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Need the best CDNs to boost the performance of your WordPress blog?

If you have optimized your website inside and out (compressed images, CSS and Reduced JavaScript et set up a caching plugin …), And your website still isn't loading as fast as you want it to be, it's time to set up a CDN, or Content Delivery Network.

A CDN will speed up your entire website by storing static data on server networks located all over the world, ensuring that your visitors get the content as quickly as possible, loaded from the server closest to their location, which massively improve server lags and reduce response times.

You're probably familiar with CloudFlare, one of the more popular options, but there are plenty of other options worth checking out. So, we are going to offer you alternatives, in order to give you more choices.

But before you start, take the time to take a look at How to install a WordPress themeHow many plugins to install on WordPress.

Then let's get to work.

Why use a CDN?

Using a CDN not only improves your load time, but also allows you to handle more visitors at the same time (to your website). If your website has ever experienced a sudden surge in traffic and was overloaded after a recommendation (perhaps) of your blog by popular media, a CDN could have prevented this from happening.

How to configure the CloudFlare CDN for your WordPress blog is to discover absolutely.

On top of that, a second of delay can result in a 7% decrease in conversions. Imagine all the money you are losing. Using a CDN, makes it easier to access content by serving static data to your visitors taking into account their proximity to one of the nearest CDN servers, which will help you dramatically improve your load time .

best CDNs to boost performance

What to look for in a CDN

SSL Compatibility

If you already have an SSL website, you'll want to make sure the CDN is SSL compatible at no additional cost. CloudFlare requires you to use a custom SSL plan, compatible with HTTP / 2

HTTP / 2 is the new Internet protocol standard. At present, it only works with SSL. Having HTTP / 2 enabled on the CDN can greatly increase the speed of your website and reduce its loading time. Make sure your CDN supports this vital technology.

Network locations

Plus a CDN has distribution networks the faster you all visitors, regardless of their location, will get to your blog. Make sure your CDN provider has locations covering all major continents, America, Australia, Europe (East and West), Australia, Asia and, ideally, Africa. Most CDNs do not currently have data center locations in Africa.

best recommended CDNs

Some CDNs

1 - KeyCDN

KeyCDN works perfectly with all the features of WordPress. As most CDNs are compatible with WordPress multisite, you will need to manually create zones for each subsite, there is currently no way to automatically create zones for all sub sites.

Keycdn CDN for WordPress

Free try

25GB of traffic to get started with a 30-day trial and no credit card required. This includes everything including HTTP / 2, SSL at no additional cost, 25 datacenter locations, and 5 free zones.

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The more you use it, the cheaper it becomes. With a price starting from $ 0,04 / GB up to 10TB it costs only $ 40 per TB. With prices of 0.01 $ / GB for 2PB! Pricing is based on a hierarchical rolling structure where you pay a fixed price depending on how you consume.

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2 - MaxCDN

Like all other CDNs, MaxCDN works perfectly with WordPress. Also, like the others, if you want to use it on a multisite network, you will need to manually configure the CDN by subsite.

Maxcdn solution CDN

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Free try

You can get a free trial with 100GB bandwidth for 30 days which includes all the features of the easy setups. If you exceed 100 GB of bandwidth you will be charged; you will also be charged if you buy extensions.

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The basic plan comes with 100 GB of bandwidth for two websites for $ 9 / month. Additional zones (websites) are billed at $ 12 / month per zone. Unlike other CDN providers you don't automatically receive all POPs, you can purchase POP's rental package which includes Asia for $ 15 / month.

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3 - Google Cloud CDN

Although this is a recent solution, there are currently no known incompatibilities between Google Cloud CDN and WordPress. By design, a CDN would not break the functioning of WordPress.

Google-cloud-cdn for WordPress

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Free try

Cloud CDN is covered by the same pricing as the rest Google Cloud Platform servicewhich means if you register a new account you get $ 300 credit for 60 days. If you don't use all of your credit in 60 days, it will expire.


It is one of the more complicated CDNs as the price varies by region and changes for HTTP / HTTPS protocols. The most expensive region is China at $ 0,20 per GB for the first 10TB.

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4 - Amazon AWS

Amazon CloudFront works perfectly with WordPress and with Amazon S3 and some compatible plugins, it will be a really powerful solution for your storage and distribution needs.

Amazon-aws CDN for WordPress

Free try

The AWS free tier includes 50GB data transfer, 2.000.000 HTTP and HTTPS requests with Amazon CloudFront.


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The prices at Amazon AWS are quite complex. For Amazon CloudFront, pricing is based on regions and the three aspects taken into consideration are: data transfer to the Internet (per GB), data transfer to the origin (per GB) and pricing for HTTP and HTTPS / 10.000 requests (requests).

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5 - Rackspace Cloud Files

With no issues with WordPress, Cloud Rackspace files work perfectly with all WordPress plugins that offer CDN integration.

Rackspace CDN solution for WordPress

Free try

There is no free trial available.

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Prices start at only 10 GB for 1To storage and 0.12 $ / GB for 10TB CDN bandwidth. The price structure is simple: storage and bandwidth, with no specific price differences from the region.

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Here is ! We have come to the end of our list. but don't hesitate to suggest others in the comment section.

Discover also some premium WordPress plugins  

You can use other WordPress plugins to give a modern look and optimize the grip of your blog or website.

We offer you here some premium WordPress plugins that will help you do that.

1. WP Smush.it

WP Smush.it is another free WordPress plugin, but this time for images. It allows you to delete unused colors or metadata JPEG files. You can also optimize the JPEG compression on the latter.Wordpress wp smush pro plugin

WP Smush.it allows you to run existing images and is integrated with the Smush.it API.

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The plugin itself is based on the Yahoo service Smush.it. It is used for remove unnecessary bytes from image files and optimize them. It is also important to note the difference between this plugin and similar ones. Unlike them, WP Smush.it uses lossless formats so you don't notice any difference in image quality.

Download | Demo |Web hosting

2. Revive Old Post

This plugin automatically sends your old articles to your Twitter feed, saving you from doing these operations manually. It also allows optimize your Twitter feed and save it from a slow painful death because you don't have time to update it.

Revive old post best in class award

With more than 80 active installations, and regular updates, this plugin could become a key tool in the media arsenal of any writer's field.

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3. The Grid

The Grid is a premium WordPress grid plugin that allows you to present all types of posts in a fully customizable and responsive grid system. It is perfectly suited for displaying your blog, portfolio, of e-commerce products or all kinds of WordPress publications.The grid responsive wordpress grid wordpress plugin

This plugin supports the following file formats: standard, video, audio, gallery, link, quote. The possibilities are limitless and can be easily controlled with a powerful administration panel.

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The Grid is one of the most advanced grid plugins on WordPress and also the only one with a 100% responsive tactile slider. You can filter any type of grid in this touch slider, which is simply unique.

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The plugin can be easily integrated into a WordPress theme and with a personalized style ...

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