As you know, one of the most missed opportunities with your store is what happens after a customer makes a successful purchase from a download. There are many ways to approach this subject, but in the end all you want to do is deliver a message of success to the customer and why not offer them other prospects, posting an offer to sell. “Upsell” (incentive).

This it could be a voucher or some other special discount that they can use after purchase.

Or maybe a free download to thank them for their purchase.

It could also be simply a beautiful page, personalized thank you for having made their purchase, which will give them a warm feeling.

Either way, you'll need to redirect them somewhere. Or better yet, redirect them based on a specific download, giving you even more control. This is where the ' Conditionnal Success Redirect Comes into play for " Easy Digital Download ».

Conditionnal Success Redirect for EDD

What I like about this plugin is that it's really not that hard to use. When someone chooses a specific download, you send them to a specific page. That's all.

wordpress edd redirect

When you click on " Add New You will go to a page where you simply choose the download and the redirect page.

Select download and redirect page

And what's even better is that if you want to disable an existing redirect temporarily, without having to delete it and recreate it, you can do it with one click.

Managing redirects conditional success redirects

This is an easy to use tool, but there are a few things you need to know.

If someone adds multiple products to their cart, including those that have a redirect, the redirect will not work in this case. It only works if there is only one product in the cart.

In addition, as you can see above, you can only define one redirect per product.

But again, you sometimes just need it to be a simple but effective process. If you use Easy Digital Download, I suggest using the extension " Conditional Success Redirect ". You may be pleasantly surprised to find that not only can it help you make additional conversions, but it will also remind your customer of your brand so that it comes back again and again.