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In a previous tutorial, we explained how the SMS marketing could be a very practical solution for the evolution of your business. In this new tutorial, we will present you some plugins that will allow you to integrate this service on your WordPress blog.

Unsurprisingly, it must be said that SMS plugins are a bit difficult to find on WordPress. It's not that they don't exist, but a lot of them don't have great reviews or haven't been updated for a long time.

Additionally, most plugins work with Twilio, but you will find others (such as Clickatell and Plivo) which work just as well. Before moving on to any of the recommended plugins below, be sure to do your research on the SMS provider services that are available to provide you with what you want.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Easy Appointments

If you are using the Easy Appointments plugin and want to give visitors the option to subscribe to SMS notifications at checkout time, you will need the premium plugin.

Sms for wordpress easy appointments extension 600x189

This plugin could be useful for anyone from a restaurant website to a local barber shop or even a financial advisor. Including scheduling appointments on your website can do wonders and streamline the conversion process since you are essentially removing the man as the middleman. 

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2.SMS Contact Form 

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to add confirmations and SMS messages to all your contact forms, even the payment gateway.

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Wordpress sms contact form plugin by promotionking codecanyon

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This SMS and email notification creation tool is provided with a contact form which has a powerful SMS certification. 

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3. Joy of Text Lite and Pro Plugin

If you're interested in texting, but don't know if it's worth investing in just now,

Sms for wordpress joy of text plugin 600x372

this is a good solution to start with, especially if you have a blog, a newsletter, a subscription or some other service they can sign up for. The Pro extensions for this plugin will open up more possibilities for you to e-Commerce forums, Planning et BuddyPress.

Download Demo | Web hosting

4. WordPress Woo Commerce SMS Notifications Plugin

This is probably the unique form of SMS marketing that most people use already.

Wordpress woo commerce sms notifications wordpress plugin

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While it doesn't require much explanation, this plugin basically acts as a text messaging notification system for customers when they order something from your WooCommerce website.

Download Demo | Web hosting

5. WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

This premium WordPress marketing plugin is specially designed to work with SMS.

Wordpress sms marketing wordpress plugin

As with most automated marketing tools, this allows you to streamline your marketing efforts through block programming, automated messages, trigger actions and more.

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It also comes with built-in analytics so you can see the results of your SMS marketing campaigns to see how well they are working.

Download DemoWeb hosting

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