The 500 Internal Server Error is one of the errors that most newbies panic about. This is an error that can have multiple sources, making it even more complicated to diagnose.How to fix 500 internal server wordpress error 2

The most common reasons on WordPress include a Corrupted .htaccess file, an overflow of your memory limit on PHP, or inappropriate file permissions, but there could also be other possible causes, such as overloading your hosting plan or a problem with your web hosting provider.

Regardless of the cause, there are many ways to troubleshoot and repair your website, including restoring your website from a backup.

Backup and Restore

Since you need to make serious changes to some of your system files and other similar changes, it's a good idea to back up your website in case things get worse. This way you will be able to restore it. How to fix Wordpress 500 internal server error

So you can start by learning to make backups of your website, we have several tutorials for that. here is a list of plugins that you can use for that.

Disable all plugins and themes

Sometimes a plugin or a theme could be the cause of the error. A plugin would have made changes to your database or files, making your website unavailable.

If your planweb hosting is shared or if you have a VPS, your web hosting company may also have restrictions on the plugins you can install on your website. Activating a banned plugin might be enough to suspend your blog.

With an internal server error, you will not be able to access your dashboard to disable your plugins and themes, but you can still do it manually by accessing the files on your website

In the cPanel, go to the file manager, and locate your website directory. First, deactivate your plugins by renaming them temporarily.

Go to "wp-content / plugins / And select each folder and rename it (you can just add a "-desactivated" suffix).

renamed file CPANEL WordPress plugin

Once your plugins are all turned off, check if your website is available. If so, restore the names of all your files until you find the source of the problem, and check your website every time. If an error occurs then the last plugin to be restored is the culprit.

It can also be useful to download a new copy of the default WordPress theme, especially if you have been hacked. You can download a copy from, unzip, then add the theme folder by your cPanel or FTP.

If you have a first WordPress theme installed and you have a backup of this theme on your website, you can delete it, first delete the version of Twenty Sixteen installed on your blog before sending the new version. If the problem is solved then you will know who the culprit was.

Fixed a corrupted .htaccess file

Another probable cause of an internal server error is a corrupted .htaccess file. Replacing the current one with a new copy can save your website and get it back online. 

Discover How to manage WordPress files and folders

Now you should have a backup of your website that is needed before replacing your .htaccess file, but keeping an extra copy can be useful so you can restore your website faster if changing your .htaccess file makes things worse. .

In the cPanel, go to the file manager and navigate to the directory where your website is located. Go to settings and verify hidden files are visible, if not check the box and save your changes.

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In the root of your website, you will find a file called .htaccess, download this file to your computer.

Now create a new .htaccess file. You can do this in cPanel, but be sure to delete the old file.

creation of a new file from the cpanel

When your new file appears on the list, select the file and click “Edit”. In the file editor, add the following rules for single WordPress installations:

# BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^ index .php $ - [L] RewriteCond% {REQUEST_FILENAME}! -f RewriteCond% {REQUEST_FILENAME}! -d RewriteRule. /index.php [L] # END WordPress

For multi-site networks with configured subdomains, add these other rules instead:

RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^ index.php $ - [L] # add a trailing slash to / wp-admin RewriteRule ^ ([_ 0-9a-zA-Z -] + /)? Wp-admin $ $ 1wp-admin / [R = 301, L] RewriteCond% {REQUEST_FILENAME} -f [OR] RewriteCond% {REQUEST_FILENAME} -d RewriteRule ^ - [L] RewriteRule ^ ([_ 0-9a-zA-Z -] + /)? (Wp- (content | admin | includes). *) $ 2 [L] RewriteRule ^ ([_ 0-9a-zA-Z -] + /)? (. *. php) $ $ 2 [L] RewriteRule. index.php [L]

For those who have subdomains configured as subdirectories:

RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^ index.php $ - [L] # add a trailing slash to / wp-admin RewriteRule ^ wp-admin $ wp-admin / [R = 301, L] RewriteCond% {REQUEST_FILENAME} -f [OR ] RewriteCond% {REQUEST_FILENAME} -d RewriteRule ^ - [L] RewriteRule ^ (wp- (content | admin | includes). *) $ 1 [L] RewriteRule ^ (. *. Php) $ $ 1 [L] RewriteRule. index.php [L]

Save the file and visit your website to see if that solved the problem. You can also add other rules you included one by one to see if those changes caused the error (it will take a little while).

Also, make sure your changes do not contain any syntax errors.

Increase the PHP memory limit

You can also try increasing your PHP memory limit if none of the troubleshooting steps outlined so far have worked. The plugins and scripts you use on your website require PHP memory in order to function.

How to fix 500 internal server wordpress error 1

Discover these 4 methods to increase WordPress's maximum memory limit

When a browser requests these plugins and scripts, it loads them using your website's PHP memory. Increasing this limit would bring more memory so less "crash" usually caused when the script exceeds the allocated memory.

Check the version of PHP

Sometimes the plugins and scripts you use require a specific version of PHP. If you are using an incorrect version, it could be the cause of the internal server error.

Information about the server

You can check the version you are currently using for your website in cPanel by logging in and clicking Server Information.

Enable debugging and logging

At this point, if your website is not backed up, there is probably a rare problem and you can enable the WordPress debug mode to fix the problem (at least that will allow you to see in detail the problem). 

Besides the debugging also allows the front-end error reporting to be displayed, it is also important to enable logging so that your website visitors do not see the additional error messages as they reveal information on your website that could potentially be used by hackers.

// Turn debugging on define ('WP_DEBUG', true); // Tell WordPress to log everything to /wp-content/debug.log define ('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true); // Turn off the display of error messages on your site define ('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false); // for good measure, you can also add the following code, which will hide errors from being displayed on screen @ini_set ('display_errors', 0);

Contact your host

If all else fails, contact your web hosting provider, as they may already be aware of a problem that is beyond your reach. Your host can also let you know if you have used all your allocated resources.

If so, all you need to do is update your web hosting plan or switch to an entirely different type of plan like the switch from shared hosting to a VPS or from a VPS to a dedicated server.

That's about all you need to know to correct this type of error " 500 Internal Server Error ».

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