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How to use Google Analytics to track your subscribers

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The reason for monitoring social media is very simple. We want to know what works well or not. It's crucial to understand which social media, campaigns, and content are productive and impact your business and those that are not productive. With this information, you can customize your social media strategy accordingly.

That said, tracking the analytics, interpreting the results, and finally applying a strategy based on what you have learned can be difficult. In this tutorial, we will examine how you can use Google Analytics to monitor your performance on social networks to help your site convert against its goals.

Analytical data of social networks

Analytical data of social networksMany tools for analyzing data on social networks have basic metrics. It can be how many new subscribers you had this month, what content had the most interest and actions, and how many people saw your profile. This is useful information, and if that's what you're looking for, then I would recommend using the reports provided by each social network.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Business, Business Pinterest and many others offer fairly detailed data about your account. This will give you a good understanding of how your subscribers interact with your account. And what is the content they value the most.

However, if you are looking for more detailed reports, which focus on social network data regarding conversions from your website, then you should consider using Google Analytics.

Why should you use Google Analytics?

Use google analyticsGoogle Analytics is widely used to monitor data on the spot. However, this comprehensive tool is often overlooked for reporting on social media, which is a big mistake.

Google Analytics is an extremely useful solution because it measures the impact that your social networks have on your WordPress content. It can identify which social networks and content you are sending the most visitors. You can then set goals to measure how social network performance affects conversions on your site.

For example, you can set goals to exactly follow, for example how many people from social media have purchased products on your site and the monetary value of your subscribers. We will now take a closer look at how to configure, use and analyze Google Analytics.

Start with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is very easy to configure. Just register and register your WordPress site. Once Google Analytics is running, you can start tracking your site analytically.

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Analytical monitoring on wordpressAt the most basic level, you can track where your traffic is coming from to your WordPress site. Under "Acquisition> overview" you will be able to see just how many people have visited your site from your social networks compared to other sources. You can also have an understanding of the behavior of visitors to your site.

Analytical acquisitionBy clicking directly on Social This will take you to a page detailing the amount of traffic coming from each social media channel. Here you can see the number of people who have arrived on your website, how long they stayed on your site and the conversion rate for each social network.

However, to get the most out of Google Analytics, you will need to track individual goals related to your WordPress site. This will allow you to see if your website fulfills its conversion goals. And how social media helps you achieve these goals.

How to set a goal tracked on Google Analytics

To enable goal tracking on your website, you will first need to add a "Google Tag Manager" to your WordPress site. This involves adding code to every page of your website so that Google Analytics can trace User behavior and conversions on your site.

Once Google Tag Manager is set up, you need to create your goal on Google Analytics. It will allow you to monitor how your social networks contribute to the success of your site.

Create goals for your WordPress site

Goal setting on Google Analytics is a very simple process, and again Google  Provides detailed information on how to do it.

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To start click on the icon « admin In the lower left corner. Choose "Goals> Add New" and then just follow the steps to create your goals.

Purpose of an analytical google siteThere are many types to choose from, but what you create should be directly related to the goals of your WordPress site. For example, if you sell products then you need to control the online payments of your site. You can also add a monetary value to this goal, which will allow you to monitor exactly how much revenue you have created with your social network traffic for your business.

With other goals you can understand the engagement on your site, the number of bookings and much more. Active sites should always work on multiple goals simultaneously, so create your goals accordingly.

What analytics data can you control with Google

Once your goals are set, you will be able to access detailed accounting of how your social media channels are helping your WordPress site to convert against its goals. We'll take a look at some of the more important reports on social media analytics that Google Analytics can generate.

Social Overview

Social network overview

To preview your social media analytics data go to "Acquisition > Social> overview ". Here you can see the number of conversions that your site has achieved the goals you set up. What is important here is that the overview breaks down the number of conversions.

Network of references

Network of preference google analytics

Under "Social> Network" you'll find a breakdown of the amount of traffic from each social network that is sent to your website. You will also get details about user behavior. This includes data on the number of page views, average session length and more.


Google analytics conversionThe report of Social> Conversions Will help you measure the exact success and value of your social networks with respect to the goals of your website. You will be able to identify which social networks bring you the most conversion and the monetary value that this brings to your business.

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User flow

Google analytics user feed

The report " User flow Is really interesting because it shows the paths that social network visitors have taken to your site. You can see where people came into your site, what pages they visited, and where they left your site. This is great for understanding the journey your audience takes on your WordPress site. This also gives you insight into the content that interests your visitors the most.

That's all for this tutorial, I hope it will allow you to better monitor the traffic of your social networks.

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