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The Corporate Blogging: Why does it work?

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A study conducted by Hubspot has shown that companies that have a blog have 97% more inbound links. This statistic should normally encourage companies, even multinationals, that have not yet taken the plunge!

Official blogs have proven useful for businesses through the benefits they have brought them. The reason is thatthey break a little monotonous tone with which companies usually communicate with their audience, and replace a line of communication more connected and more personal. That's what gives invaluable value to corporate blogs.

Blogs bring benefits to businesses in many ways, including two are the most obvious :

1. They maximize the reach

Blogs help businesses reach a broader consumer base than their website would do.

Let's be honest: how many people are bored to visit the website of a particular company or product they had to use? Business websites are restricted to providing company-centric information and advertising what the company offers.

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Each piece of information provided on the blog is static, and this is the most obvious reason why your visitors are totally uninterested in the website, even though they enjoyed browsing it during their first visit. . Having a blog makes your site more dynamicBecause you continually add new information to readers, and tell a story about your brand.

2. They boost incoming traffic, not only by intriguing readers, but also by improving SEO aspects

In a natural way, when the blog section of your site offers something new to read to your readers, you have left to have a growing number of repeat visits, not to mention the large number of unique visits as the blog is shared and loved through the canvas. Another contributor to the growth of this traffic is the website's ability to optimize SEO.

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When you work quality writers on your blog, They know how to write interesting articleswhile injecting relevant and identifiable keywords for your target audience, while allowing search engines to browse your website with a greater degree of engagement, and a larger volume directed to the website.

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Which blogging platform to use?

There is not much blogging platform for anyone who really wants to make this effort on the web. However, if you want your blog to really reach the top, there is no need to go beyond WordPress.

Statistics has proven that WordPress is the most requested CMS, and more than 19% of self-hosted websites use it.

More than 17% of the million highest ranked websites on Alexa use it.

You can then create your blog under WordPress yourself within your company, or entrust this work to professionals specialists in creating blogs from 1er order under WordPress.

Now, before you start, why do you want to blog first?

There are many brands that can not get the desired results from their blogs.

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The reason ?

Their blogging strategy was too risky, and there was rarely a plan geared to the intended target, and even compared to the number of people they hoped to reach. Their blogs were meant to fail from the start, because of a lack of depth in their approach to blogging.

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Here are some questions that you, as a business blogger or entrepreneur, need to ask yourself:

  • What is your target audience?
  • What percentage of this audience is made up of prospects?
  • What do they really want to read (what mix of business, industry, and other interesting ideas connected only to your brand)?
  • How should your publications be?
  • How good are you on the networks?

Unless you have informed answers to each of these questions, it would be better to wait.

Know what you have to write

It is understandable to find yourself digging your head for topics to write on or for the structure to give to your articles. But there are many things you can try:

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  • Create "the best of ..." articles Such articles attract attention and get a lot of clicks. Written with the way, they are also very shared on social networks.
  • Magazines, but not only your products. Let's say you manage a blog on a portal for the job. You can publish a magazine or film that has come out recently that talks about careers and that goes well with what you offer.
  • Interview people of influence in your industry. People like to read interviews, and these will help you boost your traffic.
  • Increase the sources of your content. When you ask your readers to be your contributors, and if (when) They do, they will boost visits to the site by sharing their own content in their circles.

have really interesting titles and subtitles for articles, so that they captivate readers. There is a large amount of web users who just scan the content by just reading the titles and subtitles, and most of the time, they really get into the content if they find the subtitle interesting.

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But again, on the web, short paragraphs mean bigger peaks of attention.

Be sure to cut your articles into bulleted lists for easy reading.

Seek professional help for SEO

If you have not done it yet, it is probably impossible to reach a large volume of traffic without resorting to SEO. SEO professionals know how to make your site more visible on the web, how to create relevant backlinks, and where to put them.

Having a good ranking for pages on your website is extremely important, and this is an aspect that SEO professionals are able to implement successfully.

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Obtaining a significant number of organic visits in a day is what determines the success of your blog at the end of the day. When visits start to rain from Google, you can rest assured that your blog is on the right track for increased traffic.

Among the keyword tools you will be able to use

  • Keyword Planner
  • Word Tracker
  • ...

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Keyword tools can help you find out which keywords are most wanted by your industry audience. Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions are also very important for any website that wants to position the keywords it aims for in a more accessible way for search engine robots. Meta descriptions may have 140 characters.

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So you have a field good enough to include keywords. It works best when you place the keywords at the beginning of the description.

The images of the article

The images in your article do not only make them more legible by telling a story and making it evolve, but they are also a good SEO tool.

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Do not let the names of your image files go in all directions. When you name them appropriately, they're more likely to appear in Google's image results. Fill in all the fields too. There is an "alternate text" or "alternate text" field.

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It will be very useful if you do not leave it empty and you bother to write something in 4 to 5 words that will describe the content.

Optimizing images is not an aspect to neglect.

Make sure the keyword density is correct

When you are sure of the keywords you include, that they are relevant, and that they will bring you some traffic, what you will need to do next is to reassure you of the density of their use in the content.

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Experts say keywords should not exceed 2% the total content of an article because Google could penalize you for having " strength Keywords in the content. In addition, when you put some, make sure they are visible in the first 2 lines of the article.

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A business blog could quickly become commonplace when it only presents information about the niche in which the company is located, industry already has a huge amount of information dedicated to it. But by offering unique content, both in terms of technicality and language, you can stand out.

We hope this article has shown you how and why to create a blog for your business.

Have you ever had to work on a business blog? How did you experience the experience? Do you have a skeptical look at corporate blogs? Give me your opinion in the Comments.

Especially do not hesitate to share with your friends on your favorite social networks.


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