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Recently, we advised one of our subscribers to delete the “..htaccess Of his website to resolve a common WordPress error. 

The latter could not find the file "..htaccess And thought there was something wrong with his website. For beginners, this kind of operation is very confusing.

In this tutorial, we will show why the file..htaccess of your WordPress website is invisible, how to view it or create a new one if needed.

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What is the .htaccess file?

The file " ..htaccess Is a server configuration file that tells the server how to handle certain things on your website. Like how to redirect users, passwords to protect the administration areaOr protect some directoriesEtc. ...

The dot before the file name indicates that it is a hidden file. When you access your web server via an FTP clientYou will not be able to see the .htaccess file unless your FTP client is forced to show hidden files.

show FTP hidden folders

Sometimes, even if you force your FTP client to show hidden files, it may not always show your .htaccess file.

Why you can not find the .htaccess file?

The most common reason is that your WordPress website hasn't generated the .htaccess file yet. WordPress generates an .htaccess file for the first time when you configure the permalinks on Settings »Permalinks. All you need to do is click on Save Changes on the permalinks screen and WordPress will generate an .htaccess file in the root of your website.

Structure permaliens WordPress

Very rarely, WordPress will not be able to generate an .htaccess file for your website due to file permissions issues. In this case, WordPress will show you a notice at the bottom of the page. Settings »Permalink, informing you that the .htaccess file can not be created.

If you have configured the permalinks of the configurations to be used other than the default ones, then WordPress will offer you the code that you must paste into your .htaccess file.

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.htaccess file code

You will need to copy and paste this code into a text editor like Notepad (Use notepad + +). After that you need to save it as .htaccess file on your desktop. Then, connect to your website using an FTP client and upload the .htaccess file from your desktop to your server.

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If you have an error while downloading the file, you need to change the file permission for your root directory. Suppose all your WordPress files reside under /home/web_root/public_html/.

That makes your file public_html" the root of your directory. You have to go back to the parent folder and right click on the folder public_html. Select the option " Right to access files« , which will open a file permissions dialog. You must enter 755 in the File Authorization dialog box, and then try to upload your .htaccess file to the public_html folder again.

File authorization

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Here ! you now know how to find the .htaccess file of your blog or WordPress website. But before you leave, we advise you:

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