolution slider.jpg

Clicking on it will bring you to a new page. This page contains a few options, including:

  • The roles that have access view plugin permission »
  • Loading plugin resources everywhere " on Or only on the pages that use it. Loading resources on all your pages can slow down your website.
  • You can also integrate the plugin's resources on certain pages by adding the identifier of each page in the " Pages to RevSlider includes libraries ».
  • For a better rendering, you can choose to load the plugin resources after the page is displayed with the option " Inset JavaScript into footer ».
  • You can activate the options for exporting the slider data to be used on several other websites.
  • The last option concerns the slider activity reports.

setting revolution slider general parameters.jpg

Default settings are acceptable. But you can customize these as you want. Don't forget to click on " Save settings »To save your settings.

Return to « slider Revolution Because now we are going to create a new slider.

configure the WordPress Slider Revolution plugin

How to create a slider with the Revolution Slider plugin

Revolution Slider is very flexible and adapts to just about any type of slider, from the simplest to the most complex with layers (this is a very interesting feature).

On the new page, you can notice that there are two main columns. This page must be considered as the settings page for the new slider. It is not possible from this location to add images and texts. However, we are going to modify some settings of the slider.

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On the "Param Slider" section

We have several required fields that must be completed, including:

  • Title
  • The alias that will be used on the shortcode. You must necessarily provide an alias.

title shortcode revolution slider.jpg

There are several types of slider achievable with slider Revolution:

  • You can choose to display the articles as a slide, in particular by defining a limit of the results, by modifying the display order, by choosing a template, etc ...
  • Choose particular articles, specifying their identifiers
  • Choose the gallery mode for the slider, which will allow us to create more complex and beautiful slides.

slider revolution type selection slider.jpg

The following option allows you to modify the layout of the slider: fixed, personalized, auto responsive, full screen. In addition to these options, there are those for grid sizes and layout dimensions.

size configuration revolution slider.jpg

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These are the options in the first column. The second column offers several other options. Among others we have: The duration of each slide, which by default is 9 seconds.

Random display (shuffle Mode)

general parameters slider revolution slider.jpg

The Layout & Visual section

This section groups together the options for configuring the shadow and the background in the “Appearance” sub-tab. You will also find a "Spinner" tab, which allows you to modify the animation during the loading of the slider, the "Mobile" tab which allows you to determine how the slider is displayed on mobile and the "Position" tab which allows you to configure the location of the slider in relation to the content.

layout & visual revolution slider.jpg

The Navigation section

The navigation tab is subdivided into several sub tabs which allow you to configure various aspects of the navigation of the slider. For example, you will have the "arrows" tab which allows you to choose the type of navigation button between the sliders (you can activate or not the arrows). With the "Bullet" tab, you also have the possibility to configure navigation bullets, with the "Tabs" tab which will add a tab slider effect and so on.

navigation tab revolution slider.jpg

Configure the "General Parameters" animation conditions

Offers options on slides, for example, you can define that the slider will stop automatically after a particular slide " Stop After Loops »Or choose the position of the slide bar (the progress bar allows you to see how long a slide takes before another is displayed).

configuration animation slider revolution slider.jpg

These are the first sections of the plugin and the ones you'll use the most. You can use more options to add more functionality to the slider.

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Once it's done, save the slider below using the " Save settings ».

register slider revolution sliders.jpg

After clicking on " Save settings », You will be redirected to the slider creation interface. Which will create an empty default slider.

slider creation interface.jpg

How to add a new slide to a slider

If you don't remember what this is, in a previous post I defined a set of WordPress technical terms, including « Slider "and" Slides ».

Before the interface for modifying the slider options, you will see a section with 3 zones by default where you will find the last one with the label " Add Slide". By placing the mouse over it, it will display additional options. Choose Add Empty Slide.

add a slider to a slider.jpg

Remark : Any new slides you create will be added to this bar. Each Slide created will offer you additional management options: Delete, Duplicate, Add to template.

The interface of a slider consists of:

  • Advanced slide options
  • From the slider design interface (creation interface)

Advanced options interface

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These options are organized in several different tabs. The main background section allows you to configure different aspects that affect the slide background. For example, you can choose to use a YouTube video as the background.

background video revolution slider.jpg

The General Parameters tab allows you to configure elements such as the duration of the slide, various events that will cause the slide to pause (stop the animation).

general parameters revolution slider.jpg

The thumbnail tab allows you to choose a preview for the created slide. This will be used if your slider offers slide previews. 

creation vignette revolution slider.jpg

The slide animation tab allows you to define which is the entry and exit animation of the slide. You have a wide choice among the options available.

choose animation slide revolution slider.jpg

The link & seo tab allows you to modify some HTML attributes of the slide. In principle, you will not need to use this tab often.

Revolution Slider design interface

The design interface is that staging location where you will do your composition. It consists of a surface composed of white and gray squares, which constitute the working super (where the different elements will be placed).

interface design revolution slider.jpg

What you need to know about layers

Each object placed on the composition interface constitutes a layer. These layers can be overlaid on top of each other, just like you can with sketches. The layer can therefore consist of an image, an html code, a video, a shape, an object and much more. You can add a layer hovering over the "Add Layer" button which gives you more options.

browse a layer revolution slider.jpg

If you click on "Text / html", this will add a text zone on the design interface that you can customize (add text, change the font or move).

add text revolution slider.gif

Each added layer can offer different options. Usually to access the options of a layer, just double-click on it. We will now add an image.

add image revolution slider.gif

Each layer has its own options. These options are the bar located just above the design interface.

option for layer revolution slider.jpg

These are tabs that offer advanced options. For example, if we want to change the animation of the layer, we have to go to the animation tab and choose an input and output animation as follows.

choose an animation for a layer.gif

Each tab has its own options. By taking a few minutes, you will be able to understand how most tabs work.

That's pretty much all you need to know about setting up the WordPress Slider Revolution plugin to get started. We will come back later to show you more advanced techniques.

But before we leave you, we would like to offer you 2 more premium alternatives designed to help you create sliders on your website.

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2. . WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel Pro

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Its features are among others: a mise fully responsive page with drag-and-drop support, a cshortcodes builder, theupport of the RTL and the multilingual, ofagnificent design, and Much more.

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