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Sell ​​more online, 5 tips and tricks that work!

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Marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, have restrictive sales policies. These marketplaces minimize the importance of the traders' brand to maintain a uniform image.

Sellers who have their own Online Store have a different approach. They have total control over the experience of their customers.

Whether it's reorganizing product positioning or promoting a store sale, merchants can use their website to connect directly with their customers and encourage purchases.

To start attracting buyers and gaining customer loyalty, here are our 5 tips for creating a successful online store and increasing sales.

Play and bet on Design

Before you go headlong into creating your product sheets, you will need find the right products to sell online. Once you have made your choice, it will be necessary to design a site that meets your objectives.

To create a profitable online store, you can either pay a nice amount to a web designer, or learn how to code yourself. Otherwise, you can simply get a ready-made template and adapt it to your needs.

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Design elements should captivate visitors, such as using full-width images and avoiding distractions with minimal text. Your goal will be to take your visitor where you want him to go: until the validation of his order.

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Write a captivating “about” page

If a visitor goes to your "About" page, it means they are already interested in you and give you a chance to prove that your product is what they need. What you need to do is clearly explain who you are, what you do, and most importantly, what you offer to customers. Also don't take yourself too seriously in this presentation, a bit of humour can earn you points from customers. In addition, all testimonies, achievements and all forms of social proof are welcome.

Your contact details should be clear and easy to find on your about page and throughout your website. Be careful not to overwhelm your reader with superfluous information!

Offer quality online support

Your customers should know that they will receive assistance after making a purchase, if necessary. The guarantee of a breakdown after the purchase and assistance before the purchase can transform the potential buyers into loyal and regular customers.

The most comprehensive and useful type of support is a live chat function that works 24 hours a day, 24 days a week. This tool can increase the conversion of your site by 7% or more. If you do not have the resources to offer 7-hour assistance, you should still offer help service during working hours. In any case, be clear about it on your site.

Make the payment step easier

No online store can exist without payment. Provide your customers with a wide variety of common payment options so they can always easily make a purchase.

PayPal is the most common payment solution, but there are other popular options that your business may want to consider.

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Allow buyers to create an account with your store and save their payment information to make their future purchases more transparent.

Create a useful and optimized blog

Managing a blog is an opportunity to generate more traffic to your site. Articles that contain SEO keywords and useful information for consumers are likely to be ranked highly in search engine results.

Blog articles that are well referenced and that encourage people to visit your site are a good way to boost your sales.

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