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Optin Monster: The Tuto in French - Create your popup Pro

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  • Did you know that 70% visitors leaving your blog will not come back? And even if your content is good?
  • Did you know that all professional bloggers need at least 15% of their daily or monthly traffic to their newsletter?
  • Did you know that a list of subscribers can also earn more money on the internet?
  • Did you know that popups convert 10 better than any other type of email capture form?
  • Did you know that…

In short, you need a newsletter. And to build your list of targeted prospects, you absolutely have to use the best tools ... or let's say rather, THE BEST TOOL when it comes to email capture: Optin Monster. This plugin will allow you to boost the listings to your list of more 300%.


Sometimes, on some blogs when opening a page, a window opens (One popup) and asks us (Sometimes imposes) to subscribe to the newsletter. This practice is very annoying for visitors, therefore very little recommended. Because you have to say it as it is, NO ONE LOVES POPUPS!

And this is the difference with OptinMonster. It only displays the popup when visitor tries to leave your site. This one should not therefore complain because at no time during his navigation on the blog, he was “disturbed” by the viewer. This is possible thanks to the functionality “Exit Popup”.

You can also use this tool to display promotional messages, share discount coupons and more. And it's not over !

OptinMonster also offers the possibility of adding a newsletter subscription form on the sidebar of the blog, at the bottom of the articles and to the right of the blog. Personally, I believe it is The best capture plugin Email. It is the most complete and the one that is most regularly updated.

I highly recommend it. And if you need help buying and setting it up, you can choose from the English tutorial below or ask us for help via our contact page.

OKAY. I believe it is time to take the next step.

How to install and configure OptinMonster

First of all, You should know, however, that this is a premium plugin (Fee), You can download it on the official website. Once OptinMonster has been ordered and downloaded, you need to install and activate it.

Immediately after, vYou will notice a new menu on the side column of your dashboard.

how access-a-interface-and-optin-monster

Before creating our forms, we must first register and validate the license provided with the Plugin (You can find on your account). This license will allow you to receive updates and support. But also, it will allow you to access all the extensions of the Pluginotherwise your optin will have no more options than a classic plugin.

The extension: « OptinMonster Exit Intent » will allow you to display subscription forms only when the user wants to leave your blog. It is especially the one that interests us the most.

how access-to-extensions

Click on the tab « Misc ». You will see several text boxes. Enter the license in the text box « OptinMonster License Key »Then validate the license by clicking « Validate License ».

how add-a-license

When the license is valid, a notification similar to the one in the screenshot below will be displayed.

Message de confirmation

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Otherwise, you must ensure that your license is valid.

Note: on the plugin site you will be told that the license is unlimited, that you can use it on as many sites as you want. It is true, but in part. In fact, you will not be able to use the license on more than 2 sites / blogs. Okay, that's more than enough for personal use.

How to add extensions OptinMonster

This option is only available if the license you are using for OptinMonster is validated. To add a new extension, click on the tab « Addons », install and then activate the extension you want.

And if you want to grab the attention of your visitors even more, I recommend activating extensions « OptinMonster Effects » et « OptinMonster Exit Intent ».

how add-a-extension

How to create email capture form

To create a new form (popup - sidebar widget or after article), click on the tab « optins », then click on " Create New optin » (create a new form).


How to choose the type of form

On the next page, you must choose the option " lightbox Popup If you want to create a popup, then click on the button Next Step " to continue.


How to configure the details of theoptin

On the new page, you must:

  • Provide a title for popup (optin Title). This will allow you to identify the form later if you want to modify it.
  • Set a timeout (At third) before displaying the window (optin Loadng Delay), by default it is 0, that is to say that the Optin will be displayed after opening a page.
  • Set the lifetime of the cookie (optin Cookie Duration), i.e. after how long the form should be displayed if the visitor has not subscribed to it. The default value is 7 (days). This is a very useful option, which will allow you not to attack users all the time.
  • Define the redirect URL (Redirect on Optin Success?). After a successful registration, the subscriber will be redirected to this new page which is usually the confirmation or access page for your gift.
  • Define that the window opens only after the second page. (Load on second Pageview).
  • Hide window for registered users (Hide for logged-in Users).
  • Show link Powered By ". Important if you want to promote the plugin.
  • Use technology Exit The intent » (Use Exit Intent), to display the window when a user plans to leave your blog. This option is available after installing the extension " OptinMonster Exit Intent ».
  • Choose your autoresponder. For those who wish to use MailChimp you can choose the latter after reading our tutorial on MailChimp . You will enter the key of your MailChimp API, and a name for your optin.

how add-a-form-MailChimp

After choosing your autoresponder, click on « Save and Design optin », to access the customization window of your form.

How to set-its-optin

On the customization page, you will have a choice of several models available. Choose the one that suits you best.

how to choose-a-theme

Now it's time to customize your Popup. Depending on the chosen theme, you will be able to add an image, text, links, video and more.

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To customize a optin, after choosing a theme, click on the button "Open Design Customizer". A new page will appear (it is similar to the theme customization interface).

On this new page, you can change the title of the email capture form (optin Title), the description (optin tagline), the call to action button and the colors of all these sections.

how to change it-and-the-title-description-dun-optin

You also have the option to add an image. To do this, unfold the option « Content » and add your picture. This must not exceed the dimensions 280x245.

how add-a-picture

You can define the different fields (optional) which should be displayed, by checking the " Show optin... field But also the text of each field by modifying the text below the titles " Optin ... field » (the three ellipsis can take different values, depending on how you set up your form). 

The layouts of fields are available. You can also change the color of each field (optin... Field Color), as well as the font used (optin ... Field Font).

how to customize them-fields

After finishing your changes, click on " Save To save them and to " Close To close the editor.

Note: don't forget to add the submit form button (optin Submit Field). Another option is available, it is that of the personalization of the style, via CSS codes (only developers know what it is).

Other options can be added by extensions, this is the case for animations for example with the extension " OptinMonster Effects ».


After customizing your Optin, click on " Manage output settings ". To configure display options.

How to configure display options

On this new page, you can:

  • Enable form your blog (Enable optin on website). Indeed, the form will not be displayed until this box is checked.
  • View Form on all the pages and articles of your blog (Load optin globally), you will no longer need to configure the following options.
  • Enter logins pages where the email capture form should appear. To retrieve the ID of your page or article, simply open the article in question and copy the number following the word " post = On the address bar.

Retrieve how-the-identifying-and-a-Article

  • Choose categories on which the form will be displayed
  • Choose different pages on which the popup will be displayed

After having made these configurations, do not forget to save your settings by clicking on " Save optin output Settings ».

Now your form is available and ready to capture email addresses according to the settings you have made.


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How to see statistics on conversions

The statistics will allow you to judge the effectiveness of your forms. Depending on the results obtained, you can decide whether or not to improve the text of the form.

To access the statistics, go to the home page of the Plugin:

  • The column " Impressions Is the number of times the popup has been displayed
  • The column " Conversions »Corresponds to the number of subscriptions
  • The column " converstions »Corresponds to the percentage of subscribers compared to the number of postings
  • The column " active »Corresponds to the state of theoptin (Yes) to say that the form is published
  • The column " settings "Corresponds to the different options. So you can easily modify the form (modify), Doing spilled testing (split test), Duplicate your form (Duplicate), Edit options display (output settings), Reset statistics (Reset stats), Enable Test Mode (Enable Test Mode), Remove Optin (Delete).

how access-to-statistics

Remember you can download OptinMonster from official website and you can contact us anytime if you need help.

That's all I could say about this dedicated French tutorial to Optin Monster, the best WordPress plugin for creating Popups and other email address capture forms. If you want to build a list of prospects or create a newsletter of loyal readers then I highly recommend this plugin.

Don't forget to share the page or leave a comment.

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  1. Hello,
    thank you for taking the time for this tutorial.
    question: is it necessary to pass via an autoresponder type mailchimp?
    Optinmonster does not offer one?

    Can we use it with sendinblue?

    thank you for your comeback

  2. Hello,

    same I stumbled upon your site because I was looking for a way to pop up on my site. So I bought Optin monster the basic formula besides I wonder if I should not take the one at 29 $ / month. In any case, great site I'm waiting for an answer to my question! cordially

  3. I stumbled upon your site by pure chance and believe me, I found it really interesting because it answers a lot of questions that bothered me.
    Excellent site.

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