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How to create a Youtube account and add your videos to WordPress

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If you want to know how to host your videos on Youtube and most importantly, how to add them to your WordPress blog after their publication, so be quiet.

For those who have not yet created a website and wish to have a WordPress theme that seamlessly integrates YouTube videos so click on this link.

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how to create youtube account add wordpress videos

In this tutorial, I will show you:

  • How to create a Youtube account
  • How to put your video online
  • How to publish long videos
  • How to add your Youtube videos on WordPress

So, let's start with the first point if you want it.

How to create an account on Youtube

The first thing to do is to create an account gmail. In fact, Youtube the property of Google, and as for all services offered by the company on the internet, you must have a Gmail account. If you're already at Gmail, then let's take the next step. Otherwise, create your account.


On the account creation page, you will need to fill out the champs important. Once done, click on " next step " to continue.


After creating your Google Account, return to Youtube, and click Sign In again. This time, you will log in with the account you created. After login, you will be redirected to account Youtube.

How to add a video on Youtube

To send a video on Youtube, nothing's easier. Just click on the button Upload At the top right of your screen.


The new page offers a space « Select the files to import » on which you can drop your video by Drag and Drop (slip and Deposit). In other words, you just need to port the video file and drop it in the frame looking like the image below.


After dropping your video, wait a few moments (Depending on file size) And it will be put online. During sending, you can add information related to your video such as:

  • le title
  • la Description
  • the keywords (Tags)
  • the accessibility conditions (public or private)
  • le auto share on Google+ or Twitter
  • l'add to a playlist

You can also set some advanced options, such as the location of the movie clip for example.

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When you have provided enough information about your video, click on " Publish To broadcast your video on Youtube.

Check that the processing of the video displays "Completed".

For further, discover in this article our 10 best WordPress plugins to add YouTube videos to your blog


You will then see the thumbnail of your video and the link to the video on Youtube.


How to integrate a video easily on WordPress

To embed one of your videos on WordPress, copy to the address (the url) of the video in question and add it to an article or page… and that's it. Everything is explained in this tutorial: How to add a Youtube video to your WordPress Blog.


After the publication of your article or page, the video will be available on your blog.


It's that simple.

Remark : you can add multiple videos to an article, adding multiple links.

Advanced integration of a video on WordPress

Although the first method (the use of the video link) Is effective, it can't let you add video to a widget for example (the text widget to display in the blog's sidebar). To bypass this limitation, you must retrieve the embed code for the video.

Remark : Some WordPress themes already offer Youtube integration, while others require the installation of a plugin to add Youtube videos to your website .

To retrieve the embed code for the video, navigate to the video on Youtube. Below, click on the link " To integrate ". Choose the size of the video, then copy all the code from the text field (which contains a value starting with ").


You can use this code to add a video to your widgets, articles, or pages on your WordPress site.


How to put long videos online (more than 15 minutes)

By default, you can not upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Normal, I also thought that it was impossible to add long videos on Youtube.

See also the top 10 of the best WordPress plugins to add a video gallery to your blog

To upload longer videos, go to the video upload page on Youtube. If you see the notice « will want to upload videos over 15 minutes? Increase Your Limit ». Then click on the link " Increase Your Limit Then follow the procedure.


If not, make sure you can send videos longer than 15 minutes, by reviewing your account settings Youtube.


And if you want to add video directly from Android or IOS device, I recommend this link

If on the other hand you want to do video autoblogging, we recommend these 3 premium WordPress plugins.

1. Youtubomatic 

Youtubomatic is a new WordPress plugin that will be particularly useful if you are a video blogger. When this plugin is active on your website, it can automatically import videos from YouTube and publish them to WordPress using YouTube's native API. Once this feature is enabled, you will be able to upload a video to your channel from YouTube simply by accessing it through a link. Youtubomatic WordPress plugin create automatic blog

You'll be able to import both posts and comments to YouTube to provide engaging content on your blog. The plugin reduces the duplicate content with some advanced features, like a random phrase generator and a synonym generator that will make your publication different from the source. Its support for text rotation enhances the value of SEO.

Google robots are likely to treat the content generated by this plugin as unique. You will be able to define the rules based on which the posts will be generated and search the content using filters and options. Shortcodes are available for inserting videos into a post in order to display a list of videos proposed by a keyword search or to display videos from a playlist.

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2. WordPress Automatic Plugin  

WordPress Automatic Plugin is a premium plugin that will help you target and find content from various sources such as: Amazon, Walmart, YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion, Feeds, eBay auctions, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddits, Twitter, Facebook , Craigslist, iTunes, Envato, and SoundCloud.

WordPress Automatic plugin WordPress create automatic blog  

When it comes to articles, the plugin can extract categories and tags, as well as specific parts of original articles, and convert parts of articles to full posts.  It has options to remove all links before publishing, to define the status of the publication to be written or published, to exclude words and phrases, to translate the content before posting, and to automatically define the content. picture to the front.

You will be able to adjust the settings to ignore messages without pictures, messages that are not in English, and duplicate titles. It supports multisite and automatically adds custom fields to messages. These fields can contain details like title, author, content, image, price, and rating.

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3. Video Blogster Pro 

Video Blogster Pro is a complete autoblogging solution that allows you to add and schedule an unlimited number of video feeds to automatically create new content. Each video is imported as a new post with its titles, descriptions, tags, categories, authors and comments, so that SEO is taken care of.Video Blogster Pro WordPress plugin create automatic blog

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You save bandwidth because the videos will be embedded in your posts and not streamed. What's even unique about this plugin is that whenever a video is removed from the original website, the post that includes the video is automatically tagged. 

This plugin supports all WordPress players and is easy to use while offering a good amount of customization options. You'll be able to search for videos using keywords and filters, and sort the results by date, relevance, ranking, number of views, and more. 

There are many layout templates out of the box and available along with plenty of options for importing and processing videos. It makes sure there are no duplicates and works seamlessly with WordPress to create new posts. This plugin is perfect for large projects. 

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Other recommended resources 


Here is ! This is where this wonderful tutorial ends. We hope it will help you to easily distribute your videos on the internet through Youtube. Do not hesitate to share this article on your various social networks. 


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