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How to find and buy a plugin on CodeCanyon: the guide in French

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Rather, we introduced you to how search for a theme and make a purchase on Themeforest which is, it should be said, the best platform for selling WordPress themes. Today, we are going to find out how to find and buy plugins on CodeCanyon which in turn is the best platform for selling WordPress plugins among others.

These different platforms are properties of the company Envato.

You probably know that WordPress plugins extend the functionality of the latter. While it is true that there are a multitude of free plugins, unfortunately not all of them can meet your expectations. It's no longer a secret, paid plugins are generally better and richer in features than free ones.

Today I decided to introduce you to Codecanyon.

What is CodeCanyon?

CodeCanyon is a market place (sales platform) where scripts and codes of all kinds are available to the public. These scripts are varied and affect almost all areas of the digital world and concern several programming languages. Since WordPress plugins are created in a language supported by the platform, they have a place reserved for them.

Presentation of the home page

By performing a search with Google, you can easily access directly to the page of a plugin (besides, I wrote a guide on How to search effectively on Google, You can read it to see what I'm talking about).

Like the ThemeForest, the CodeCanyon home page offers the same type of elements, with some subtle differences in the names of these funds. Already we have:

  • A horizontal menu (which allows to quickly browse the different categories of CodeCanyon)
  • Search engine
  • Buttons to browse recent and popular products
  • A list of popular products


Below we have:

  • A list of recent products
  • A list of free products of the month

To quote only those.


How to access the WordPress plugins directory

Since we are only interested in WordPress, we need to hide any unnecessary elements. For this, we will access the large directory of WordPress plugins.

I invite you to fly over the menu « WordPress ". You will see a list of subcategories appear. You can now orient your search according to your needs.


This is a non-exhaustive list of sub-categories of WordPress plugins. You can from Google specify a term that is not displayed there and still find a plugin.

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Suppose I'm looking for a plugin that can add a price chart on WordPress. I can mention this " WordPress Plugin Create table »


Here I have some results available on CodeCanyon. All this to show you that you can get results from Google. The big concern is the language barrier. For best results you should do research in English. Ouch!

It is for this reason that we have decided to present the best plugins on CodeCanyon in our plugins category.

How to understand products

The CodeCanyon product page is similar to the products on Themeforest. We have a main content and a left sidebar.


At the top of the content we have various tabs that lead to item details, comments, and support.

tab du-dun-profile product

The main content then contains an image representative of the plugin followed by several buttons, more precisely:

  • A button to see the plugin in activity or demo
  • One button to access screenshots
  • From a button to see the screenshots of the plugin
  • Google+ share button, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

presentation du-dun-profile product

Below we have details about product features and sometimes user reviews (added by the author).

Following du profile

The left sidebar offers essential information such as the buy button. The buying section (Purchase) Contains the price of the product in a single license (Regular License) for personal use and the extended license (Extended License). The value of these licenses varies.

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The following is just as important as it provides information about the product. So we have :

  • The number of sales (Sales): Indeed a product which is dated and which has not been sold in a considerable way is perhaps not a good product, or its support is not very pronounced.
  • The number of comments
  • Customer rating (in star)
  • The creation date (Created)
  • The date of the last update (Very important)
  • Compatibility with WordPress (also very important)
  • Compatibility with WordPress plugins
  • Included files
  • The tags (it is usually thanks to this information that you have arrived at this page, if you come directly from Google)


How to Search CodeCanyon

By using CodeCanyon's search field, you can directly display a list of products that match your search criteria. You can use this method if Google is not a better solution for you.


Note : Make sure to use great keywords for your search.

Suppose I'm looking for a plugin to add a price chart on WordPress, so I can add these terms " WordPress Table Price Plugin ».


The results page is separated in two.

On the left we have the additional options that allow to filter the results (Filter by), modify the preview of the latter, limit to a price, display according to the notes (Rating), Display by date of publication.


The second part contains the products that correspond to the research.


From left to right we have:

The logo, followed at the very bottom of 3 links that leads to the demo (the eye icon), a link to add the product to the favorites (heart shaped icon), a link to add it to a collection (the icon in the form of a folder).

In the middle we have the details of the product (compatibility, its category, etc.).

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Finally the price, the rating (and the number of votes) And the number of sales.


By clicking on the name of a product, you will go to the page of this last (Page that was explained earlier).

Before finishing

As it was said in the tutorial in French on Themeforest, it is best to always fund your account before making a purchase. I invite you to also read the tutorial on ThemeForest.

That's all for this French guide on CodeCanyon. Feel free to share the article with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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