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5 plugins to send emails on WordPress

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One of the keys to success in digital marketing is to make sure the right hand is always talking to the left. This means that if you have spent time creating a WordPress site and regularly writing high quality content, you will want these efforts to be shared on other marketing platforms.

Social media is one of the most obvious choices given that they are (usually) free and do not require much effort to write a 140 characters message and press "Send." But email is another of these commercial weapons that should remain closely tied to everything you do.

Of course, as a web developer, email marketing might not be something you plan to do. But just because it's your job to create websites for your customers, this does not mean that you should not know how to improve it through other marketing strategies. The same goes for your own professional website. As a developer or designer of WordPress, your website reflects the work you do and greatly benefits from increased exposure via email.

In general, email marketing is a term used for shared communications between you and email subscribers with the primary purpose of converting them to premium customers. These types of emails are the equivalent of a landing page on your site.

In this article, I want to focus on the subset of the newsletter or email marketing. Much of what you should do to create a newsletter is similar to the work you do to create a website, so it's a logical choice to direct yourself to email marketing (at least to start). I will discuss the power of email, how it can be used to promote your site and release some of the best newsletter plugins you can use on WordPress to create and send newsletters.

Why your WordPress site needs a newsletter

There are several reasons why you should consider using email marketing, but here are a few that should convince you enough.

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  1. It is quite similar to building and managing a website, which can be one of the easiest marketing methods for a web developer.
  2. This gives you a connection with everyone who subscribed to receive your communications.
  3. Email subscribers will not always become customers, which is actually a great tool to provide customers and prospects with valuable information that can help you convert visitors who were on the closing of the conversion, customers or generate recurring revenue.
  4. It can increase the visibility of your brand by staying regularly on top of mind with a predictable and remarkable newsletter.
  5. It's profitable. If you decide to send a newsletter every week, the hard part will be made; You have already designed it. All you need is to connect content, and you probably already have content on your site (ie your blog).
  6. It can be used for various purposes. You can share news about your company, promote recent blog posts on your site, announce new products or services, give subscribers access to special offers and more.
  7. If you have segmented subscriber lists (depending on geography, demographics, on-site behavior, etc.), you can send personalized newsletters.
  8. This is another great source of data for your business. You can learn a lot about what your audience wants by analyzing how many people have opened it, what devices they have used, which links have received the most clicks, and so on.

Some plugins to send newsletters on WordPress

WordPress, of course, has a number of plugins available to help users integrate newsletters into their website. Usually, however, when people talk about these plugins, they refer to email subscription forms, which connect you to subscribers and their data on your newsletter platform. But that's not what we're talking about here.

1 - e-Newsletter plugin


E-Newsletter is the WPMUDev team plugin for WordPress and it's really great. This plugin comes with beautifully designed newsletter templates that you can use ... or you can import yours. In addition, you can customize the header, background, colors, and even add personalized information for each subscriber in the content of your newsletter.

2 - Email Subscribers & Newsletters


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This free WordPress plugin is actually quite complete. Not only does it allow you to add subscription areas to your site, but it also gives you two options for sending newsletters. The first is a simple automation of sending notifications to subscribers when a new blog publishes. The second is a more personalized approach to designing and sending WordPress newsletters.

3 - MailPoet


There is a free version of this plugin as well as a premium version available. Although I normally recommend the premium plugin, the free version of MailPoet seems to be more than enough for a small business owner or trader to use to get started. It includes 70 themes, a "Drag and Drop" generator, integrated analysis, automated articles. The only difference I see between the two versions is the number of subscribers to whom you can send messages (about 2 000) and the amount of analytical information available.

4 - Mailster


This premium newsletter plugin is perfect whether you're a developer trying to get your own newsletter quickly or want to give your customers a simple tool that they can use themselves. With a "drag and drop" generator, live template editing, and full WordPress newsletter campaign management, this one is worth every penny.

5 - The Newsletter Plugin

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Although it looks at first sight to a typical newsletter plugin, I think what I prefer about it is all the different ways it allows users to capture subscribers to subscribe them. Rather than relying on subscription forms specific to newsletters, it also adds a subscription checkbox to other contact forms (in case these prospects could not see the newsletter form or did not want to register twice). It also imports all previously registered users into your newsletter subscriber list.

That's all for this list of plugins, I hope it will allow you to add a newsletter to your WordPress blog.

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