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Create beautiful price lists with the best WordPress plugins from our list.

Price grids play an important role in helping your visitors to quickly view and compare the different features of your pricing plans. The problem is that they can be a challenge for both design and usability (they have to be simple, but at the same time have a clear distinction between the features and prices of different products and services).

If users cannot immediately see the value of your product or service right away, you can be sure that their money will stay in their wallet. But with a little marketing strategy, price comparison grids can be an effective way to position your services to increase your sales.

So in this list of the best premium WordPress plugins, we will offer you some WordPress price grid plugins that will be perfect for your Blog.

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Then, back to why we are here.

1. ARPrice

AR Price is the most flexible premium WordPress plugin and the most complete in the creation of price lists. It comes with over 300 price list templates and provides all the tools you need to create unique and responsive price tables, as well as comparison tables. You can also easily create a beautiful showcase for your team.

Create price tables - Arprice responsive wordpress pricing table plugin

It's a beautiful, intuitive, and unique WordPress plugin, with its impressive visual editor, with real-time preview of customizations.

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Choose a template, and then with simple clicks, drag and drop tools to personalize your price grid, down to the smallest detail. You will be able to add an unlimited number of columns, change colors, fonts, icons, and add your own images and ribbons for announce a discountEg.

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2. FlatPrice

FlatPrice is a premium WordPress plugin dedicated to the creation of price lists. Its dynamic configuration options panel is easily customizable and its flexible user interface makes it easy to use this powerful WordPress plugin.

Create price tables - Flatprice wordpress pricing tables

Its main features are among others: the ability to create unlimited price tables, several highly customizable configuration options, Bootstrap support, fully responsive layout, the support of the shortcodes and others.

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3. Go Pricing

If you like traditional WordPress pricing tables, but want a lot more of them, you've come to the right place. You will get all the usual features of the latter, thanks to this extremely responsive WordPress plugin.

Create price tables - Go pricing wordpress responsive pricing tables

Take advantage of this quick and easy way to create beautiful price lists and integrate them into your website just as easily thanks to its control panel. You will find in its package, demo content ready to use but customizable to better suit your expectations.

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In addition to traditional pricing features, this premium WordPress plugin is suitable for presenting team members and comparing products. Its responsive layout is optional. It can be turned on and off to suit your website.

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4. CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables

Sometimes a column layout is not suitable for the information you are trying to convey. If this is your case, then this premium WordPress plugin might be the solution you are looking for. With " CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables Tables are displayed as rows stacked vertically instead of the columns placed horizontally as is common.

best WordPress plugins - Css3 vertical web pricing tables for wordpress

Like some other plugins, CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables is based on CSS3 and HTML5. You can create an unlimited number of tables although the plugin only offers 10 different appearances, PSD source files are also included.

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Its other additional features are: unique effects with animations over the columns, customizable column width, HTML support, support for shortcodes and more.

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5. Pricing Table 

Pricing Table makes it easy to add a pricing table to your website, with different styles to choose from. Once installed on your website, this plugin adds a modern pricing grid builder to your WordPress website to help you create pricing tables that visually compare different pricing options.

To help you get started as quickly as possible, the Pricing Table plugin offers templates that you can use as a base, before doing the customization work through the editor. It's also possible to edit the CSS for any pricing grid, giving you even more control over how they look.

When you create your tables, you can add as many rows and columns as needed. The number of individual tables you can create on your website is also not limited. While some plugins reserve the ability to add hover-enabled tooltips to tables for those who choose to upgrade to the premium version, the free Pricing Table plugin includes this functionality as standard.

You can even insert images and videos into your pricing grids, which will make them more visually appealing and hopefully more likely to drive a sale to your audience. As with any modern plugin of this type, all generated tables are fully mobile responsive.

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