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10 have tools for WordPress Development

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WordPress is not just for blogs. It's a full-fledged CMS and probably a solid platform for developers. But the world of trends and related tools can be comprehensive when you just need a quick fix.

Given the fact that WordPress is used by millions of people, it is only normal that many use it for various projects. From theme plugin developers to technical support, the number of users is growing every day. Similarly, the number of products you can use in conjunction with WordPress continues to grow as well.

Building themes, plugins and applications on WordPress requires a variety of tools that help with development. In this collection of tools, we will explore various tools that you can use to accelerate your development.

Plugins and themes development tools

These tools will help you speed up your workflow in designing plugins and WordPress themes.

1- Developer

Developer WordPress plugin

Download in French

The first on our list is a well-known WordPress developer plugin. "Developer" was developed in collaboration with Automattic and a number of talented WordPress developers. Its purpose is to help you optimize your development environment by installing the best tools for the theme and the WordPress plugin.

After installation, you will get a pop-up screen asking what type of project you are working on. You can choose between three options:

  • Plugin for self-hosted WordPress installation
  • Theme for a self-hosted WordPress installation
  • Theme for a VIP site

On the basis of your choice, the plugin will then offer additional plugins to install that are most suitable for your project.

This plugin is free.

2- Check Theme

Theme_Check WordPress plugin

Download the plugin

Even if you've been developing WordPress themes for years, Theme Check is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Sometimes, no matter how many years of experience you have, it's easy to forget a simple mistake that may result in a rejection of your theme for the WordPress plugins directory.

The Theme Check plugin ensures that these errors are avoided by checking that your theme is compatible with recommended practices.

This plugin is free.

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3- Monster Widget

Monster_Widget WordPress plugin

Download the plugin

Setting up widgets to see if they display correctly in your theme can be a tedious task. Fortunately, " Monster Widget »Simplifies your work With this free plugin, you can quickly test all the basic widgets in all areas of the sidebar.

Similarly, if you work with WooCommerce, you can use the plugin Widget WooCommerce monster which does exactly the same thing for WooCommerce.

3- RTL Tester

RTL_Tester WordPress plugin

Download the plugin

It is important to pay attention to languages ​​that go from right to left when developing WordPress themes and plugins. Implementing RTL compatibility is not difficult because it does not require adding an RTL style sheet in your theme, it's really not that complicated.

The plugin « RTL Test Gives you the ability to simulate the RTL development environment in one click to make everything work as intended.

This plugin is available.

5 - WP-CLI

WP_CLI WordPress plugin

Download in French

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WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools that allows you to manage WordPress installations. With this tool in your development arsenal, you can update plugins, set up multisite installations, import test content, and much more, without the aid of a web browser.

6 - Generate WP

GenerateWP WordPress plugin

Download in French

GenerateWP is a set of tools originally designed for WordPress developers to help them reduce development time by generating various code snippets. It can be used by experienced users who want to reduce development time and new developers who want to learn how to use the latest features of WordPress, coding standards, and the API.

You can use GenerateWP to generate different taxonomies, sidebars, shortcuts, custom publication formats, widgets, and more.

7 - Duplicator

Duplicator WordPress plugin

Download the plugin

Duplicator is a great tool that allows you to move or make backups of a WordPress blog, you can move production sites to development on your local computer where you can do various testing.

The free basic version of the plugin gives you the ability to back up files and database, database table filters, directory filters, and offers a migration wizard.

The paid version of the plugin is available in three editions with prices ranging from 39 $ for a personal license, 79 $ for the license Freelancer allowing you to use it on 15 sites and a license of 119 $ which allows you to use it on an unlimited number of websites.

The premium version of the plugin comes with more features such as scheduled backups, cloud storage, email alerts, and much more.

8 -

Roots.io_ WordPress plugin

Download in French is a set of tools that helps you build better WordPress sites faster by using open-source tools for WordPress application development. consists of Trellis, Bedrock and Sage - three different applications that can be used together or separately to enhance your development workflow.

9 - Trellis

Lattice WordPress plugin

Download in French

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Trellis replaces MAMP, XAMPP, and similar tools and gives you a " WordPress development and production server already ready. It allows you to automatically create and deliver a server to host a WordPress site by using Vagrant to automatically create a stand-alone virtual machine that essentially gives you the same environment that your site would have in production.

10 - Basic

bedrock Wordpress Plugin

Download in French

Bedrock is a WordPress boilerplate with which you can better organize your WordPress project, to improve configuration files, manage plugins with Composer while giving you better security and dependency management.

That's all for this list of WordPress tools do not hesitate to propose if you have some that are not available in this list.

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