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5 WordPress plugins to create a member space

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Are you looking to create a website with members area in WordPress ? Would you like to know which are the best WordPress plugins you should use?

Choosing the plugin for member space is crucial for your business because a better platform means more opportunities for growth.

In this list of WordPress plugins, we will compare the 5 best member area plugins on WordPress.

What to expect from a WordPress plugin for members area?

There are a lot of members' area plugins on WordPress, but not all of them may have the features needed to create a working members area website.

Some of these plugins are perfect for the sale of subscriptions at one level while others offer a multi-level members area and more advanced subscription management functions.

Some of them offer a " Dripping Content Which allow you to gradually offer new content to a user. While others limit themselves to offering hidden content.

You will also need to define the payment methods you will use. Do you want to accept credit cards, do you prefer PayPal, or both? Your member area plugin should be compatible with your payment methods or at least accept extensions that add them.

That being said, we will introduce some WordPress plugins designed to create your members area.

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Then back to what concerns us.

1. MemberPress

MemberPress is theone of the most popular plugins to create a members area on WordPress. VS'is also the easiest to use and the most robust in terms of functionality.create a website with members area - Memberpress plugin wordpress member area


Simple configuration - MemberPress simplifies the creation of member areas on WordPress. he can configure pricing, connections, accounts and thank you pages for users. Adding subscription plans is also very easy.

Content access control - MemberPress offers powerful access control, which allows you to restrict access to any content, including posts, pages, categories, tags, files, etc.

Dripping Content - This feature allows you to display restricted content to members after a certain time. This is a very useful feature for selling online courses or learning materials.

Integrations - MemberPress is compatible with AWeber , MailChimp , GetResponse et MadMimi, electronic mail services. It is also compatible with Amazon Web Services and Blubrry.

Payment Gateways - MemberPress is compatible with PayPal and Stripe. Developer's plan makes it compatible with

The inconvenients

Limited payment options - MemberPress only supports the three most popular payment gateways. It is therefore not competitive in countries where these means of payment are not effective.

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Limited integrations - While the plugin is sufficiently compatible with popular services to create an efficient members area website, it is not compatible with other equally popular and useful services. The plugin accepts extensions, so you will have to pay additional fees to have the compatibility you are looking for.

Price: Business Edition $ 99 / year, Developer Edition $ 199 / year

We think that MemberPress is the easiest plugin to use to create member spaces on WordPress.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

2. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a powerful competitor which also offers you to add a members area on your blog.create a website with a members area - Restrict content pro plugin wordpress member area

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User-friendly - Restrict Content Pro integrates perfectly with the WordPress user interface. Which makes it easier to use and learn.

Built-in Integrations - Unlike other member area plugins, Restrict Pro Content integrates features that are paid for on other plugins. This is the case of Stripe, Paypal, MailChimp , MailPoet, export as CSV, and many other features.

Payment Gateways - Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree are free extensions. Other payment gateways are supported, such as 2Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express and Stripe Checkout.

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Works with Easy Digital Download If you are using it to sell digital products, then Restrict Content Pro will help you control access to the content.

Excellent support - There is a wealth of documentation available free of charge to all users. You also get professional email support with very fast response times.


Absence of Dripping Content - Currently, Restrict Content Pro does not offer progressively published content.

Price: $ 49 with 9 extensions and a single license per website, $ 99 for 5 websites, and $ 199 for all extensions and use on multiple websites. There is also a $ 449 lifetime plan.

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We have found Restrict Content Pro to be among the easiest plugins to use. If you don't need Dripping Content then you can choose it.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. Paid Memberships Pro

The next competitor in our list of the best member space plugins on WordPress is Paid Memberships Pro. Let's take a look at its advantages and WordPress plugins - Paidmemberships wordpress plugin esoace member


Free basic version - Paid Memberships Pro has a free basic version available for download. It has very limited features, but gives you an idea of ​​what you can do with the plugin.

More payment gateways - It supports many popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree, 2Checkout and Cyber ​​Source.

More integrations - It has free and paid extensions available, which help you to connect to popular services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, SlackEtc. ...

Extensions - A good range of extensions is available. These extensions bring many advanced features that you might want to add to your members area website such as the " Dripping Content“, Link tracking, affiliate programs, variable pricing, etc.

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Ease of use - Paid Memberships Pro is a powerful plugin, but it is not very friendly for beginners. It will take some time to set up for most users.

Plan Pro without Addons More - If you need to use all the addons then you need to buy their PMPro Plus plan. The PMPro plan gives you some extra features, and it gives you access to over 42 other addons.

Price: PMPro $ 97, PMPro plus $ 197.

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We think Paid Memberships Pro is a great choice for a WordPress members area plugin. It has a great set of integration, extensions and features that make it a complete solution for a premium members area website.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. WooCommerce Memberships

As indicated by his name, WooCommerce Memberships was created by the authors of the same name. This powerful plugin adds member area features to your online store.Woocommerce memberships wordpress plugin member area


Integration with WooCommerce - If you are already using WooCommerce, then this plugin will allow you to create a member area that works with your online store.

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Payment gateways - All payment methods compatible with WooCommerce are available.

integrations - Since it works with WooCommerce, many of the integrations available with WooCommerce are also available with the plugin.

Members and Groups - Offer discounts to members. Create awesome account pages listing all the benefits of user access.


Lack of subscriptions - To have subscription features, you will need to purchase other plugins like WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Subscription Downloads.

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Recurring Payments and Dripping Content - These features will be available after purchasing the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Price: 149 $ for a single license on a website, 199 $ for 5 websites, and 249 $ for 25 websites.

We believe WooCommerce Membership is an easy to use tool, but it lacks some important features that require the purchase of another plugin. This makes things quite complicated for newbie users.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

5. S2Member

S2Member is a free WordPress plugin available in premium version that will allow you to create a member area on WordPress. He has been available for a while now.S2member wordpress plugin member area


Free basic version - The basic s2Member plugin is free. Anyone can download it and try it out. It's limited in terms of functionality, but still gives you a good place to start.

Dripping Content - S2Member Pro offers a gradually delivered content feature.

Payment Gateways - The free version supports PayPal. The premium version supports Stripe and

5 tips to simplify mobile payments is to discover absolutely 

integrations - Works with MailChimp, bbPress et BuddyPress.

Documentation & Support - S2Member has a vast knowledge base accessible to all. Premium version users also receive support.


Not very friendly - We have found that s2Member is a bit more difficult to use than other plugins of the same type.

Easily create your Online Store

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The limits of the free version - Free version only supports PayPal, is limited to 4 member levels, and has no ' dripping happy" page (in French).

Price: The basic plugin is free, the Pro version for a single license per website and costs 89 $. For unlimited use, the pro version costs 189 $ USD.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

Recommended Resources

Find out about other recommended resources to help you build and manage your website.


Choosing a WordPress plugin actually depends on what you expect from it. We have tried to present you the different advantages of each WordPress plugin. 

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting the guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

If you are already using a premium WordPress plugin that we have omitted from this list, then leave it to us in our comments section to continue to grow this list. Especially share this article on your different Social networks.   


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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the article, anything new in Sep 2019?
    It is a pity that there is not for everyone the possibility to test them, well there is 30 days money-back but good.

    Where are the euros in the free version of Paid Memberships Pro? Not found.

    I will try several so

  2. Hello,

    I think Paidmembership pro is the ideal tool to create a member's area.
    I was able to test ultimate member pro (Azzaroco), and I totally advise against it, because even if the product seems well designed, as soon as you have a bug with this product, the technical support does not answer you, and when the fact the answer is always missing the point as if it was on purpose not to take the time to check the problem, the only thing that interests them is to make money without worrying at least about their world. customer.
    Buying a plug-in is good to meet certain needs, but above all, do not neglect the quality of the support, otherwise you will face big disappointments.

    Have a good day

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