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10 WordPress plugins to optimize the zoom on the images of your website

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Images are an important part of most modern WordPress sites. You can easily diversify your content with images, and the better you do it, the more you'll be able to get traffic. Sometimes an image says more than a thousand words.

To use images, most bloggers simply upload images to their site's media library and then embed them in articles or pages. This is enough for everyone who focuses only on the content.

However, if you have a WooCommerce online store, if you sell photos online, or your site relies heavily on high quality images to attract traffic and drive sales, the display and management functions of your website can 'images included by default in WordPress are not enough.

That's why, we'll see in this article, 10 WordPress plugins that will enhance the zoom feature on your website.

1. Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer

The "Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer" plugin is a great viewer and image browser with a responsive complete layout for displaying large images on your WordPress blog. It is a powerful tool designed to present products (images of high-resolution products eg clothes, cars, technical drawings, etc.), display maps and all other images, thanks to its zoom, its function panning, navigation controls, scroll bar, and highly customizable markers / hotspots.

This plugin works great on iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android and Windows mobile, etc. It also works on all modern browsers and older browsers like IE7 or IE8.

Download | Demo | Price: $ 29

2. ultimate zoom product image

"Ultimate Zoom Product Image" is a WordPress module that allows you to see product images in the most optimized way possible on your website.

This module is completely compatible with the plugin WooCommerce which provides an easy to use user interface.

Feature Summary:

  • easy Installation
  • Smooth and fast
  • Zoom left, right, up, down
  • Inside Zoom
  • color
  • Easy to configure and use.
  • User-friendly.
  • Etc.

Download | Demo | Price: $ 14

3. Product Image Cloud Zoom

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"Product Image Cloud Zoom" is an extension that allows you to display the images of your products as clearly as possible so that you can easily bring your products closer to the customers. Thus, it not only helps to improve the usability of the site but also makes your shop more accessible and professional!

Download | Demo | Price: $ 15

4. WooPlugins - Woocommerce Image Zoom

Improve the use of images of your products with this simple, clean and compatible WooCommerce premium plugin.

Feature Summary:

  • Enable / Disable the zoom function for images
  • Supports simple and variable products
  • Multiple zoom types: Window, Lens, Indoor
  • Round and square lens shapes
  • Layering colors
  • Custom size for the zoom window
  • Zoom in mice

Download | Price: $ 15

5. WooCommerce Advance Image Zoom

This is an advanced and easy-to-use image zoom plugin, allowing you to display enlarged product images to your customers in your WooCommerce store. It allows customers to enlarge the image by simply hovering over it. It has three types of zoom: interior, lens and window.

The plugin comes with a settings panel to modify its operation on the public interface of the site: the type of cursor, the shape of the lens, the color of the lens, the edge of the lens, the width zoom window, height, color and border, and many more. So you can easily configure this plugin to do what you need.

Download | Demo | Price: $ 14

6. Pan Zoom Image

This plugin allows you to easily add a panoramic zoom function for images on your WordPress blog via a shortcode. For example, you can integrate it into your article or page.

Feature Summary:

  • Panoramic zoom on a single image or gallery with unlimited images.
  • The position of the control bar can be up, right, bottom and left.
  • The bottom of the container can be dark, light and none of that.
  • Live preview in the dashboard.
  • Example of multiple panoramic zoom on the same page.
  • Etc.

Download | Demo | Price: $ 15

7. Annotator Pro WP

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This plugin includes easy annotations, tooltips and a zoom for your photos and images on your WordPress site.

"Annotator Pro" comes with a complete editor that you can use to customize the plugin. Get instant previews and adjust settings until they are right.

If your image needs to be zoomed, "Annotator Pro" offers really impressive zoom and panorama features. No need to click on the buttons, just use your mouse.

Download | Demo | Price: $ 21

8. WooCommerce Product Zoom

"WooCommerce Product Zoom" is a user-friendly plugin used to zoom product images in WooCommerce stores. It is very easy to configure and customize, and has many options.

Feature Summary:

  • Asynchronous (no delay for users)
  • easy Installation
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • customizable
  • Compatible with most themes
  • User-friendly

Download | Demo | Price: $ 14

9. WooThumbs - Awesome Product Imagery

Impress your customers and increase your sales with "WooThumbs"; The most versatile product imaging plugin on WooCommerce. Do not let your images of high quality products be ignored in a gallery of dull, static images.

Feature Summary:

  • Image Zoom WC
  • WC image carousel
  • Navigation thumbnails
  • touch gestures
  • Several images change
  • Methods horizontal, vertical and melted
  • Totally responsive
  • Fully customizable
  • RTL Compatible
  • Several layout options
  • WPML Compatible
  • Compatible with any theme

Download | Demo | Price: $ 25

10. Uber Zoom

This plugin provides advanced zoom and panorama features for photos and images on your WordPress blog.

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"Uber Zoom" uses many features that you would normally find in an iOS or Android app to enhance the user experience.

If you need to have a small preview of your image in the lower left corner, you can activate this with ease. The user will see a small window from which he can navigate your image by dragging. In addition, the plugin supports mobile devices.

Download | Demo | Price: $ 15

That's it for this article dedicated to the zoom function for images on WordPress! If you have any opinions or suggestions, we invite you to let us know in the Comments section.

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