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How to create a price table on WordPress with the Responsive Pricing Table plugin

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How to add a price chart (grid) on your WordPress site? What WordPress plugin to use to add a price grid on your WordPress blog? These are all questions I have decided to answer today.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to use the WordPress plugin " Responsive Pricing Table ».

Installing the plugin Responsive Pricing Table

Being available on, it is a plugin that you can Install from your dashboard or directly in the form of zip file.


Make sure you download the correct version, as there is more than one plugin with the same name. The version I ask you to install is available at this address and owns this image as preview.

responsive-pricing-table appearance

How to create a price chart

After activating the plugin, a new menu titled " Pricing Table Will be added to the dashboard. Click on its submenu " Add new To create new price tables.

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Since it is a " Custom Post Type Or custom publication format, its interface is quite similar to that of pages and WordPress articles.


So provide a title for this set of tables. This interface is mainly separated into two parts. The one in the center has all the information on the tables, in particular:

  • Title
  • Whether or not the proposed option is recommended (check the box)
  • A subtitle (subtitle)
  • A description
  • The price of the proposed option
  • Whether or not the option offered is free
  • Its recurrence (per month, per quarter ...)
  • An icon

The section " Plan Features »Provides a text field that allows you to save the option details list. You only need to record one detail per line.

The section " Button Map "Offers two fields that allow you to record a text for the button that will lead to the offer of the option" Button Text "And the link to the offer" button link ».

The “Plan Styling” section offers a color picker that lets you choose a color that applies to the board. To add a new table, you must click on "Add Plan" Below the options I have just mentioned.

how add-a-new-table

To the right are all the settings that apply to these particular tables. You can therefore:

  • Change currency
  • Change the behavior of links (opening on the same page or a new)
  • The font type of the different elements of the tables.


How to display a table of prices

When I speak of a price table, I mean here the set of tables which constitutes a large table. So after having saved your table, return to the home page of this personalized publication format, that is to say by clicking on the menu " pricing Tables ».

shortocde copy-responsive-pricing-table

On this page, you need to grab the table shortcode and use it in a post / page. Then consult the latter to see how your new table appears.


That's all for this plugin for creating price tables on WordPress, do not hesitate to share the tip with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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