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5 iOS applications that any blogger should have on his iPhone

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Looking for the best iPhone apps for bloggers that you should install? You probably already use several applications on your iPhone to help you create blogs. In this list, I will share with you some applications that you can use in your life as a blogger. But this is also useful for online marketers and WordPress users.

Iphone apps to have absolute

1 - applicationDownload offers beautifully designed applications for managing your as well as hosted websites. Check out our guide on the difference between vs for more details.

The app is available for iOS, Android, as well as desktop computers. It lets you write and edit posts on the go, share photos, get push notifications, and manage comments.

One downside to using the app is that some of its features, like stats, would require you to create a account and install JetPack on your site. However, these features are optional and you can still use the app without using these features.

2 - Ulysses



If you are looking for an awesome writing experience on your iPhone, give Ulysses a try. It's a premium paid app, and you'll love the writing experience it offers.

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The app essentially stands out when you are writing, allowing you to be more productive even on a smaller screen. It is a writing app that works with WordPress and Medium. You can share and open files with Notes, Google Drive, DropBox, and more.

It also comes with an intuitive organization for all of your writing projects, so you can stay organized even while on the go. Text editing uses a reduction syntax allowing you to write freely without constantly touching the small buttons to format or add links.

3 - Feedly



Want to read all of your favorite websites and blogs quickly? So give Feedly a try. It's the smartest way to subscribe to your favorite websites, read them whenever you want, and from whatever device you use. Feedly is available for browsers, desktop, iOS, Android, and more.

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It is probably the best RSS reader on the market. Offering a clean and clear reading experience, smart tracking of what you've read, and easier tools for organizing your subscriptions.

4 - Snapseed



Your iPhone comes with an awesome camera and sometimes you might need to edit photos on your computer using your iPhone. Unfortunately, without configuration, it does not come with an advanced image editing tool that can do all the things you want to do. This is where Snapseed comes in.

Created by Google, Snapseed is an advanced photo editing app for mobile devices. It's available for Android and iPhone, and has some really amazing features like Healing Brush, Editing History, Filters, Color and Light Balance, and more.

You'll be surprised how Snapseed makes it easy to use taps and gestures for advanced editing functions. It is a must have app for your iPhone if you regularly share photos from your phone.



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Do you sometimes wish someone could automate several aspects of your blogging and social media? IFTTT is the virtual assistant that lets you do this.

It allows you to automate your social media, your blogs, your mobile use and many other things.

Basically, you have simply configured the conditions for different applications, and when these conditions are met, IFTTT performs the actions you have defined. For example, he can tweet your new articles, share them on Facebook, edit articles, and much more.

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