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Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins to protect a blog?

WordPress is the most widely installed blogging and CMS platform on the web. From personal blogging to content websites or corporate websites to many online stores, WordPress is everywhere.

Therefore, it is a privileged target of hackers who are constantly looking for computer resources to develop their networks, or of those who want hack websites to extort money from them or spread a political message 

This is why we put at your disposal in this article the best premium WordPress plugins which will allow you to strengthen the security of your blog.

But before, let's discover together How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog.

Then, back to why we are here.

1. WP Malware Scanner

MalCare is a daily automatic malware analysis service. Security Platform Also Offers One-Click Malware Cleanup Service And Ongoing Website Protection | No false positive.

best WordPress plugins to protect a blog

As features, it offers among other things: early detection of malware, even the hardest to find, automatic one-click cleanup, scanning for malware that doesn't overload your server, protection of access to the website, a web application firewall, secure and comprehensive backups of your website, real-time malware detection, custom keywords for the scan, the selection of themes, plugins and others to analyze, detailed reports and more.

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2. WProtect

WProtect is a premium WordPress plugin that performs version analysis of all WordPress plugins and themes installed on your website. It is an ideal tool that will help you forget about all the individual tests carried out on your plugins and themes in order to avoid certain vulnerabilities.

Wprotect wordpress plugins protect site against malware virus attacks

Its features are: a clean and modern interface, easy to use, protection against brute force attacks, banning of IP addresses, protection of wp-admin, wp-login and other directories, disabling of editing files, etc ...

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3. Ultimate Pro Membership

Ultimate Membership Pro is a very popular premium WordPress plugin, which sets up an exclusive access system on your website on multiple levels. This system is configured according to the different types of packages of your users (free or paid).

protect a blog - Ultimate membership pro

Its main features are: nunlimited subscription levels (free / paid), content protection, multiple levels of content restriction, support for ppayment slogans: PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, 2CheckOut, BrainTree, Payza, bank transfer, afree / paid trial period, the support of Visual Composer, etc ...

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 4. Hide My WP

Hide My WP is an amazing premium WordPress protection and security plugin. It will allow you to concretely hide the fact that you are using WordPress on your website, without modifying the structure of any file or folder.

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best WordPress plugins to protect a blog - Hide my wp

Its main functions are: blocking direct access to php files, the modification of the permalink, removing WordPress meta info on headers and feeds, cleaning up unnecessary menu classes and more.

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5. Social Share and Locker Pro

Another big competitor in our lock plugin list is Social Share and Locker Pro. This premium WordPress plugin offers tons of features almost like the Bloom plugin seen above.

social share locker pro wordpress plugin

You will find as main features: a cshareholder and Likes, the dunlocking the content after sharing, the partage of several types of content, Visual Composer integration, a ffet at the mouse overflight, a mise page 100% responsive, a genabler of shortcodes, et more.

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6. Securi

Sucuri is the industry leader in WordPress security. It is one of the best WordPress security plugins on the market. They offer a basic free Sucuri Security plugin that helps you harden WordPress security and scan your website for common threats.

sucuri - wordpress plugin to protect a blog

But the real value is in the premium plans, which comes with the best protection. by WordPress firewall. This firewall filters out bad traffic before it even reaches your server and it also streams static content from their own CDN servers.

Apart from security, their DNS level firewall with CDN gives you a huge performance boost and speeds up your website. More importantly, they offer to clean your WordPress site if it is affected by malware at no additional cost. You can even take a website already affected by malware, and they'll clean it up for you.

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7. Zxeion

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Zxeion is a powerful premium WordPress plugin responsible for improving the security of your website. This plugin contains a collection of protection and security tools that will protect your website against possible attacks.

Zxeion security firewall hide my wp wordpress plugin

Shipping is protection system in real time will help you to identify the threats on your website, and block them, without you having to do anything. 

And if you take a look at Some WordPress security plugins for your blog

Its features are: real-time protection, excellent customer support, regular updates, an IP address blocker, excellent documentation, modern and professional interface, dedicated support and more.

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8. WooCommerce Password Protected Categories & Shop Plugin

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to password protect your entire website, section of your online store, specific categories, products, or pages. You will be able to create a password, hide the desired content from the public, and share it with specific people.

Woocommerce password protected categories products shop wordpress plugin

You can also choose to display the pages protected by mot de passe about search engine results by allowing them to analyze these pages.

Its features include: password protection for a section or your entire website, the ability to create multiple passwords by importing them to create different access rules to your website, customizing the background of the password protection page, and more.

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9. Double Opt in for Gravity Forms 

Stop receiving spam from bots or other troublemakers. This WordPress protection plugin is one of the most effective on the market, as it requires human interaction and genuine email inbox. It is based on the Gravity forms plugin which you will need to install first before using the latter.

Double opt in addon for gravity forms

So if you designed a form Gravity Forms that can reach more than one recipient using a selection area, you can make sure they will not be bothered by unwanted email.

Here is an example :

A medical center which offers its patients direct contact with various doctors. It must be ensured that only letters from authenticated persons who have confirmed their mail via a dual factor authentication reach the doctor.

With Double Opt In for Gravity Forms, this is now possible and very easily. 

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10 Bloom

This premium WordPress plugin is much more than a simple content locking plugin: It will allow you to considerably increase the subscriptions of your visitors by email. The main advantage of using this plugin is its excellent documentation and tons of features.

Bloom wordpress plugins lock website content

Among these are: an elegant design approach, 6 different display models to capture emails, 16 integrated email marketing tools, an available dashboard, a fully responsive layout and many more.

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Here, our list ends of the best premium WordPress plugins designed to help you effectively protect your blog. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know in the reserved section.

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