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How to add a quick search on WordPress

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Do you want to easily move to specific articles and pages from quick menus to the dashboard? Normally, if you have a lot of content and need to update it frequently, it will take a long time to locate that content in the WordPress dashboard. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add a quick menu to the dashboard so you can make quick changes.

How to add a quick menu will allow you to work more efficiently

The WordPress dashboard offers a very easy-to-use interface. You must click on the articles or pages to access content related to these publication formats.

If you have custom post formats, like portfolios or testimonials, then if you click on those you'll get a list of items you can edit.

Now, if you have a lot of articles, pages or other content of custom publication formats, then it becomes very difficult to browse them. You will need to browse multiple pages or use the search feature which is not very fast or reliable.


A quick menu can help you search quickly and allow you to edit content from your WordPress dashboard. This saves you a lot of time on finding and locating content to edit.

That said, we'll see how easily add quick menu to the WordPress dashboard.

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How to add a quick menu on WordPress

The first thing you need to do is to install and activate the plugin WP Jump Menu. For more details, see our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

After activating the plugin, you will notice the menu " WP Jump Appear in your WordPress toolbar. Clicking on it will bring up a search box. Just start typing in the search box and the plugin will show the results you type.

Access fast-plugin-wordpress

You can use the search engine to find the content. Use the up and down keys to move between the results and press the Enter key to edit an article. It's super fast and works properly.

« WP Jump Menu »Works without configuration for pages and articles. You can enable it for other types of post format and for media files as well.

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You will have to visit Settings> Jump Menu Options To configure the plugin settings.


First, you will see a list of post formats available on your site. Articles and pages will be checked by default. You can check the box next to other post formats you want to include.

Then you'll notice the style options for " WP Jump Menu ».


Here you can select the menu position on the toolbar. The default position is on the WordPress toolbar. You can change this for a floating menu at the top or bottom.

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You can choose status colors for items (published, pending). Among the other options that you can display, you have the choice of the article identifier, the alignment of the displayed text, show / hide the jump menu, etc.

Remember to save your changes once you're done. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of problems.

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