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5 WordPress plugins to better manage ads

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Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

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Not too long ago, everyone was trying to make a quick buck on a blog. Fast forward just a few years, and the whole scene has changed dramatically.

Selling advertising on a website is not as easy as it used to be. The “golden age of blogging” is certainly over, but that doesn't mean monetization has ended. It just requires more effort on the part of publishers and content creators.

Whether you're selling ads to a third party or using your platform to promote your own content, a strong ad plugin can make all the difference. To help you get started, here are the 5 best WordPress ad manager plugins on CodeCanyon:

Ads Pro Plugin - Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager is one of the best WordPress ad management plugins you are going to find.

It's a comprehensive tool that offers plenty of front-end advertising options along with a robust set of tools for managing ads.

ads pro plugin WordPress.png

Along with over 20 ways to display ads, you'll also find:

  • 3 billing templates
  • 4 payment methods
  • WooCommerce integration
  • language and currency translation
  • random ads, cap option, fully customizable
  • And much more!

With helpful support and video guides, your ads will be up and running quickly and easily.

From comprehensive online statistics to a useful front user panel, the Plugin Ads Pro - Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager is the ultimate in ad management plugins.

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WP PRO - All In One Ad Manager Advertising System is one of the most robust WordPress plugins in ad management.

It not only includes all the features you want from an ad manager but also a visual banner designer.

WP PRO Advertising System - All-In-One Ad Manager

Features include:

  • scheduled ads
  • user calibration tools
  • heatmap banner
  • Supports all major ad networks
  • Ad buyers can buy, manage, and edit ads
  • payment / click, payment / billing and billing / payment per day options
  • And much more

From selling ads to ad designs, this turnkey solution is ready to run any WordPress site with a complete advertising system.

WP PRO Advertising System - All In One The Ads Manager is an easy way to manage your advertising.

If you already love WooCommerce, you are going to love the Pro Ads Buy and Sell - WooCommerce plugin.

There's no functionality to leverage here - this streamlined solution leverages WooCommerce to sell advertising.

Pro Ads Buy and Sell WooCommerce

Features include:

  • front-end ad purchases and banner downloads
  • Payments managed by WooCommerce
  • users can see their own statistics on banners
  • and more

Buy And Sell Ads Pro - WooCommerce is not just an ad manager for those who already use WooCommerce, although very handy for those who already do. It's a straightforward ad sales solution that's viable for anyone looking for something simpler.

Not all ads are related to banner ads. If Affiliate Links is your industry, you need to check Affiliate Links - WordPress Plugin for Link Shortcut and Masking Plugin.

Affiliate links.jpg

“Affiliate Links is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to hide any URL in order to create and shorten internal or external links. "

Features include:

  • link click stats
  • conditional redirects
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • and more

You don't need to have a robust WordPress ad management plugin if all you need is to manage affiliate links. This is what you need.

With our Affiliate Links - WordPress Plugin, take control of your affiliate links with widgets, shortcodes, and more.

All types of marketing and online advertising do not require the same tool.

Easily create your Online Store

Download free WooCommerce, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress. [Recommended]

If content marketing is your industry, then Advanced Floating Content is what you want.

advance floating content.jpg

Features include:

  • easy to customize
  • support of shortcodes
  • float your content in just about any place and anyway
  • support video embedding, social media sharing, HTML code
  • and much more

Don't let your chance to grab the attention of your online visitors by using the WordPress plugin Advanced Floating Content.

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