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PayPal scams: How to recognize them?

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PayPal scams: how to recognize them? Find out by browsing this article.

Today I would just like to share a little secret with you. I would like to teach you how to recognize a fake Paypal message. Before going any further, here is the kind of message you might receive from some hackers on the internet ...

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I received it once again this morning and thought I would write an article to share some tips and tricks that will definitely save you from falling victim to these kinds of scams.

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Then back to why we are here.

Object of the message: Access to your Paypal account has been restricted!

The message itself

Why is access to my account restricted?


As part of our security measures, We regularly check PayPal screen activity.

Access to your account has been restricted for the following reason (s):

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We have determined that someone may have attempted to access your PayPal account without your permission. For your protection, we have restricted access to your account. To remove this restriction, log into your PayPal account and follow the procedure in the Dispute Manager.

This is the last reminder to log into PayPal, as soon as possible. Once you are logged in, PayPal will provide you with steps to restore access to your account.

The procedure is very simple:

1. Click the link below to open a secure browser window.

2. Confirm that you are the account holder and follow the instructions.

Access Your Account


I broke all the links in this message for fear of misleading you in turn.

When you see this kind of message, you panic right away. And directly, the brain prepares to find a solution to the problem that we are discovering and that is precisely what these hackers or scammers want:


How to avoid being the victim of this kind of Paypal scam?

1. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes - In general, these messages contain a lot of mistakes. But as you can see, it's not just us who evolve, the pirates too! On the message above, there is none! Which leads us to the second tip.

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2. Place your mouse on the link that invites you to connect to your Paypal account and look at the bottom of your browser ...

There is a 99,99% chance that this link will not take you to Paypal. And even if you see the Paypal address displayed, check that it has a "s " at "http ».

Instead of appearing like this: it should look like this: at the time of entering your identifiers. 

In fact, if you click on this message you will certainly be redirected to another website and all your information will simply be copied ... I let you imagine what will happen not only to the money in your Paypal account, but also to the one in your bank account ...

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In this message they went a long way in their technique. Not only are there no spelling mistakes, but they have also added the Paypal signature which includes this famous "s In the message. Which leads us to tip number 3 ... 

3. Do not click on any link in the mail! Open a new tab or window in your web browser (Firefox - Internet explorer - Google Chrome - etc ...), then log into your Paypal account and if you don't see any account restriction message (which should be the case), then it is simply a scam.

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Log out of your Paypal account and delete the message. Then, take care of transferring the email to Paypal to help it fight this scourge ...

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This article features 38 comments

  1. I almost ran, the classic scenario, the foreigner showed great interest in the goods. and Iban I got a message from paypal (which I don't have) the site looked like a chat booth. Of course there was more money than I wanted and the text I have to complete the registration and make a bitcoin transaction, when I send 4800 in advance (it will be deducted from the credit operator) and then the amount will be credited to my account. An email from the Austrian came to verify the news that I should have him there. So I forward his email and a message that looks like an underwater email. In less than half a minute he contacted me by phone and started pushing a lot, what I don't understand is that he will lose money and so on. It was already clear. I hit him decently, asking the bank on Monday and filing a notice with the police. He didn't steal from me, but be careful. He was posing as Andreas Neumann and pretending to be from Austria, he wrote to me from the Polish number +48 372 100 198. I left him in the fact that I did not know. Bacha, for him, is a Polish Hebrew slut who wants to enrich himself with naive people. Paypal is only an intermediary to transfer money to an account, mainly abroad or in Asia. Very often abused by fraudsters.

  2. good evening, I just got scammed. I had sold a motorcycle jacket on the right corner… I discovered the scam a little late, that is to say that I had sent the package because the so-called paypal service confirmed the transfer to my account. the day after the expedition I understood the scam and I was at the post office to stop the package circuit. it was not easy (luckily I had some knowledge) but I got there. impossible to file a complaint with the police because it is impossible to prove the scam. the buyer should have received the parcel and i could prove that he had not paid me. just to say that if you receive an email from a so-called paypal service it is a fake. especially if you are asked to authenticate your account internationally. it makes no sense. then they will claim a sum from you. me they asked me the codes of 4 pcs refills of 150 euros which I had to pay. PAYPAL IS FREE !!! NO REQUEST FOR MONEY IS MADE BY THEIR DEPARTMENT. BE CAREFUL.

  3. the address has not been published in full: here are the elements, I hope it will pass



  4. I received a message supposed to come from Paypal, although I did not have an account. On the other hand, the SNCF among others, uses it systematically on a payment by credit card, so I have a certain practice. Question: Who can know, do big companies like this and Paypal itself not have the responsibility to put an end to these practices. Can we still trust these so-called secure transactions?

    the address of the message (pirates?), cut into pieces to deactivate it:

    First precaution: I checked my online bank accounts that no unknown transaction had been made. It is the first thing to do before anything.
    On the other hand, impossible to transmit this fraudulent message to the first interested parties (Paypal) who should forward the info to the competent authorities. As long as there is not a diligent hunt for this sort of thing, it will only proliferate.

    moreover, for the pseudos links that appear under the mouse, I note:
    Access your Account:
    Security area:
    Log in:

    These last two alas gained in likelihood with the https. Vigilance!

    In any case, thank you for this site, I put it in favorites and I will send you the doggies that happen to me, it is not the first. If it can be useful….

    message received: I repeat that I do not have a Paypal account, the IP is obviously not mine
    Subject: Notification of connection to your PayPal account.

    Madame, Monsieur,

    We send you this email following a successful connection to
    Your customer interface.

    Customer ID: PP-485560-310
    Connection Ip:
    Connection time: 18-04-2013 16: 12: 07

    This email is intended to make you aware of the security of services
    That you have at PayPal and better protect them.

    We now need you to confirm your PayPal account information again, as it may have been used by malicious people.

    Acces to your account

    Help | Security
    Please do not reply to this email. Messages received at this address are not read and therefore receive no response. For help, log into your PayPal account and click the Help link in the upper right corner of every PayPal page.

  5. Thank you for this advice even if being of Greek origin "a Greek is worth 2 Jews" I know them for the most part quite simple with a little common sense spotted them.

    Otherwise there is also in a similar genre the site of trustworthy third parties that are of identical appearance to the real one.

    A few years ago when I was doing business with ebay I wanted to buy a lot of gsm which was good price and the guy wanted to go through which is the N1 site of trusted third parties only I had spotted some anomaly of which The most blatant the possibility of paying by western union I had warned them and actually months 2 days later was reading an article that spoke about it.

  6. It is indeed 1 real sore, I have already received several, but as I have decided for a long time not to use Paypal any more which I find pitiful, I do not get fooled!

    I know a lot of Paypal users who have the greatest difficulty in recovering their winnings and as far as I'm concerned, when they asked me to sign them for 1 authorization to debit my account, I gently sent them off: c they owe me money, so why do they need a direct debit authorization ???

    The best security is therefore certainly not to use Paypal!

    Your advice is also valid for many other scams: taxes, banks, pseudo register of independents or traders,… etc… So thank you for writing this article for the community.

    1. Hello Bruno,

      Thank you also for sharing your feelings about paypal. Hope it helps those fed up with getting ripped off by fake paypal messages.

      Thanks again…

  7. Thanks, I got the same type of message even though I just don't have a paypal account!
    Thanks for proving to me that this is indeed a scam!

  8. Prevention is better than cure !!!

    And given the society of savages in which we live, we are never too warned ...


  9. Hello Thierry,

    Very good idea to warn against this kind of practice. Just for more information, this technique is called "phishing".

    It should also be remembered that no serious establishment asks by email to enter confidential information.

    I myself have written several additional articles which deal with techniques used by hackers, which give advice on buying on the internet and protecting yourself.
    Here are the links:



      1. From nothing Thierry,

        I think that this information must really circulate and by all means.

        We cannot eradicate scams, but if we can prevent someone from being a victim, it is already a victory.

  10. Totally agree, the main thing is the url to check. often it has no relation but lately emails send to a fake sites of taxes which should supposedly pay us too much. it's hot because people are afraid of taxes and therefore they go there.
    Thanks for the post!

  11. I find that the way you thwarted this scam, is really masterfully crafted, worthy of a detective story,
    but alas!…, it is reality that it is, it is very worrying,
    But here we have people, as observers as you, gifted.

    Thanks again for your dynamism, your vigilance and of course, your great professionalism.


    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your comments, although I think it's too many compliments for one person. 🙂


  12. Hello to you guys,

    I believe that if you really want to make money online it starts with setting up a business on a subject that you are passionate about and with which you can help others while making money by return.

    For that you can read the series of articles on the Blog of Daouda


    1. Good Pub for Daoud

      Well I'm not going to delete anything from your post because I too think he has a blog full of resources.

      I hope you are doing well yves

  13. Hi Chafik.

    A Paypal chain is people who receive several times 1 euro on their Paypal account and who also put 1 euro on the Paypal accounts of others?

    If it is, well it is prohibited by law.

    Don't mess around with this kind of so called opportunity. Create your own online business, your own product or affiliate.

    Make yourself an authority on a theme that fascinates you, share it with as many people as possible. This is how you will automatically retain your future customers.


    1. Hello Daoud (if you allow me to call you that way)

      Happy to find you on this blog and thank you for your participation.


  14. Hello,
    I have not received this kind of messages but it can always help to know this information, thank you.

    I would like to ask a question off topic but who still has a relationship with Paypal: What do you think PayPal channels? Is this a scam? In the face of the law it gives what?

    thanks again


    1. Hello Chafik,

      Sorry but I don't really know what a Paypal channel is. So I am unable to tell you what it is.

      by the way, i really appreciated your way of presenting the blogpascher site on your blog. Hats off 🙂

  15. One important thing to know also: only official websites know your name and first name.
    In 90% of cases when we receive a scam, the email never begins with "Hello your_name" or "Hello Mr (Mrs) your_name"

    If I say that this is verified in 90% of the cases it is that it happens easily (although on a smaller scale) to deal with crooks who get your first and last name via Facebook.

    Try for those who do not know you will be amazed. In the search bar, all you have to do is enter an e-mail address and you will magically see the photo of the person but also their first and last name!

    Fortunately Facebook will block those who would have fun creating programs to retrieve this kind of information because of course all this only works if you are connected to an account.

  16. I received several of these emails in 2009, then one very recently. In 2009 I had planned to file a complaint and I had even prepared a letter for this purpose to the public prosecutor. Finally I did not send it because this procedure would have forced me to reveal my geographical address.
    My target was as much PayPal, the real as the shabby scammers whose spelling indicates enough level. It is inadmissible that an enterprise of the importance of Paypal, now a subsidiary of Ebay, is not in a position to protect its files effectively, and in addition, contrary to the provisions of Law No. 78-17 Of the 6 January 1978 called "computer and freedom", does not destroy the recordings of its former clients when they request it. What I had done.
    For me, the company Paypal is at least as guilty, by its negligence, obviously motivated by reasons of economy, as the crooks on the small foot who use it.
    I think the solution is a PayPal boycott.
    Forward ....

    1. Good night Michel,
      I very much doubt that the problem is with Paypal because every time you leave your email address on any site, you are selling it indirectly in some way. it is not Paypal which sells or gets hacked your address, it is you who either give it by registering on certain sites, or by buying on the internet ...


  17. Hello,

    Indeed we receive such messages daily,.

    For example there are also mails received from so-called banking organizations, and you have to use the same techniques that you describe the 2 by simply passing the mouse over the proposed link (without clicking) to look at the bottom left in the browser The link displayed.

    If it is an email coming from Crédit Agricole (example) you must hover the mouse over the proposed link and there must be AT THE BEGINNING the name of the bank followed by the dot com or the dot fr; but not citermail dot com etc.

    But in any case, no organization sends us an email to ask us for our access codes !!

    I take care to point out that your blog is of very good quality with relevant information, thank you.


  18. Hello.

    I have already received this kind of message several times but, fortunately, I have never been fooled.

    For this, I directly used your tip number 3! 😉


    1. Hi my friend.

      Personally I also believe that the third option is the most effective, it offers more security.


      1. Hello,
        I received almost exactly the same email yesterday!
        However, when I leave my mouse on the proposed links, there is indeed an "s" in http.
        Anyway, I opened paypal in another window and tried to connect to my account, impossible, as soon as I entered my credentials (and there is always the "s" of the sites secure), I found this message:

        " Security measures

        We are currently performing standard maintenance of our security measures. Your account has been randomly selected for this maintenance and you will now be guided through a series of identity verification pages.

        The security of your PayPal account is our main concern and we apologize for the inconvenience.
        Credit card information »

        And there I am asked to select my card number in a drop-down menu, then I am asked for my full card number ...

        Of course I didn't enter it.
        But my account is indeed inaccessible, then each section on which I click brings me back to this message ...

        Do you think I risk something?
        Does anyone have a solution?

        I can't even close my account since I don't have access to anything.

        Thank you in advance for your answers!

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