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How to display custom fields on WordPress

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WordPress has a great user management system that can allow you to create a multi-author blog without a plugin. The reason this CMS is so powerful is because it allows you to extend its functionality with the help of plugins.

Often, we receive emails from users asking how a site works with different profiles that they have explored, and at the same time want to add the same functionality to their own WordPress site. Usually these are unusual fields that they encounter during registration or in their profiles.

In most cases, these sites add custom fields to WordPress.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add custom fields on your users' profiles in WordPress. By using this method, you can collect additional information, including asking users if they want to subscribe to your newsletter during registration, asking for their phone number, Twitter username, address, etc.

banner CIMY custom field plugin WordPress

The first thing you need to do is to install and activate the plugin " Cimy User Extra Fields ". Once the plugin is activated, go to settings then " Cimy User Extra Fields To configure the plugin. Read our tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the form Add a new field'. " Cimy User Extra Fields »Allows you to add different types of fields. You can add text, text boxes, checkboxes, image, url, and other types of fields. With the use of these fields, you can add fields available during registration or in user profiles.

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Create custom WordPress fields

Use the rules column to configure rules that will apply to this field.

WordPress rules column

Here's how a field will display during WordPress registration.

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WordPress field configuration

The fields that you have also created will be (according to your settings) also available in the user profiles.

extra fields WordPress profile page

« Cimy User Extra Fields Provides another interface for managing additional profile fields. Go to " Users> Users ExtendedTo manage user profiles. An administrator can update custom fields, just like each user (according to the field settings).

« Cimy User Extra Fields Can also be used to change your default registration form. You can ask users to provide additional details that are already part of each user's profile, but not shown on the default registration page. Among these fields, we can cite: last name, first name, URL of the website, etc.

To activate these existing fields on the registration page, go to settings, then " Cimy User Extra Fields Then scroll down to the section " Hidden WordPress Fields ". You can even allow users to choose a password during registration.

WordPress hidden field Cimy plugin

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With this plugin, you can add additional fields to user profiles, but also during user registration, giving you the ability to create detailed profile pages.

We hope this tutorial will help you extend user management on your WordPress profiles.

Feel free to ask us questions if you have any, or to share this tutorial with your friends.

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