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Why pay attention to duplicate content on your blog

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There is a constant trend among bloggers, who have multiple blogs on the web. They tend to publish the same article many times in different places. This is called duplicate content. These often do so via so-called "free" articles.

Here is why such a practice can be tempting:

  • It reduces the work to be done (twice as many results for one job)
  • It improves the chances of your article being read
  • If you make money from your blogs, it doubles the amount of money you can earn on one item.

For these reasons, it makes sense to publish your work on as many spaces as possible, right?

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Unfortunately, although the duplicate content can to have such benefits, it is normal and even essential to consider the costs of such a strategy. Duplicate content could double the chances of reading your content, but it also puts you at risk of having problems with Google.

They do not like duplicate content, that content that appears in different places in the same basic form.

Do not create multiple pages, subdomains or domains with substantially duplicated content.

The reason for this policy is that duplicate content has been a tool used by spammers over time. Creating multiple versions of the same page has often been a quick way to get tons of traffic quickly.

Today, Google has filters for duplicate content, filters that track such attempts to spam search engines. Web sites that are surprised to use such techniques will naturally be penalized, and in extreme cases, they are banned from Google.

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Of course, no one really knows what is duplicated content, and what it is not. However, it is better to be cautious in all respects. There's even a theory that runs about SEO, and that Google would become even harder about duplicate content. This would be why many blogs have problems.

Although I can not give you a standard definition of what should be considered duplicate content or not, just as I can not tell you exactly what penalty will go with any other recognized practice, I can only to suggestavoid duplicate content publishing policies (Simple measure of caution).

You must also, according to your possibilities, check that your content has not been plagiarized.

Free Articles

Another suggestion would be to pay attention to the publication of " Free articles Written by other people on your blog.

The Free articles Are also a tempting strategy for building content stocks for a blog. The idea is that they are good for the authors (since they build their profile and give links to their websites), but they are also good for the blogger / webmaster who receives the free content.

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However, if Google gets so rough with duplicate content, it could also hurt your blog. Think about it.

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When you accept a free article on your website, you do not publish something that is just available in one place on the webbut rather something that is offered to hundreds, if not millions, of other websites and blogs, all competing on the same keywords as you.

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The benefits of free articles might not equal the disadvantages. So, accept them with the utmost caution ... at your own risk 🙂

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I'm sure there are many people who know a lot more about this than me. Feel free to tell me a little more in your comments.

I still maintain my alert: be careful about using duplicate content.


Here ! That's it for this article that explains Why Watch out for duplicate content on your blog. What is your opinion about duplicate content? Have you ever been a victim? Thank you for giving us your opinion !

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This article features 5 comments
  1. Hi Thierry,

    The subject of the duplicated content is a vast debate!
    Personally, I do not use free content and I prefer to publish only content that has not been published anywhere else.
    On my collaborative blogs, I check the content duplicated sentence by sentence, because small fun to reverse the order of the sentences and produce only the first sentence in unique content, hoping thus to escape my vigilance.
    I do not know from what level of duplication Google is rampant, but still it is difficult for some content not to be duplicated.
    I am thinking in particular of yellow pages and small ads.



    1. I would like to publish original content each time, and when you have a team you work with, it's important to communicate a certain spirit, a way of doing things that will be done at home and one of the most important points will be the originality of the content.
      It would be necessary for both to know that the duplication of content can only be harmful to them, for a destroyed reputation is very difficult to redeem, even on the web!
      Best regards.

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