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10 tips for getting started with WordPress

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Like most things in life, WordPress also has its fair share of annoying things. Dealing with these inconveniences is very easy with good methods and processes. In this tutorial, we will introduce 10 tips that will help you get started with WordPress.

10 irritating things about WordPress

1 - Set up the Cache

Implement Cache WordPress

WordPress does not come with an integrated backup system. You are supposed to create your own backups instead of relying on your host.

Having a regular backup saves you when something bad happens on your blog.

There are many solutions of free and paid WordPress backups available. The following list will help you.

2 - Delete the category "Unclassified"

unrated category WordPress

WordPress offers two taxonomies, these are categories and labels. By default, each new article you create is categorized into an integrated category called " Not rated ».

If you forget to assign the item to a category, then it will be listed in " Not rated ". This does not sound professional, but you can easily fix that.

See our guide on how to change the default category.

3 - Change the main user name

WordPress admin user switching

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After installing WordPress or when creating a user, you can choose a user name for an account. However, the problem is that there is not a simple method to change the username once it is created. This can be extremely boring.

Fortunately, we have a Tutorial that shows you the way to change your username on WordPress.

4 - Add more formatting options to the article editor

editing interface for WordPress articles

By default, WordPress offers two editorial areas available with the visual editor. The Visual Editor consists of a WYSIWYG editor with formatting and a text editor without formatting.

The transition from the visual to the text will make you lose some information. Yet you need to switch to the text editor if you want to add a custom HTML formatting on WordPress.

An easy solution to use the text editor and learn the basics of HTML. However, if you want to use the visual editor, then you can use the TinyMCE editor. It extends the default features of the WordPress Visual Editor with more formatting options.

Check out our tutorial on using the visual editor.

5 - Enable shortcodes in widgets

Shortcodes allow you to add features in WordPress text boxes without writing code. However, shortcodes do not work on the default WordPress text widget.

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WordPress widget text

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this.

Just add this code to your WordPress plugin or in the file functions.php Of your theme.

add_filter ( 'widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

If you do not want to add the code manually, you can install and activate the "Shortcode Widget" plugin. It add a text widget that will execute shortcodes.

6 - How to unlock the dashboard

Sometimes your dashboard may be inaccessible either because you forgot the password or because it was hacked, or because you added a plugin that creates an error that makes the operation of WordPress impossible.

We have a handy guide you that will help you get through when your blog has been hacked or when to disable all WordPress plugins without using the dashboard.

7 - Fix common errors

WordPress offers a slight learning curve, and the more you learn, the more you'll advance. Some things are easier to learn than others. The most frustrating and boring thing for beginners are the common mistakes on WordPress. That's why we compiled a list of thing to know as WordPress developers.

9 - Enable Automatic Updates

All good WordPress plugins are regularly updated. If you use the best WordPress plugins on your website, then you will probably need to update them regularly.

The update installation takes a few seconds, but it can be embarrassing for you to see that there is always an update every time you log in. We have written a tutorial that will allow you to automate the update process.

10 - Remove Hello Dolly plugin

hellodolly WordPress plugin

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Each WordPress blog has two default plugins preinstalled. "Hello Dolly" is one of them. This plugin does not receive updates and does nothing useful for your site.

That's it for this tutorial that presents you with 10 most irritating things about WordPress and how to fix it.

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