Did you know that 90% of the information your brain receives is visual? Or, that articles with images tend to get 94% more views?

Using images isn't the only strategy you can employ to get more traffic, however. Increasing your word count can also help. Articles that are 3000-10000 words on average get amazing results.Best blog content creation strategies

So allow me to share some strategies with you, strategies that will definitely improve your traffic:

For written content

1. Use bullet points for easy reading of your content

2. Keep your content short, enjoyable, and direct

3. Add images and videos

4. Evoke emotion, fear, laughter, and fun

  • 90% of the information that comes from the brain is visual
  • 46% of people say that the design of a website is the first criterion to discern the credibility of a company
  • articles containing videos attract 3 times more inbound links

An experiment conducted by the New York Times to determine the main reasons people would share a story on the internet has had the following results. People share content for:

1. Bring interesting and valuable content to each other

2. Define what they are for others (give people a better idea of ​​what they are)

3. Grow and nurture relationships (stay connected to others)

4. Personal accomplishment (to feel more involved in what is happening in the world)

5. Get the world to share the causes they defend

The content of social networks

Best blog content creation strategies 21. Rest assured that URLs are short (Bit.ly can help you there)

2. Post where you know your audience is and engaged

3. Publish often, but do not make any postings on a social network a link to a new blog or article

4. Engage with others

  • 93% of the more engaging articles on Facebook are photos
  • 62% of shared images are humorous
  • 61% of content shared is about something interesting
  • images are tweeted 361% more times than videos
  • an image is re-tweeted 128% more times than a video
  • a video is rated 49% more favorite than an image

Video content

1. Invest in HD quality videos and use quality graphics in their production

2. Make sure your video content is less than two minutes

3. Add a call to action at the end of your video

4. Add your logo to the intro and end of your video

  • 50% of users watch a business video once a week on YouTube
  • 64% of visitors who watch a video are likely to buy a product from an online store
  • 80% of visitors will watch an entire video, while only 20% will read entire content

Youtube is the second search engine in the world

  • The average user spends an average of 16 minutes 49 seconds per month viewing ads
  • Videos increase purchases in online retail stores by up to 64%

Popular content types (random order)

1. The type of list items

  • Checklists
  • Resource lists
  • The lists of lists
  • Information lists
  • The demonstrations
  • The series

2. infographics

  • The type of guides how
  • The statistics searched
  • calendars
  • The “Did you know? "
  • flowcharts

3. White papers

  • Research
  • Trends
  • Specialized guides
  • Overview for beginners
  • Downloadable Guides

4. Blogging Live

  • Event coverage
  • Coverage of situations that change very quickly
  • Live questions and answers

5. joints

  • Information assemblies
  • Assemblies around the canvas
  • Summaries of events

6. Questions - Answers

  • Questions - Answers for interviews
  • Questions - Answers for FAQs
  • Informal Questions - Answers

7. The opinions

  • Controversial articles
  • powerful breakthroughs
  • Trend forecasts
  • Deep thoughts
  • New angles

8. interviews

  • Industry leaders
  • innovative companies
  • Experts

Recommended Resources

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If you don't have the time to go through all of the strategies I just shared with you, try at least two that will be primary for you, list-style articles and infographics for example. These are the types of posts that get the most shares on social media.

What other strategy would you suggest to increase traffic through content marketing?

What is your favorite content strategy?

Which social network works best for you?

I look forward to hearing from you! Don't forget to share the article with your friends if you liked it!