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Need for best WordPress plugins security for your blog?

Are you one of the many webmasters who take a passive approach to WordPress security? If so, you are playing with fire because in reality just one security breach could be enough to destroy all the work you took your time to create!

When it comes to maintaining an online presence, the security of a website is arguably (and unfortunately) one of the most underrated aspects and many people still don't realize the devastating impact a security breach can have on a business.

Temporary downtime and lost sales is pretty easy to measure, of course, but how can you quantify the potential costs of a permanently damaged reputation and a drop in ranking in search engines ? In fact, many companies have been bankrupted for failing to always give proper attention to safety (and I'm sure these companies will not be the last ones either).

In this list of WordPress plugins, I will suggest the best tools to use for strengthen the security of your WordPress blog.

Quick tips on WordPress security

First of all, when it comes to website security, a proactive approach is. always, always, always better than a reactive approach. Preventing a problem before it happens will save you time, stress, and money (which is much better than fixing the fallout of a security breach after it has happened! ).

Always be up to date

Second, you need to make sure you follow all of the basic security practices, such as updating plugins et themes and make regular backups of your website (just in case something goes wrong and you will need to go back to an earlier version ).

But how do you make your WordPress blog even more secure? As usual in the world of WordPress, it all starts with choosing a reputable host.

If you are just looking hosting space for your website, you will find cheaper solutions. However, if your website is hacked, don't expect your host to help you.

WordPress Assisted Hosting: Is It A Better Solution For Security?

What you need is an assisted hosting service. Yes, these services are a bit more expensive, but they automatically take care of a lot of the security tasks.

For example, just about every service will automatically update WordPress, and some will even be able to update your plugins and themes as needed, to make your website more secure.

Why is this important? Because there are millions of WordPress users, who certainly use the same plugins. Hackers only have to search a little for a vulnerability in one of the popular plugins, then they could potentially exploit millions of websites or blogs.

Most plugin updates close security breaches. This is why having outdated plugins is a bad thing, and why on these services the update is always automated.

Assisted Accommodation Services generally offer a firewall for WordPress, but in addition, they also have their own management systems to block known and potential threats (think of brute force attacks, etc ...).

As assisted accommodation service we have:

Some WordPress plugins to better protect your blog yourself

Since " Charity always starts with oneself », You must therefore take the initiative to secure your blog and not expect anything from its assisted services.

In what follows, I suggest some WordPress plugins to succeed.

But before, let's discover together How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog.

Then, back to why we are here.

1. WProtect

WProtect is a premium WordPress plugin that performs version analysis of all plugins and WordPress themes installed on your website. It is an ideal tool that will help you forget about all the individual tests performed on your plugins and WordPress themes in order to avoid certain WordPress security plugins - Wprotect

Its features are: a clean and modern interface, easy to use, protection against brute force attacks, a ban on IP addresses, protection of wp-admin, wp-login and other directories, deactivation of file editing, etc.

DownloadDemo | Web hosting

2. Zxeion

Zxeion is a powerful premium WordPress plugin responsible for improving the security of your website. This plugin contains a collection of protection and security tools that will protect your website against possible attacks.
best WordPress security plugins - Zxeion

Conclusion protection system in real time will help you to identify the threats on your website, and block them, without you having to do anything. 

And if you take a look at Some WordPress security plugins for your blog

Its features are: real-time protection, excellent customer support, regular updates, an IP address blocker, excellent documentation, modern and professional interface, dedicated support and more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

 3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security plugin offers both free and paying, but the majority of websites should be compatible with the free plugin.  For example, the website's firewall requires you to pay for a Sucuri plan, but not all webmasters feel like they need this type of security.

As with the free features, the plugin comes with a security activity audit to see if the plugin is protecting your website well. It has file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring, security notifications and security hardening. Premium plans open up more frequent customer service channels and scans. For example, you might want a scan to be performed every 12 hours. For this, you will pay around $ 17 per month.

These other features are: support for multiple variants of SSL Certificates, customer service with instant chat and emails, instant notifications when something goes wrong with your website, advanced DDoS protection and more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. iThemes Security Pro 

iThemes has long been one of the biggest names in WordPress security. As such, it's no surprise that their all-in-one security module, IThemes Security Pro, happens to be one of the market leaders. IThemes Security Pro protects all major websites from vulnerabilities, starting with brute force attacks.

Wordpress security plugin ithemes security pro

To repel attackers, the plugin moves the default WordPress login page, and applies super strong passwords, and blocks users after too many login attempts.

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If that's not enough, iThemes Security Pro also supports two-factor login - this sends an access code to the user's mobile device, which is needed alongside the standard password.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

5. All in One WP Security and Firewall

The name of this plugin tells you everything you need to know about what it does. First of all, All in One WP Security & Firewall offers complete protection on WordPress with its powerful array of features. The plugin is tough when it comes to protection against brute force attacks, helping you combat the most common form of website security breach.All in one wp security firewall - wordpress plugin

As the name suggests, the plugin also add a firewall to your website.

WordPress Security: real and tested measures to protect a blog is a must read

This firewall has several predefined configurations - these can be activated with one click, allowing you to select the level of protection you want to apply.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

6. jetpack 

jetpack is well known in the WordPress community. Part of the Automattic family (those who are behind WordPress.comJetpack is described as a pack of different, completely independent features. It may be surprising, but the combination works, and the Jetpack plugin is extremely WordPress security plugins - Jetpack

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If you want to use the free version of Jetpack to enhance the security of your site, you must activate the " Protect " With this module activated, Jetpack will protect you against brute force attacks.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

7. VaultPress 

Then, we have VaultPressanother member of the Automattic family. VaultPress is safe, reliable, and super usable, which makes it probably the best website backup WordPress security plugins - Vaultpress

No matter how much effort you put into protecting your website, breaches can still happen. This is why it is imperative to save your website. Unfortunately, very few follow this advice.

See our article on How to restore a lost password on WordPress

A website backup is essential. If something goes wrong and your website crashes or gets hacked, you can simply go back to your most recent backup and restore your website in a few seconds.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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Here is ! That's all for this list of WordPress plugins. I hope you can better protect your blog. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know in the reserved section.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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