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How to keep your visitors longer on your website

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Do you only know how to keep your visitors on your website? Did you know that without an "interesting" and "useful" website no one will click on your links, share your content or buy your products and services.

Whatever your goals and why you blog, it is crucial seduce your readers in order to keep them as long as possible on your website and get actions from them. 

How to keep blog visitors longer

Why is it important ?

As defined by Google Analytics, the "bounce rate" is the percentage of people visiting a single page on a website. On most websites, we want our visitors

  • click on links and discover other pages of the latter
  • buy something
  • read more articles
  • subscribe to our newsletter
  • share our content
  • etc ...

But if the visitor bounces (quickly leaves the website) this suggests that:

  1. The visitor did not find what he was looking for, or
  2. The page was too difficult to use

Have realistic expectations

Ultimately, you should compare bounce rates to your performance history and goals. But it is wise to anchor your expectations to reality.

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Here are the average rebound rates that Google Analytics described for different types of websites

  1. Content websites: 40-60%
  2. email capture pages: 30-50%
  3. Blogs: 70-98% (yes)
  4. Selling websites: 20-40%
  5. Service websites: 10-30%
  6. Landing pages: 70-90%

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Attract the right visitors

Improve and facilitate the use of your website

Make it readable text

  1. A good contrast of colors
  2. Larger fonts for titles
  3. Des Catchy titles
  4. Bulleted lists
  5. White space between paragraphs
  6. A simple and uncluttered organization

Use a good presentation

  • Easy navigation (Tabs easily accessible and visible)
  • A visible search tool at first glance
  • Sections for your content
  • A presentation compatible with different device sizes

Speed ​​up the loading speed of your pages

  • Use little or no media content that loads automatically
  • Configure external links so that they open in new windows

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Do not let commercials distract your readers

  • Place advertisements on the sides, header and footer
  • And if you have to use them inside the articles
  • Avoid pop-ups (Unless you use Optin Monster)

Produce quality content

  1. An obvious main message
  2. Titles and clear subtitles
  3. Appropriate articles and images
  4. Few errors (spelling and grammar mistakes)
  5. Clear calls to action
  6. Relevant links to next steps
  7. Similar articles to complete the information

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These elements of work to keep your visitors on your website are relatively simple, but are not neglected. Make sure your website respects these simple rules and not only

Having a low bounce rate means that people spend more time on your website. And if people spend more time on it, it's more likely that you have conversions, registrations ... and you earn more money on the internet.

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  • What do you think ?
  • Are you going to put these tips into practice right away?
  • What are you doing every day to reduce your bounce rate?

Go one after the other, but keep in mind that the best time to do what you have to do is now.


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