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Why are these WordPress plugins so popular?

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Have you ever wondered why free WordPress plugins are so popular? Knowing the answer will allow you to understand which one you need to install on your blog (or so what kind of plugins you need to create).

The more you install plugins on your website, the more you will slow down it. Instead of overloading your website, you must choose your plugins more wisely, which will not only reduce the burden of maintenance, but also make your blog fast.

Here is a list of some free WordPress plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory and some elements that will help you understand why they are so popular.

Contact Form 7



This plugin allows you to create multiform forms on your blog. It offers a fairly simple user interface and is easy to configure. You can forget the basic form with name, email and message, because with this plugin you can do much more.

Why is he so popular?

This is not the most robust plugin, but its ease of use makes it an ideal solution for everyone.




From simple tools to cache backup, statistics, and more, Jetpack offers at least something interesting for everyone. It's a bit like installing multiple plugins, but you only need to activate one.

Why is he so popular?

Jetpack is especially useful for those who want to migrate from to a self-hosted site. If you've been used to the dashboard, you will not be completely disoriented with jetpack.

Beyond that, it offers several tools that you can avoid installing less plugins.

WordFence Security


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WordFense is a WordPress security plugin that protects you from attacks. Installing this plugin means that you have a firewall with a set of options that will protect your website. There is not much to understand, but the documentation is available in case you have problems.

Why is he so popular?

Because it is updated regularly, it is able to protect you against the most recent attacks. Beyond that, you have several options that will allow you to better protect your WordPress blog.

NextGen Gallery



If the default WordPress gallery is not enough for you, then you can consider using NextGen Gallery. It does not only allow you robust galleries, but can also incorporate stuff And different types of galleries with lists and compact versions. You have the ability to organize items or delete images.

Why is he so popular?

This plugin goes far beyond creating a basic gallery with WordPress. The features also provide an ideal professional feeling for photographers and artists.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache


This plugin creates a cached version of your blog so that it can quickly serve other visitors who arrive on your WordPress blog. It offers a feature of " minification Which consists of reducing the size of the JS and CSS components.

Check out our tutorial on this plugin to find out how to install it and use it on your WordPress blog.

Why is he so popular?

The answer is quite short: it works. Most people think W3 Total Cache works, but sites vary, so it is likely that this solution is not suitable for your website.

All In One SEO Pack

All in one seo pack


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This plugin allows you to optimize your website for search (but especially to have a better ranking on the search engines). It does not require you to make heavy adjustments, but is easy to use. The default settings are included for free, but you can add premium features.

Why is he so popular?

It is a simple and fairly automated solution. Since SEO improves your search engine rankings, having the best optimizations can help you grow.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced-Custom-Fields-WordPress plugin


This plugin allows you to create your own custom fields and includes different options for these fields. For most users, it offers everything you need. You can choose a simple text field, an email field, password and advanced fields like WYSIWYG editor, file sending and color editor.

Why is he so popular?

Many sites do not need more than the fields already available. It is also a fairly simple solution, which will allow you to create fields quickly.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate-Thumbnails-WordPress plugin


This plugin offers you a feature that allows you to resize thumbnails once they have been generated by WordPress. This gives you an option to change thumbnail sizes and decide to use completely different sizes.

Why is he so popular?

Regenerate Thumbnails offers a fairly simple feature and if you need it, it will be of great use. It's a handy tool, but not necessarily what you need. You can try it to better understand how it will be useful.

WP Super Cache



WP Super Cache is a plugin that allows you to speed up your WordPress blog with browser cache. It offers simple tools to get there with the module " Mod_Rewrite So that you can serve HTML copies of your website as quickly as possible. This feature is useful if you have a lot of traffic.

You also have the option to delete cached files that are no longer useful.

Why is he so popular?

It is popular because it works for most websites, although many people may find that its configuration is time consuming and sometimes incompatible with other plugins.

Easily create your Online Store

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With WooCommerce, you can create an online store with a professional look that works. It offers several features, but also offers extensions that you can use to boost its features by default.

The extensions created are by the WooCommerce community, so the chances of not finding a type of features are slim, although these extensions can also be the Achilles heel of WooCommerce.

Why is he so popular?

WooCommerce is popular simply because it is professional and works pretty well. Especially that it offers features that will not require you to invest money.


Do you use these plugins? If you don't, there you have some clues as to why they are popular, and now you can take your pick.

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