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5 tools to verify that your article has been plagiarized

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You want to recruit an author for your blog but you want to be certain that the content that will propose you will be unique and not copied entirely or plagiarized, you also want to check that nobody has copied your content ...

Even the most qualified blogger absolutely can not be aware of all content that is already online in a specific niche. When writing on a particular subject, it is very easy to use expressions that are similar to those used on other sites.

If similar issues are being discussed in the blogosphere, it is not impossible that some similar content will appear, even inadvertently, if the work was done by the blogger personally and not by copied and pasted from the site's someone else.

For this reason, performing a plagiarism check should be part of your standards of checks and balances before accepting the work of a blogger. These five online services for plagiarism verification can help you eliminate duplicate content.

1. Copyscape
Copyscape has the advantage of being easy to use: just paste a URL or section of text that you want to check. This well known service is free at the base. For more functionality, you will have to take a pro version.

2. Plagiarism Detect
Plagiarism Detect is a premium service. Registration is done through a quick and easy process, and you can check an unlimited number of pages once your account is created.

The cost per page is $ 0,50, and each scan will take a minimum of five to seven minutes. If you plan to do a lot of research this tool is probably not the first choice for the amateur blogger.

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3. Article Checker
ArticleChecker is a free online service that is very easy to use. Just copy and paste the blog post you want to check into the text box on the site, or provide the article URL and click "Compare".

You can also choose to check your text using Google or Yahoo Search. And for added protection, you can choose to run your search twice, once in each search engine.

If matching sentences are found, the results will show the number of times the content appears online. Although this tool is very easy to use, you have no way of controlling the level of sensitivity of the search you are conducting. It can therefore miss results that other tools would see.

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4. Duplichecker
Duplichecker is a free online service that allows you to copy and paste your text, download the article file, or enter the URL of the site you want to check.

Non-registered users can do three searches a day. Registered users can perform unlimited searches. The service checks each piece of text line by line for duplicates, which suggests that the work is a bit more thorough than other tools.

5. Plagiarisma
Plagiarisma has the advantage of supporting more than 190 languages. This plagiarism detector allows users to check the duplicate content on Google or Yahoo by copying and pasting text into a text box, typing the URL to check, or uploading a file. Accepted file formats are: Doc, Docx, Rtf, Txt, Odt and Pdf.

Each query is limited to 5000 characters if you use the free version of the tool. If you have a blog containing long articles that you want to check, you will need to run more than one check on the text, or register on the site. Registration is free and will give you better and faster results.

This tool will show you the results of Google and Yahoo, which will allow you to determine if the text has been copied word for word, or simply contains similar phrases in the blog you are browsing.

Registered users are able to use the service up to five times a day, which may not be enough if you have a large number of words to check, and you must do so on a regular basis. To access all the features offered by the service and do more research, you will need to take a premium subscription.

Get to know your bloggers

Checking the work of a blogger is a good way to make sure he is up to the task, but there are some things you can do in advance to increase your chances of working with a quality blogger. More importantly, the person must have some writing experience for the web, even if only for his personal blog.

Do reference checks, an important point to make sure the people you work with are trustworthy. Someone who puts his personal life to a high standard will probably have the same attitude towards his work.

Take the time to ask the authors a few questions, either by email, phone or Skype, to determine their level of knowledge about the importance of content uniqueness and timeliness. For your part, have a copyright and a plagiarism policy that explains how you check and respond to any illegal content.

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Removing the temptation to copy text "just this time" to a blogger who rushes to meet a deadline can kill the problem in the bud.

Do not underestimate the value of original content. Apart from its potential rankings, this is probably the best way to manage the reputation of your blog. So, it's worth it!

Follow this simple rule: better check twice than to be penalized once. Make content verification part of your daily routine.

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